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First Exchange Student 




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7:30 a.m. classes | 

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rfttotfai Second tyecvt 

Expanded Math-Science 


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7<& t95% 1£qwu<i*t 

Broad Ripple High School 

Volume 33 Indianapolis Public Schools Indianapolis, Indiana 

and &atv ct cvai, done. 

1957-1958 was a year like all school years. 

Ripplites returned to the fifteen levels that are 

Broad Ripple High School. They cheered the teams on: 

sometimes to victory, sometimes in defeat . . . 

campaigned vigorously . . . made new friends . . . went steady . . . 

buzzed the "Teep" . . . groaned over homework assignments . . . 

joined clubs . . . rehearsed for the Ripples . . . crammed for finals. 

But 1958 was different too. 

Ripplites welcomed their first American Field Service student . . . 

attained a record enrollment of 1,920 . . . despaired over the new 7:30 a.m. 

and tenth hour classes . . . walked away with 

offices in state organizations . . . strolled at the first record hop . . . 

Math majors delighted in the new Calculus 

course . . . some commended the increased science requirement; 

others dreaded it . . . Ripplites suffered with the Asiatic flu . . . 

editors planned the biggest yearbook ever . . . Russians launched Sputnik . . . 

Americans countered with the Explorer . . . 

new Edsels dotted the highways ... a freshman 

compiled a record of fifty-two honor roll points. 

All these things helped 

in making 1958 Another Record Year. 


State Officers 

Chuck Stalcup, Jim 
Sims, Margie Power 
walk away with offices 
in state organizations: 
Junior Historical Soci- 
ety, Key Club, Library 
Association, respectively. 

Social Whirl 

The crowning of Jeri 
Woehler as Miss Ri- 
parian highlighted the 
annual Riparian Dance. 
"The Streamlined 
Swing," which climaxed 
the three week subscrip- 
tion drive. 

Table of Contents 


Big Events 
Fads 'n Fashions 
Social Life 
Student Council 
Class Activities 


Service to Community 


Service Clubs 



Speech and Dramatics 


Social Science 


Business Education 

Home Economics 





Math-Science Emphasis 

In response to the in- 
creasing demand for 
more and better scien- 
tists, Ripple did its share 
by offering a maximum 
of six years of math and 
five years of science. 

Midwest or Ivy League? 

Cliff Marks consults with 
Mr. B. L. Stonecipher, 
counseling director, con- 
cerning his college 
choice. Ripple provides 
a complete guidance 
service for students 
whether seeking a job 
or a career. 




















INDEX 170 


Big Events 

Anticipation, Enthusiasm Accent Occasions 

by Judy Heavenridge 

The many big events of the school year serve 
as wonderful refreshers to the regular routine 
of readin', writin', and 'rithmetic. 

The annual carnival sponsored by the Associa- 
tion of Parent-Teachers featured colorful booths, 
an old country store, and a teachers' "fashion" 

The smell of fish at the Fathers' Association 
annual Fish Fry before the Ripple- Ben Davis 
game was mixed with rain and cold weather, but 
this combination proved to be a winning one for 
the Rockets who posted another football victory. 

While the parents were helping to make the 
year more enjoyable, the teachers at the annual 
Open House also helped by discussing with par- 
ents the progress of their children. 

Upperclassmen added a flurry of excitement, 
posters, and campaign slogans to Ripple's school 
year with the choosing of their junior and senior 
class officers. 

The announcement of the winning acts for the 
Ripples, the student variety show, was scooped 
by the school newspaper, the Riparian. Frenzied 
rehearsals and preparations for the big two- 
night production immediately began. 

Line up here for a traditional fish sandwich at the annual 
Fish Fry sponsored by the Fathers' Association. Rain or 
fair weather or foul, the fish fry goes on! 

"Ripple welcomes you." Vice-Principal Harold Harding 
greets Mr. and Mrs. Paul'Cook at the annual Open House. 

"Mother Murphy's models" 

are Mr. Roger Riley, Mr. 
Robert Hougham, Mr. Mil- 
ton Hiatt, Mr. Mordie Lee, 
Mr. J. Fred Murphy, Mr. 
Clovys Harvey, Mr. Kyle 
Peters, Mr. C. A. Rrown, Mr. 
J. R. Rrown, Mr. Joel Marsh, 
and Mr. Wallace Decker. 


Red hot scoop! I 

the winning Rippl 

Karen Rrooks, Steve Tope, and Anne Shallenberger 

dry scanning the announcement of 
ts are Carolyn Hohl, Pam Menke, 

Which candidate to support puzzles Seniors Nancy Neu- 
mann and Rob Hedberg as they weigh the qualities of each. 

Fads 'n Fashions . . . 

Teens Sport Crew Necks, Overblouses 

by Pam Menke 



K j- 

Oh, what fashions! Dave Foster, Kathy Sconce, Jack 
Keller, Nancy Henry, and Eleanor Hetherington model the 
"latest word" in sports clothes at Ripple: crew neck sweat- 
ers, ivy league sport shirts and slacks combined with com- 
fortable shoes ranging from saddles and flats to suede 
loafers and white bucks. 

"Sharp" was the word for Ripplites this year. 
Teens were fashionably attired in crew neck 
sweaters and "boy-coats" with the ever-present 
buckle in the back. 

The referee's whistle proclaimed stripes a pace- 
setter. Stripes were the ' keynote for everything 
from slacks and skirts to seat covers and "cat 

Ripple's damsels were lacy. Drawstring blouses 
buried in the frills once worn bv nobles and 
pirates were donned by stylish coeds. 

To keep in step, males sported white bucks, 
and the fairer sex wore saddles, tennis shoes, or 
flats. Putting its "best feet forward,'' Ripple 
tramped its way through another fashion-filled 

Bopping to top "Pops" are Seniors Bob Swan, Mary 
Woolridge, Clark Edman, and Ann Dunnington. 

"Top" school wear! Liz Kraft models the over-blouse, 
gathered at the waist by a drawstring. Pretty and practical 
is the sweater guard holding Linda DeMoss' sweater around 
her shoulders. Margie Power, John Raeburn, and Ray 

Bowman wear variations of sweaters. Margie and Ray 
sport the "ever-popular" crew neck sweaters, while |ohn 
is clad in the casual sweater made popular by television 
star Perry Como. 

"Pepperoni pizza, please!" is an order often heard from 
Ripplites after dances, parties, ball games, and club meet- 
ings. While waiting for the gang, Ann Fisher and Linda 
DeHart place an order for pizza. 

Hot rod mechanics Ted Tether, Earl Schopp, Jim Lowry, 
and Rich Roberts admire the engine of Rich's black MG. 
The four-cylinder beauty is one of the several sports- 
cars seen daily in the school parking lot. 


Social Life . . . 

Whirl of Activities Crowds Calendar 

by Liz Pocjue 

Collecting autographs are Inga Watson, Harry Dawson, 
Judy Gilliom, John Raeburn, Julie Beaman, Web Wright. 

Ripplites swept into a continual whirl of activi- 
ties as dances, parties, and sports revolved in full 
swing. Curriculum shared the students' time with 
the activities presented by the co-curricular clubs. 

Many dances were highlighted with the crown- 
ing of a king and queen, such as Miss and Mr. 
Riparian who reigned at the Riparian Dance, 
and Joe and Jane at the Fathers' Association 
annual dance. 

Excitement filled the air as Ripple students 
adorned themselves and their cars with the tra- 
ditional black and orange and bought shakers 
and beanies in preparation for the Sectionals. 

When the end of the year came and seniors 
bid their last farewells, the Autograph Party 
created much enthusiasm among the classes as 
the yearbooks circulated to receive everyone's 
"John Hancock"— memorable autographs. 

Puritan celebrities! Congratulating each other are "Pris- 
cilla," Penny Fox, and "John Alden," Mike Roark. 

"Snowflake Fling!" Phil Kaiser and Rochelle Todd bop 
at the Junior Dance in the Girls' Gym. 



GA1 X a# 



Ms M 

Ripple Boosters! Tom Clay, Joan Geyer, Pete Van Huy- 
sen, Liz Pogue, Donna Towers, and Linda Overman are 

"Elvis Presley," Bill Brandt, sings "rock and rol 
Key Club sponsored "Key Klub Klomp." 

at the 

in the basketball spirit as they arrive at Butler Fieldhouse 
for the Sectionals with shakers and loud voices! 

Ripples' Royalty! Crowned Mr. and Miss Biparian at the 
"Streamlined Swing" are Jim Sims and Jeri Woehler. 


The Big Moment! Nancy Ferree congratulates Suzi Lesh, 
Homecoming Queen, as Marilyn Weil, Judy Leslie, Carolyn 
Burkle, and Molly Carrier excitedly view the festivities. 

Homecoming . . . 

Gala Parade, Dance 

The parade must go on! Despite rainy weather 
and dark clouds on October 18, 1957, the annual 
Homecoming parade proceeded as scheduled. 
Spirit reigned as the slightly weather-beaten 
floats, the Band, and ROTC paraded down Broad 
Ripple Avenue. The best floats judged by the 
alumni were first place to Foreigneers, second 
place to Understudies, and third place to Orange 

Because of an Asiatic flu epidemic, the Home- 
coming Game, Ripple vs. Manual, was postponed; 
but Homecoming festivities continued at full 
pace. The five Homecoming Queen finalists, Mollv 
Carner, Suzi Lesh, Judy Leslie, Marilyn Weil, and 
Jeri Woehler, chosen by the vote of the entire 
student body, were interviewed during that after- 
noon by a committee of alumni. They were judged 

The winning Homecoming float is that of Foreigneers. 
Steve Chill; Joan Bosenbury; Karen Kime, Foreigneers' 

Queen candidate; and Jean Bosenbury help to carry out the 
theme of the float, "Can Those Bedskins!" 

(photo— North Side Topics) 

=r- "mvvwA^ 

*rt*i4f"m y rrnrMid; 

Mark Homecoming 

by Marilyn Weil 

on the basis of personality, poise, beauty, good 
grooming, and friendliness. The 16 Homecoming 
Queen candidates were introduced that night on 
stage during the Student Council-sponsored 
Homecoming Dance, "The Autumn Whirl." Ten- 
sion mounted as Carolyn Burkle, Homecoming 
chairman, introduced Nancy Ferree, last year's 
queen. At last, the big moment! Suzi Lesh, thrilled 
and excited, graciously accepted the honor of 
being the 1957 Homecoming Queen! 

Last minute details on the Student Council float are 
finished by Council members John Kingdon, Carolyn 
Burkle, Rachel Tucker, and Dave Foster. 

"The Autumn Whirl!" Although the Homecoming game 
was rained out, the Homecoming Dance sponsored by the 
Student Council went on as scheduled. 

Her Majesty! Suzi Lesh, candidate from National Honor 
Society, reigns as the 1957 Homecoming Queen. 



State prexies! Chuck Stalcup, State Junior Historical Society president, shows the trophy awarded to Ripple's JHS for 
outstanding achievement to Margie Power, president of the Hoosier Student Librarians' Association. 


Winning top awards and offices throughout the 
state and country, Ripplites brought honor to 
themselves and to Broad Ripple. 

Pounding a gavel or counting money for state 
organizations was a common task for three Rip- 
plites. Chuck Stalcup, state prexy of the Junior 
Historical Society, presided over all meetings 
and the convention. Another leader was Margie 
Power, president of the Hoosier Student Libra- 
rians' Association. Jim Sims, state Key Club 
treasurer, was in charge of dues. 

After winning the state essay contest sponsored 
by the Advertising Federation of America, Anne 
Shallenberger went on to win second place in the 
United States. She received $250 in awards. 
Virginia Berry, DAR Good Citizen, labored 
through a three-hour test trying to qualify for 
the district contest. Ripple's Young Homemaker 
of Tomorrow, Judy Heavenridge, was chosen for 
excelling in the Betty Crocker test of knowledge 
of home economics. 


Adding final touches to her award-winning advertising 
essay, which captured second place in the national contest, 
is Anne Shallenberger, under the watchful eye of Pam 
Menke, first scholarship winner of the class of '58. 

Ripplites See Achievements Rewarded 

by Barb Barrick 

Man at work! Balancing the books for all the Key Club 
funds is State Treasurer Jim Sims. 

Number one citizen is Virginia Berry, Ripple's representa- 
tive in the national DAR citizenship contest. 

$- ^W «**^U* M&-\ 

Ripple's Key Clubbers are. Back Row: J. Lowry, A. Stan- 
ford, J. Kingdon, F. Lewis, T. Stone, J. Badger, G. Gru- 
baums, S. VanMeter. Third Row: B. Sutton, F. Sehlegel, 
R. Bowman, B. Bass, D. Foster, S. Roberts, D. Kahn, C. 

Taylor. Second Row: C. Marks, J. Lee, B. Krause, J. Rae- 
burn, H. Dawson, J. Sims, J. Wright, C. Holle. Front Row: 
B. Bond, D. McNairy, M. McKown, S. Frame, B. Swan, 
B. Brandt, D. Frame, Mr. Warren Jackson, sponsor. 

Honoraries . . . 

Key, Torch Symbolize Clubs' Ideals 

by J'm Sims 

"Popcorn! Popcorn! Right here!" or "Get your 
programs— only a dime!" 

These were the sales calls and yells shouted 
by members of two honorary clubs, Broad 
Ripple's chapters of National Honor Society and 
Key Club International. 

Popcorn and ice cream were sold by the hard- 
working members of the Honor Society as they 
earned money to support such projects as spon- 
soring their annual induction banquet in the 
spring and giving a party for a group of under- 
privileged children at Christmas time. The organi- 
zation is composed of fifteen per cent of the 
Senior Class, ten per cent of the Junior Class, 
and two per cent of the Sophomore Class. Stu- 
dents are selected for Honor Society by excelling 
in character, leadership, scholarship, and service. 

Cleaning after "litterbujrs" are Key Club officers Bob 
Bond, Chuck Taylor, Harry Dawson, Jim Sims, and John 
Kingdon for the Clean-Up Campaign. 




Hot dogs sizzle at the annual Honor Society picnic which 
the officers Steve Roberts, treasurer; Virginia Berry, vice- 
Selling programs at athletic events were the 
boys of the Key Club. The club, formed through 
the school under the direction of Kiwanis Club, 
has a membership of 36 boys consisting of six 
sophomores, twelve juniors, and eighteen senior 
boys selected on the basis of their responsibility, 
scholarship, and willingness to work. 

The Key Clubbers worked constantly on their 
various projects and activities: sponsoring 

Members of the Broad Ripple High School Chapter of 
National Honor Society are, Back Row: Chester Wood, 
Bob Bass, Cliff Marks, John Kingdon, Dave Elbert, Jerry 
Badger, Steve Roberts, Gunar Grubaums, Steve VanMeter, 
and Chuck Taylor. Third Row: Jay Wright, Steve Olin, 
Nancy Eggelhof, Maxine Miller, Anne Shallenberger, 
Harry Dawson, Jim Sims, Maryann Koontz, Elizabeth 
Kraft, and Bill Brandt. Second Row: Miss Margaret 

president; Chuck Taylor, president; 
secretary, planned for the group. 

Marilyn Weil, 

clean-up campaigns and Freshman-Sophomore 
Career Day, and giving an honorary award to 
an outstanding senior boy. This year the Key 
Clubbers also sponsored their first dance, "The 
Key Klub Klomp." 

Through the ideals that they instill in the 
minds of their members, both Honor Society and 
Key Club attempt to train leaders to better 
Broad Ripple High School. 

Coombs, co-sponsor; Mike McKown, Judy Woddell, Vir- 
ginia Berry, Nancy Stegemeier, Suzi Lesh, Jeri Woehler, 
Kathy Oth, Barbara Batt, and Mr. Albert Mahin, co- 
sponsor. Front Row: Linda Dresbach, Barbara Barrick, 
Judy Heavenridge, Gretchen Wolfram, Marilyn Weil, 
Evelyn Stone, Connie Corson, Judy Bredensteiner, Sylvia 
Shotwell, Judy Blcwett, and Sue McCord. Not pictured are 
Liz Pogue, Carolyn White. 

- £ $ g £ 

Student Council . . . 

Council Says NX Hi" to Exchange Student 

by Connie Corson 

"Have you met the new foreign student from 
New Zealand?" everyone asked when school 

"Oh, you mean Rachel? She's no foreigner!" 
others answered. Rachel Tucker had already be- 
come a typical American teenager with a slightly 
British accent and some amusing native expres- 
sions such as "petrol," "frock," and "Cheerio!" 

The dream of having an exchange student at 
Ripple was finally realized after months of plan- 
ning by the American Field Service Committee 
of the Student Council. 

When Rachel came in August to live with 
junior Evy Stone and her family, she fell right 
into the swing of things. Rachel wasted no time 
before participating in school activities, especially 

those of Student Council. She was the featured 
speaker at the annual SC Auditorium, which was 
conducted like a regular Council business meeting. 
Homecoming, headed by Carolyn Burkle, was 
another important project of the Student Council. 
Also, to keep students posted on up-and-coming 
events, the SC members maintained two day-by- 
day bulletin boards and a cafeteria reminder 
board. "Be Proud of Your Cafeteria" was the 
slogan emphasized by the Council as members 
supervised the Clean-Up Campaign with the co- 
operation of the Senior Class. After months of 
discussion and rewriting, the constitution of the 
Council was completely revised, presented to the 
student body in the SC auditorium, and then 
passed by a unanimous vote of the students. 

Welcoming Rachel Tucker to Ripple are the Student 
Council officers Rrent Sutton, John Kingdon, Linda Bender, 
Marilyn Weil, and Connie Corson. 

"Too much homework!" exclaims Rachel Tucker as Evy 
Stone helps her with her assignment. "We never have this 
much in New Zealand," she states emphatically. 


Student Council members are, Back Row: J. Raeburn, J. 
Kingdon, D. Baird, J. Woody, T. Stone, J. Lee, D. Foster, 
B. Krause. Middle Row: Mr. John Morris, sponsor; R. Bow- 
man, H. Dawson, R. Tucker, B. Sutton, C. Burkle, C. 

Closterhouse, Dr. Lowell Hicks, sponsor. Front Row: M. 
McKown, L. Bender, C. Corson, J. Heavenridge, M. Weil, 
J. Sims, P. Walker, S. Frame. Not pictured are Dave 
Parish, Steve Zimmerman. 

As honorary member of the Student Council, Rachel 
Tucker outlines the progress of the Clean-Up Campaign. 

"Yea Ripple" shouts Rachel Tucker in the Booster Section 
as she gets "in the swing" of Ripple's activities. 


Service to the Community . . . 

School Serves by Working and Teaching 

by Jay Wright 

Service is the key word at Ripple, and Broad 
Ripple, the community, is well-served. Through 
the night school, the Riparian newspaper and 
yearbook advertising, the employment placement 
service, and the cadet teaching program, the 
school and the community work together. 

Back to school came parents and students to- 
gether for night courses which provided an oppor- 
tunity to learn varied skills. Business courses were 
the most popular with the 700 participants. Other 
subjects ranging from painting, photography, and 
millinery to academic courses such as Conversa- 
tional French and English Grammar Review were 
taught in the evenings. 

"Sign here please!" Kay Henderson, Riparian ad staffer, 
sells an ad to Roger Robey at Jules Medias. 

Employment-seeking Ripplites, each year 
numbering about 100, were placed in positions 
throughout the community by the school place- 
ment bureau. 

Kindergarteners and high school pupils alike 
benefited from the teen-age teaching provided 
by the school's cadet teaching program. The pro- 
gram enabled seniors to get a taste of effective 
classroom teaching methods before entering 
college training. 

Through the Riparian publications, merchants 
reach community members in effective advertis- 
ing, another of Ripple's services. 

Machines galore give Ripplites and citizens of the sur- 
rounding community a glimpse into the intricacies of the 
modern business world at the business machines exhibit 
held last year in the school library. 

A blob of burnt umber finishes Mr. Lou Griffice's land- 
scape as Mrs. Sarah McKinley, Mrs. Grace Payne, and 
Mrs. Jean Miner sketch and touch up their paintings in a 
Night School art class held at the high school. 

Perfect fit! beams a young customer who is being waited 
on by Ripplite salesman Dave Walker at the Broad Ripple 
branch of L. Strauss & Co. 

Teaching the A B C's is Jean Bosenbury, Ripple student. 
Jean teaches first graders at School No. 80 as part of 
Broad Ripple's cadet teaching program available for seniors 
who are interested in teaching as a career. 


Service Groups . . . 

Chu Yung, UN, Clean-up — Club Projects 

by Inga Watson 

"Broader, Richer, Human Service," Ripple's 
motto, is typified in the service organizations 
which flourish at Broad Ripple. Their purpose is 
to help the school, community, and city through 
such projects as sponsoring a Korean orphan, pre- 
paring Thanksgiving baskets for needy families, 
and backing school clean-up campaigns. 

Through the annual Model UN, Ripple's Hi-Y 
and Tri-Hi-Y clubs gain a better understanding 
of world problems. These clubs endeavor to main- 
tain a high standard of Christian living in the 
school and community. The Muscular Dystrophy 

Apportioning delegates according to countries for the 
Model UN are Hi-Y officers, Standing: Fred Schlegel, John 
Lance, Don Ellis, Alan Stanford. Seated: Dave Larson, Mr. 
Robert Eisenbarth, sponsor, and Chuck Taylor. 

drive, in which all members participate, is just 
one example of projects that Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y 

This year, Orange Aid, Broad Ripple's all-girl 
club, sponsored a Korean orphan, Chu Yung, 
as one of its various activities. The main purpose 
of Orange Aid is to welcome freshman girls and 
advise all girls on any problem. Fresh-aids, the 
freshman sub-division of Orange Aid, holds vari- 
ous panel-type discussions at which Senior Girls 
and Bovs Key Club Advisory Panels help solve 
typical problems that confront a high-school girl. 

Electronics experts are the members of the Broad Ripple 
Sound Crew Lee Easley, Eddie Berg, Ronald Harkness, 
Gene Gjesvold, Richard Young, Mr. John E. Williams, 
sponsor, and Russ Lawrence. 

"Big sisters" are Orange Aid officers Barb Witt, Molly Freshmen Julie Vance, Kathy Davis, Carolyn Peachey, and 

Carner, Sue McCord, and Judy Blewett who help orientate Sandy Kuoppala. 

Hospital tray favors made by the Tri-Hi-Y are counted Upperclassmen Fred Schlegel, John Kingdon, John Bae- 

by officers Inga Watson, Sue McCord, Ginny Williamson, burn, John Lee, and Alan Stanford, members of the Boys' 

Sylvia Turnbull, Mrs. Lunette Keesling, sponsor. Advisory Panel, give advice to feminine frosh. 



"Top Brass!" Vice-principal Roger Riley, Principal J. Fred school matter. These three play the leading role in solving 

Murphy, and Vice-principal Harold K. Harding talk over a school problems. 

Ripple's leading advisors are Miss Ruth Carter, dean of A placement service is run by Mr. Albert Mahin, co- 

girls, and Mr. Hubert Wann, dean of boys. Miss Carter and ordinator, who places approximately 100 Ripplites each 

Mr. Wann have served 30 and 32 years, respectively. year in jobs. 


Counseling . . . 

Colleges, Careers Concern Counselors 

Seventy-five per cent of Broad Ripple's gradu- 
ates continue their education in colleges and 
universities. Each year about sixty seniors win 
scholarships with potential four-year value of 
approximately $150,000. 

Mr. B. L. Stonecipher, director of counseling, 
works in coordination with homeroom teachers 
in providing educational and vocational guidance. 
Services of his department include maintaining 
a library of college information, providing infor- 
mation on scholarships and entrance examinations, 
arranging interviews with college representatives, 
processing college applications, and keeping per- 
sonal data records of students. 

Comparing notes of the individual classes are Mr. War- 
ren K. Jackson, Miss Marie Sullivan, Mr. Edward Kassig, 
and Mr. Albert Mahin, class sponsors. 

by Chuck Taylor 

College night on December 4 provided juniors 
and seniors with an opportunity to meet repre- 
sentatives from 33 colleges and universities 
throughout the nation. Career Day in the spring 
for freshmen and sophomores gave underclass- 
men an insight into a wide, range of occupations. 

According to Mr. Albert Mahin, coordinator, 
more than 28 per cent of the total enrollment were 
employed the first semester. Boys averaged 20 
hours per week; girls averaged 15 hours. 

Miss Ruth Carter, dean of girls and sponsor of 
Orange Aid, has completed her 30th year at 
Ripple. After 32 years of service to BRHS, Mr. 
Hubert Wann, dean of boys, retired this year. 
Teaching more than ten different courses in the 
Social Science and Industrial Arts departments, he 
also coached football, varsity and freshman bas- 
ketball, and track at various times in the 1920's. 

Information please! Annapolis Captain Billingsly, U.S.N., 
gives Mr. Chester Poor, Mr. Phillip McKown, George 
Poor, Mike McKown, and Fred Schlegel advice and infor- 
mation about the Naval Academy on College Night. 


Over 12,000 books dealing with anything from the amoeba to dating problems can be found in the Broad Ripple school 
library. Always on hand to answer students' questions is Mrs. Edna Whetsell, librarian. . 


English Department . . . 

Verbs, Vocabulary Vital in Curriculum 

Broad Ripple students may take a variety of 
English courses during their four years and are 
thus prepared for college or careers with a good 
background of literature and language art skills. 
The incoming freshman may take English I, 
English Is, or English I-IIg. English I is for the 
average student; English Is is for the student who 
needs extra help; and English I-IIg is for the 
exceptionally talented pupil. The student con- 
tinues his English preparation in either the 'g' 
or Y classes or in the regular English classes 
through English VI. During this time, he has 
an opportunity to develop his skills in grammar, 
reading, writing, speaking, and journalism. In his 
senior year, he may take Creative Writing, Ad- 
vanced Composition, Senior Composition, and 
literature courses English VII and English VIII. 
During his four years, he may also elect to take 

"Push that reading speed!" is constantly stressed by 
reading lab teachers Miss Melba Schumacher and Mrs. 
Harriet Clester, trying to improve students' reading habits. 

by Anne Shallenberger 

Dramatics, Speech, or Library Science, the last 
of which trains students in library work and gives 
them an advantage when they apply for part-time 
work in college. 

The English Department .also prepares students 
for college by the use of the reading laboratory. 
Pupils enrolled in freshman and senior English 
courses have the opportunity to develop their 
reading skills by spending two days out of every 
six in the lab. They gain in speed, comprehension, 
and vocabulary. 

For the benefit of juniors and seniors, the Eng- 
lish Review class is held once a week to help 
students prepare for college boards. 

"Ripplings," Ripple's literary magazine, was 
published this year by the English Department 
for the third time. 

Taking inventory are the Library Club officers Margie 
Power, Carolyn Hinesley, Patricia Crosier, Beth Gotshall, 
and Mrs. Phoebe Diederich, sponsor. 

English . . . 

Doctor or teacher? Reporting on a 
career in which she is interested is 
Suzi Pettijohn, member of Miss Le- 
anna Barker's English III class. 

Planning a course of study arc English teachers Mrs. 
Mary Ann Elliott, Mrs. Thelma Phillips, and Mr. Joel Marsh. 

On their way to class Mrs. Marilyn Dealing and Mr. Eu- 
gene Smith, English teachers, pause to compare notes. 



|yjL z* Jm 

■i - ii^^w 

^kp^ w 



-b **J 


4illr M 

^ '^ 

Anagrams, analogies, and addlegrams are taught by seniors the opportunity to review for College Boards and 

Mrs. Ruth Herin, English Department head, in her English Scholarship Qualifying tests, important steps in the process 

Review Class. This class, held weekly after school, gives of applying for college admission. 

Good notes + originality = source theme is the formula Paraphrases to term papers are taught in Mrs. Edna- 

used by Nancy Becker as she "burns the midnight oil" Mae Ross' Advanced Composition class. Here, she gives 

finishing her paper due the next morning. Pam Menke pointers on sentence structure. 


Speech and Dramatics . . . 

Next Garbos, Cables Rehearse Lines 

by Jamia Jasper 

"How now, brown cow," is a familiar phrase 
heard in the speech and dramatics clubs. The 
aspiring actor begins his "career" in Understudies, 
a beginning group, where he learns the "ropes" 
in dramatics. After gaining experience and ac- 
cumulating ten points, which he earns through 
participation in plavs, operettas, speech contests, 
and the Ripples, he usually proceeds into the 
advanced group of actors, National Thespians 
Troupe 1170. His efforts are rewarded when he 
is inducted into the Society at an impressive 
formal banquet. He then has a hand, as a mem- 
ber of Thespians, to plan and present the annual 
Thespian production. He can also help with the 
Thespian-sponsored Varsity Varieties, which this 

year included such refrains as "Varsity Drag," 
"If I Loved You," "Suzi-Q," and such acts as a 40- 
member junior chorus line, a snappy sailor rou- 
tine, and the rhythmic beat of the bongo drums. 
"I disagree!" is a typical reaction of the Debate 
Team members, as they present arguments pro 
and con on "hot" issues. Anything from rock 'n' 
roll to the 11-month school year is "dug into" by 
the debaters. The debate subject for this year 
was, Resolved: That the United States foreign 
aid should be substantially increased. The team 
went to Purdue December 5 and 6 for the De- 
baters Conference and Legislative Assembly. 
There, Jim Rosebrough received a citation for 
an outstanding performance in debate. 

Hot debaters are, Standing: Jim Rosebrough, Art Van 
Arendonk, Harry Dawson, Steve Chill, Mr. Donald Hig- 

gins, sponsor. Seated: Chuck Stolte, Steve Leeds, David 
Cahill, Peggy Mason, Debate Team members. 


National Thespians are, 
Back Row: Gary Shepard, 
Karen Brooks, Sherry Crane, 
Jamia Jasper, Judie Snyder. 
Front Row: Mrs. Anne 
Obenchain, sponsor; Steve 
Leeds, Ruth Myers, Rachel 
Tucker, Wayne Mosbarger, 
Virginia Berry. 


|B ^b»- «->^H 


Ml^^R^ t^w^^ 

w*-^Wb ^ 

W **m* t/41 

R k W i ^ 

9S i 


^^ ^ 

mk <*^^b^^^mjA 

Active actors are Thespians officers Ruth Myers, Karen 
Brooks, Virginia Berry, Jamia Jasper, Steve Leeds. 

Understudies' sponsor Mrs. Anne Obenchain assists of- 
ficers Georgia Lupear, Karen Bennett, Chris Broberg, 
Phyllis Inman, in hemming a costume. 



Perplexing problems puzzle students of Analytical Geom- Brandt, Jerry Badger, Cliff Marks, and Dave Elbert follow 

etry, an advanced class taught by Dr. Glen Vannatta. Bill closely Dr. Vannatta's complicated solution. 

Sector of a sphere is drawn by Mr. Bobert J. Bryant Trig tutor Mrs. Suzanne McFall explains tangent func- 

dunng a Solid Geometry explanation. tions to Norm Oestrike, Fred Schlegel, and John Herder. 


Math Department . . . 

Calculus Completes Six-Year Program 

Sputnik and mutnik were Russia's bids for the 
technological superiority which the United States 
has long enjoyed. To help answer this challenge, 
Ripple's math program offers the kind and num- 
ber of courses that young mathematicians, scien- 
tists, and business-bound students need. 

Twelve semesters of math were available at 
Ripple for the 1360 students enrolled in math this 
year: five of algebra; three of geometry, plane 
and solid; and one each of Trigonometry, Analy- 
tical Geometry, Math X, and Calculus. 

A double-track program is available, making 
it possible for a Ripplite to double-up on his 
math courses. This gives him the opportunity to 

Math profs racking their brains for the solution to a 
complicated trigonometery problem are Mr. Dale Hamner, 

fay Judy Blewett 

take every math course offered and thus to pre- 
pare himself better for college and industry. In 
college, a student who has completed these ad- 
vanced courses at Ripple can often enroll directly 
into a more advanced course. 

Methods of differentiating and integrating vari- 
ous types of general functions were studied by 
the students enrolled in the Calculus course 
taught by Dr. Glen Vannatta, head of the Math 
Department. This course, offered for the first 
time this year, completes the high school math 
program for those students who have taken all 
previous courses and who have the ability and 
time to devote to advanced study usually offered 
on the college level. 

Mr. Edward O'Nan, Mr. James A. Johnson, Mr. William H. 
Groves, and Mr. Paul Rutenkroger. 


Science Department . . . 

Requirements Increase Lab Enrollment 

by Sfeve Roberts, 

Balancing scales for a Physical Science experiment are 
Mr. Marvin Smith, Eddie Poisel, and Penny Pinkstaff. 

"I don't care if it's been dead a hundred years! 
I won't touch it!" 

"I think he said this gas we're making is 
poison . . ." 

"Hey, fella, you're supposed to be weighing 
that brass cylinder, not your thumbs!" 

Comments such as these can mean only one 
thing; some of Ripple's 637 biology students, 154 
chemistry students, 49 physics students, or 92 
physical science students are busily gathering 
experimental facts and figures. 

Readers with active minds will realize that this 
makes a total of 932 science students— a record 
enrollment at Rroad Ripple. As a result, many 
physics, chemistry, and physical science students 
begin the school day at 7:30 a.m. instead of 8:15. 

Recruited to ease the ever-present teacher 
shortage are biology teachers Mr. Arnold L. Pah- 
meier and Mr. Harold Lloyd, and chemistry 
teacher Mr. Morris Taylor. 

Equipment, so necessary in teaching laboratory 
science, is currently being added. Two new an- 
alytical balances, utilized in making extremely 
accurate weighings, and a new unit for distilling 
water are in use. Also, room 302 is completely 
outfitted as an additional biology laboratory. 

Students' co-curricular projects play an im- 
portant part in science at Ripple. Participating 
in this year's Westinghouse Science Search were 
Bill Brandt, Ed Berg, and Jerry Badger. 

Mr. Phillip Fordyce, biology teacher and In- 
diana Chairman of the National Association of 
Biology Teachers, won the High School Science 
Teacher Award given by the Indiana Section of 
the society for outstanding work in the profession. 

Slimy squid preserved in formaldehyde is examined by 
science teachers Mr. Noble Newsum and Mr. Phillip 
Fordyce during a biology discussion. 


Future Sputnicians! Barb Barrick and Dick Frame demonstrate 
an experiment measuring the thrust force of a boom as Bob Swan, 
Dick McNairy, Earl Schopp, George Simpson, Ed Parr, Jim 

Bosebrough, and Chuck Holle, members of Dr. 
Lowell Hicks' physics class, look on. After gathering 
needed information, students evaluate the results. 

Spectroscope "snoopers" studying Bill Brandt's 
project are Math-Science Club officers Ed Berg, 
president; Jerry Badger, secretary-treasurer 
Bill Brandt, vice-president. 

Distilling- "H-O" for an experiment are Mr. Edward Kassig and 
chemistry students Bob Smith, Marlyn Stark, and Ralph Lemcke. 

1816 — Indiana's admittance into the United States is explained 
in a special report by Luddy Komers and Janice McGinn in Mr. 
Atwood Bliss' U. S. History I class. 

Inflation and deflation, partnerships and corporations are ex- 
plained by Mr. J. Curtis Weigel to his Economic Problems class, 
a senior course required for graduation. 

Socio/ Science Department . . . 

Modern Courses Stress World Affairs 

Everything from prehistoric man to the Ameri- 
can Explorer was studied and analyzed by 947 
Broad Ripple Social Science students. Freshmen 
acquire a knowledge of men and nations from 
the beginning of recorded time to the present in 
World History. As sophomores and juniors, Rip- 
plites enroll in a United States History course, 
a must for graduation. Knowledge of the whys 
and wherefores of our national government stems 
from a detailed study in Government and Eco- 
nomic Problems. For those students actively inter- 
ested in world affairs, Contemporary History and 
International Relations are offered in alternate 
semesters. By studying locations, climates, and 
resources in Geography, pupils gain a keener 
insight to the problems of a shrinking globe. 
Coping with the problems of how to get along 

by Gretchen Wolfram 

with others, the essence of social studies, is avidly 
discussed by those enrolled in Psychology. Pan- 
American History is a course designed to promote 
better understanding between this nation and 
those of Central and South America. Upon gradu- 
ation, a Broad Ripple senior can have a compre- 
hensive knowledge of history, world affairs, and 
social studies. 

Button-hunting and inscription-searching Rip- 
plites were members of the Junior Historical 
Society, who were recommended by history teach- 
ers. To further interest in national and state 
affairs, this organization has completed a collec- 
tion of campaign buttons from the elections of 
1896 to the 1956 one and also time-worn epitaphs 
found in old cemeteries. 

Epitaph examiners Mr. J. Raymond Hall, Junior His- 

Gretchen Wolfram, secretary, decipher barely-legible ii 

torical Society sponsor; Chuck Stalcup, president; Judy scriptions on tombstones for submittance to the State 

Heavenridge, vice-president; Jay Wright, treasurer; and Historical Society. 

Language Department . . . 

Linguists Appreciate Foreign Customs 

by Virginia Berry 

The world is shrinking more and more, and 
foreign languages are becoming increasingly im- 
portant. Ripple's Foreign Language Department 
includes French, German, Latin, Spanish, and 
Etymology courses. Maybe someday, when the 
universe begins to shrink, Martian will be added 
to the list. 

Ripplites realize that knowledge of foreign 
languages is important not only for "globe and 
space travelers" but also for those who plan to 
go on to college. Nearly all colleges require two 
years in a foreign language. 

Language students at Ripple make and par- 
ticipate in many projects which supplement actual 
classroom work. Latin students draw maps of the 
Roman empire and expeditions, make dolls illus- 

trating Roman dress, and construct miniatures of 
the Roman soldiers' weapons. 

Advanced French students enact French plays 
and both Spanish and French students practice 
pronunciation with the help of a tape recorder. 

Among the activities of Foreigneers, a co- 
curricular club open to all language students, was 
a homecoming float, a booth at the Carnival, and 
clothing a needv child at Christmas. Foreigneers 
also worked on a special dinner, this year called 
the Roman banquet. The students, dressed in 
togas and tunics, created an interesting and 
ancient-world atmosphere, as guests ate dinner 
while reclining on mats in the Roman style. 

In addition to activities during the year, For- 
eigneers awards a medal to a student receiving 
straight-A's for three years in French or Spanish. 

"Romans, countrymen . . ." exclaims Harry Dawson, at- Loveland's Advanced Latin class intently listens to his 

tired in a "fashionable" Roman toca, as Mrs. Virginia entertaining oration translated from the original Latin. 


"Oui, madamoiselle!" Mrs. Else Torbet with the help of Masks and baskets from Mexico are Maryann Koontz's 

Jerry Darlington points out geographical sections of France prize possessions. Helping her display them to a Spanish 

in her French II class. I class is Mrs. Maenell Newsome. 

Language instructors Mrs. Ruth Johnson and Mr. Tur- 
rell Lavering discuss new and interesting methods of 
presenting foreign language to their students. 

Helping a poor family at Christmas time is an important 
Foreigneers' project. Sorting clothes are officers Ron 
Stoker, Karen Kime, and Steve Chill. 


Business Department . . . 

Future Commercialists Perfect Skills 

by Carolyn Hohl 

Dextrous fingers play the lead role in typing 
classes. This year, 8,720 fingers busily pecked from 
A to Z. First semester typing consists mainly of 
getting acquainted with the machines, learning 
the keyboard, and typing simple letter forms. 
More difficult techniques are introduced during 
the second semester when the pupils learn to type 
footnotes, bibliographies, title pages, and other 
details needed in their college and personal typ- 
ing. Advanced typing pupils use practice forms 
based on actual office problems and learn to 
operate several business machines. Equipment 

Typing students take advantage of the TV typing pro- 
gram sponsored by Indiana University on WTTV. 

Carnival plans are in the making 
as the Business Leaders' officers 
Shirley Moran, Judy Johnston, Suzi 
Lesh, and Judy Stumpf design 
their dart-throw game with the 
help of Miss Grace Cunningham, 
club sponsor. 


Glimpsing at a new shipment of business books are Rip- 
ple's Office Staff: Mrs. Sara Powell, Mrs. Maxine Smith, 

Mrs. Shirley Jones, Mrs. Eileen Hall, Mrs. Rosemary 
Clouser, Mrs. Alice Marsh, and Mrs. Josephine Wolf. 

worth over $25,000 is available for classroom use. 

Dr. Elvin Eyster, chairman of the Business 
Education Department at Indiana University, met 
in December with Ripple's teachers and discussed 
the present trends in business education. 

A seasonal bulletin board is used to promote 
interest among the students, to add a touch of 
holiday cheer around the business rooms, and to 
list speed and accuracy awards. 

Selling caramels and taffy at Christmas is the 

chief annual money-making project of the Busi- 
ness Leaders. This co-curricular club is an organi- 
zation open to everyone who is enrolled in a 
business course. During the year, sjDeakers with 
occupations ranging from secretaries to ministers 
discussed vocational opportunities with the group. 
Other activities sponsored by the Business Lead- 
ers were operating a booth at Ripple's annual 
Carnival, clothing a child, and presenting a record 
player to the school for use in dictation practice. 

Skilled "machinists!" Linda Sale, Lois Knight, and Sail) 
Crawford operate office equipment in Mr. Clovys Harvey'; 
Typing IV class. 

Deklrkt tyleot mior!! Miss Dorothy Dipple and Miss 
Winifred West, business teachers, together grade a test 
taken by a beginning typing student. 

Practical Arts . . . 

Dietitians, Architects Plan Careers 

Striving to produce better engineers, architects, 
and homemakers for the future are the Home 
Economics and Industrial Arts Departments. 

Approximately 300 students, about ten of whom 
are girls, enroll in Industrial Arts courses each 
semester. The department offers three-year courses 
in wood and metal working, architectural draw- 
ing, and a four-year course in mechanical draw- 

Mmmm — Good! Home Economics teachers Miss Eliza- 
beth Johnson, Mrs. Truth Nees, and Miss Betty Rosen- 
berry remove miniature creampuffs from the oven. 

by Judy Gilliom 

ing. By learning to make accurate drawings and 
blueprints of buildings and simple machines, 
students learn the basic skills needed by mechan- 
ical workers. 

Pins and needles, pots and pans, budgets and 
wedding rings— these items are symbolic of the 
Home Economics Department. Among the courses 
offered by this department are Clothing, the 
study of construction and care of simple garments, 
and Foods, which offers instruction in preparing 
basic foods and maintaining proper diet. Fam- 
ily Living, a one-semester course intended for 
juniors and seniors, prepares students for success- 
ful marriage and family life. 

'Dope addiction is slavery," says Police Sergeant Owens 
to Mrs. Mary Hammel's Family Living class. 

J 2 

"A stitch in time saves nine" is an old adage put to buying fabrics, selecting patterns, cutting material, sewing 

practical use in Miss Elizabeth Johnson's Clothing class. seams, hand-stitching finishing details, and pressing the 

Students enrolled in this class learn varied skills such as completed product, as well as balancing a clothes budget. 

Back to the old grind! Using a grinding machine to drill Intricate house design constructed by a student in the 

a hole in a piece of steel is Jim Ronk, a student in the Mechanical Arts Department is being checked by Mr. Nel- 

Industrial Arts Department. son Cooksey, Mr. Silvin Weaver, and Mr. John Perry. 


Rorc. . . 

Cadets Drill for Inspection, Awards 

by Web Wright 

Ripple's ROTC Battalion won its ninth consecu- 
tive honor rating at the Federal Inspection in the 
spring of 1957. 

The drill team, under the leadership of Dave 
Jensen, revised its precision rifle manual of arms 
and attempted to take its place as the finest team 
in the city. 

The rifle team, which fires seven to twelve 
matches a year, received a trophy for firing 1751, 
the highest score in the preliminary city match. 
Webster Wright, Cliff Jacobson, and Dave Har- 
mon ranked among the city's top ten shots. 

The tenth annual Military Ball was held in 
December. Leading the traditional Grand March 
was Lt. Colonel Dave Hart, the highest ranking 
cadet, with his "ladv," Linda Dresbach. 

Presenting the colors are the Color Guard members Jim 
Reeder, Wendell Myers, Bill Walters, Tim Curry. 

Members of the Drill Team are, Back Row: Edward 
Starker, Dudley Barlow, Dana Mitchell, Richard Exley. 
Third Row: Roger Shepherd, Ronald Galbraith, Kenneth 
Calvin, Steve Burres. Second Row: Mike Lapp, Ron 

Fahle, Fred Holmes, Leonard Bochicchio. Front Row: 
Roy Pike, Jerry Crawford, Bob Bird, Dave Jensen. 
Dave is commander of the team and leads them in their 
precision marching. 

A. ftl « 

i $ t * « 

r" f 

The Grand March, the event which traditionally opens the 
annual Military Ball for Ripple's ROTC unit, is led by 
Jerry Walker, Linda Pearson, Fred Heylmann, Connie 
Corson, Dave Anderson, Nancy Karam, Kenneth DeHart, 

Nancy Holle, John Lee, Marilyn Meeker, and Mickey 
Matthews. Connie, Nancy Holle, and Marilyn are ROTC 
sponsors with the rank of honorary captain and were 
guests of honor at the Ball. 

A smart salute is given by the ROTC sponsors Marilyn 
Meeker, Suzi Lesh, Judy Blewett, Nancy Holle, and 
Connie Corson. 

M/Sgt. James Barnett points out the parts of a 3.5 
Rocket Launcher first used in the police action in Korea. It 
was built to replace the original tank killer. 


Heart of the matter is the explanation of Miss Max 
Moreillon to Judie Snyder and her senior Health class as 
she diagrams the sections of the heart. 


Carburetors and cylinders are checked by Mr. Milton 
Hiatt and Bob Wiese before leaving to drive as a part of 
the Driver-Education course. 


"Upsa-daisy," says Mr. William Sirka to Larry Mason, 
David Bongfeldt, and Gilbert Wagner as they perform 
headstands in a gym class. 

"Sign here," request the Junior Red Cross officers Sharon 
Perrez, Patty Allen, Susie Espy, and Susie Kercheval of 
Bob Nelson during membership drive. 


Health and Safety 

Be Safe, Be Healthy — Department's Motto 

by Cretchen Stahl 

By a program of exercise and sports, the Physi- 
cal Education Department builds muscle tone and 
coordination. Gym classes offer students a change 
from the regular classroom routine by working 
off excess energy, playing basketball, or jumping 
rope. Through films, text books, discussions, and 
actual experience, girls also learn the value of 
good health. 

No more wrecked fenders, broken garage doors, 
or frayed nerves! Students in Drivers' Education 
realize the responsibilities of driving and the 
consequences of poor driving. As a result, the 
accident rate is so low that insurance companies 
offer trained students a discount of up to fifteen 
per cent on automobile insurance. 

The aim of the Future Nurses' Club is to in- 
form high school girls of the opportunities in 
the medical profession. The girls have speakers 
representing the widely differing range of related 
occupations and take field trips to hospitals and 
institutions throughout the city to learn of their 
conditions and the latest technical developments 
in medicine. 

"Your Heritage, Hope, and Opportunity," the 
National Red Cross' campaign slogan, is also that 
of the Junior Red Cross. The fall campaign to 
raise funds and the packing of CARE packages 
for neighbors across the seas were foremost in 
the year's activities. 

81 fl 

mm ms* UKBHf ' « 



Complicated, isn't it? Miss Louise Rice teaches weighing 
methods to Future Nurses officers Julie Beaman, Sylvia 
Turnbull, Sue Freeland, and Sue Scott. 

"Ready, jump!" commands Mrs. Becky Bodine, Phys Ed 
teacher, as she instructs her freshman gym class in de- 
veloping coordination by jumping rope. 


Art Department . . . 

Talent Create; 

Ceramics craftsmen are Sandy Amy, Mrs. Ma- 
delyn Clark, Pat Fetter, Sandy Jacobs, and 
Bev Kingston. 

Critical connoisseurs Miss Doris Brinkman, spon- 
sor; Sue Freeland, Art Club prexy; Pat Eastwood, 

Stage struck are the members of the Stage Crew, Ed Alexander, Bill 
Shuman, and Bill Nichols. Providing their advice are sponsors' Mr. 
Virgel Clark and Mr. Warren Jackson. 


olor in School Scene 

by Undo Bender 

Vibrant, subdued, and mellowed are adjectives 
describing color-the essence of the Art Depart- 
ment. Broad Ripple's department offers many 
courses where pupils can use color to advantage. 

Color charts and oil paintings are among the 
projects mastered in Art I-VIII, while pupils pri- 
marily interested in crafts can take Ceramics, 
Jewelry, or Craft Art. 

During the Christmas holidays, special projects 
are completed. For instance, in some classes gay 
and colorful table decorations are made, while 
modern Christmas cards are designed in others. 

Pupils who like to dabble in painting may join 
the Art Club. The only qualification is to be a 
present or past pupil of the Art Department. 
Throughout the year they take trips pertaining 
to art that are interesting as well as educational. 
The annual Children's Museum Drive, a booth 
at Ripple's Carnival, and gaily decorated favors 

"Brushing up" on art are Cindy Poggiani, Roz Fitz- 
Roy, and Jane Phillips, with Mr. Ferd Brumblay's help. 

for a rest home were included in this year's 
projects for the club. 

For students who wish to study art further, 
John Herron Art Institute offers scholarships. 
Three students attending Broad Ripple are offered 
a year's scholarship to Saturday classes. Seniors 
can apply for college scholarships. 

The artistic efforts of students do not go un- 
rewarded. The Ripple Arts Salon, held in the 
latter part of May, permits teachers to display 
some of their pupils' best work. The work is then 
reviewed by a qualified judge usually connected 
with the school svstem, and ribbons are awarded. 

and Sue Chandler, secretary-treasurer, inspect a student'; 
oil painting. 

In Jewelry class, Mr. Virgel Clark helps Jim Miller 
with his gold ring. 

Members of the Band are D. Alderson, P. Arnett, B. 
Bass, T. Bechert, B. Beckley, S. Blaine, J. Bradley, J. 
Bredensteiner, D. Brown, S. Brownlee, S. Burres, B. Cal- 
kins, L. Campbell, D. Chapman, P. Colvin, J. Confer, S. 
Confer, P. Couts, D. Daubenspeck, P. Davis, D. Davisson, 
D. Deckard, D. Dunn, S. Ferguson, B. Ferris, B. Fried- 
line, L. Genders, G. Gjesvold, J. Goodyear, C. Grimes, P. 
Harmon, C. Henzie, S. Herdrich, C. Hinesley, N. Hock- 

muller, D. Hollenbach, J. Hollingsworth, E. Horton, 
E. Hull, J. Irby, D. Jenkins, J. Johnston, J. Jupin, F. 
Keller, J. Kelley, K. Kincaid, P. Klausmeier, J. Kubik, 
M. Lampe, B. Langston, J. Lawless, J. Loeper, C. McCord, 
J. McGinn, J. Martin, L. Medley, M. Moeslein, T. Muel- 
ler, D. Nay, B. Neal, M. Newburn, T. Parks, E. Parr, B. 
Peavler, G. Poor, K. Baasch, K. Bader, R. Richards, C. 
Roeder, J. Rosebrough, S. Sherwood, J. Shutt, J. Sims, 

Instrumental Music . . . 

Majorettes, Music Majors Display Ability 

Sixty-six orange and black uniformed musicians 
help liven the halftime at Ripple football games. 
Their cheery rendition of "Hi Neighbor" played 
in the familiar H I formation greeted each of the 
opposing schools this fall. The Booster Club 
joined in this salutation with vocal assistance. 

Ripple's Dance Band also has a full calendar. 
Many after-game dances, the Military Ball, and 
the Ripples all require the music provided by the 
Band members. They feature violin players, which 
most bands do not have. 

Another group of enthusiastic musicians is the 

by Judy Bredensteiner 

Broad Ripple Pep Band. Rs lively melodies help 
the cheering section support Ripple's basketball 
team at all home games. 

Stringed instruments such as the cello, the bass, 
the viola, and the violin, which cannot be used 
in the marching bands, play an important part in 
the Ripple orchestra. The orchestra plays for the 
Operetta and school music programs. 

Members of the Hi-Fi Club spend many hours 
absorbing the rare tone qualities of the selections 
played at club meetings. Rock and roll rhythms 
are strictly not allowed. 


f r f 

r ^ i 

1 Pf - km 


C. Skolaut, S. Stanton, S. Stevens, G. Teague, S. Thomas, 
S. Turnbull, M. Weil, G. Wissler, and L. Wooldridge. 
Mr. Wallace Decker is director. 

Ripple Boosters at all home basketball games are mem- 
bers of the Pep Band, Steve Brownlee, Jim Bosebrongh, 
Jim Kelley, leader; and Dave Brown. 

Members of the Dance Band are, Back Row: Susie Steve Confer, Jim Kelley, Dick Peterson, and Bob Cal- 

Fortune, Susan Hartman, Tom Bechert, Joyce Peace, and kins. Front Row: Barb Banney, Dave Davisson, Gene 

Mr. Paul Brown, director. Middle Bow: Jim Bosebrough, Gjesvold, Chuck Stolte, and Ed Horton. 

""H ■ 




Members of the Orchestra are, Standing: P. Couts, 
T. Bechert, P. Fisher, Mr. Paul Brown, director. Back 
Bow: D. Bernd, S. Crockett, D. Polley, F. Foster, M. 
Fuller, J. Moore, P. Barbour, H. Irby, J. Lawless, B. 
Neal, B. Calkins, J. Shutt, J. Kelley, S. Burres. 

Distributing music before the orchestra rehears 
Banney to Angeni Watson and Karen Brooks. 

Music masters are Dianne Beid, concert mistress, and 
Marilyn Weil, first clarinetist. 


Other Orchestra members in the Back Row are J. Rose- 
brough, S. Confer, S. Fortune, C. Crane, S. Hartman, P. 
Barnhart, J. Carmony. Third Row: D. Nay, M. Johnson, P. 
Dettman, B. Larson, C. Stolte, M. Weil, S. Turnbull, G. 
Gjesvold, M. Newburn, S. Sherwood, L. Medley, T. Muel- 

ler, and R. Thomas. Second Row: L. MacDonald, R. 
Myers, M. Koontz, K. Guion, L. Pfersick, C. Love, C. 
Blackwell, B. Rodgers, J. Clark. Front Row: D. Reid, 
S. Cavanagh, M. Stark, A. Baker, M. Bower, B. Ranney, 
K. Brooks, and A. Watson. 

Advice from an expert is given to first clarinetists Dave 
Jenkins, Nick Hockmuller, Pat Klausmeier, and Gene Hull 

by Mr. William Schumacher, a woodwind player in the 
Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. 


Vocal Music . 

Vocalists Sing for Pleasure and Prestige 

Golden Singers, Madrigals, Girls' Concert 
Choir, and Ensembles form Ripple's Vocal Music 
Department. Performing for municipal and school 
groups as well as singing for their own pleasure 
adds to their prestige. 

The blended harmony of 104-voice choir rang 
out over the crowded Egyptian Room, and 5,000 
executives responded to the talent. This was the 
Broad Ripple Choir composed of the Golden 
Singers and A Cappella Choir as they entertained 
the National Association of Secondary School 
Principals at the Murat Theater in Indianapolis. 
Memorizing, singing, and rehearsing occupied 
many hours of the Golden Singers' time as they 
prepared for the Operetta, "The Mikado." These 
hours of hard work were rewarded by the enthusi- 
astic applause of the audience on opening night. 

by Judy Woddell 

Selected for their exceptional vocal ability are 
the sixteen Madrigal Singers. Their repertoire 
includes, as their name implies, traditional mad- 
rigals, folk tunes, and contemporary selections, 
all sung without accompaniment. 

Girls' Concert Choir is the highest ranking girls' 
ensemble at Broad Ripple. It has participated in 
programs outside the school for two years. With 
the money earned as a result of their programs, 
new gray and white robes were purchased for 
the group. 

Clef Club is an honorary organization for stu- 
dents with exceptional interest and ability in 
music. Programs for this year's semi-monthly 
meetings were centered around the theme, "Know 
Your Symphony." Members of the Indianapolis 
Symphony provided entertainment for the group 
in accordance with this theme. 

Front Row: Inga Watson, Mr. Gene Poston directs the group. 

Burnside. Steve Wi 


I f« 


Members of Golden Singers are, Back Row: Steve 
Brownlee, Dave Foster, Steve Cox, Wendell Myers, Dave 
Elbert, Floyd Edwards, John Kingdon, Mike Kelley, Niel 
Brandt, Tom Burnside. Tbird Row: George Poor, Paul 
Fisher, Gary Shephard, Steve Forbes, Dave Chapman, 
Chuck Holle, Mike McGinnis, Bill Douthit, Dave Smith, 
Steve Woerner. Second Row: Diane Heaton, Barbara 

Batt, Mary Lee Lampe, Wilma Dukes, Carol Baker, Linda 
DeHart, Linda Lewis, Kay Henderson, Nancy Campbell, 
Nancy Eggelhof, Rachel Tucker. Front Row: Judy 
Hutson, Inga Watson, Judy Woddell, Donna Bush, Sharon 
Kelley, Ruth Myers, Evelyn Stone, Susan McCullough, 
Dianne Reid, Janet Huddleston, Judy Blewett. Mr. Gene 
Poston directs the group. 


Digging the rare tones of Les Elgart's music are Radio- 
Hi-Fi Club officers Gene Gjesvold, Suzie Fortune, Barb 
Ranney, and Jim Kelley. 

Music honorary officers Marilyn Weil, Evelyn Stone, 
Linda DeHart, and Jim Kelley listen to the selection played 
by their sponsor Mrs. Rosalee Hofmann. 

Music . . . 

Members of Girls' Concert Choir are, Back Row: Jane 
Gibbs, Jeri Topmiller, Jan McGinn, Virginia McBedi, 
Ruth Hickman, Laurine Henzie, Diane Blake, Margo 
Roggie, Judy Munz, Jamia Jasper, and Carol Winter. 
Third Row: Judy Baskwell, Sally Seaman, Mary Whitelock, 
Charlene Grimes, Barbara Randolph, Phyllis Hook, Nancy 
Kamm, Linda Dorntge, Marilyn Meeker, Anne Farrar, 
and Mrs. Rosalee Hofmann, director. Second Row: Carole 

m mm 

Kunze, Sandy Brawner, Dorretta Whittinghill, Carol Lu 
McMillan, Mary Jane Randolph, Susie K. Stanton, Carolyn 
White, Margie Meaker, Bonnie Frey, and Patty Gates. 
Front Row: Sharron Pitts, Francia Persell, Priscilla Gates, 
Sylvia Turnbull, Sally Crawford, Sandra Maley, Karen 
West, Carol Baker, Margaret Miller, Joyce Quick, and 
Susie Kercheval. This is the highest-ranking girls' en- 
semble at Ripple. 

Members of A Cappella Choir are, Back Row: Charles 
Anderson, Bill Rinne, Duane Ranard, Dave Dunn, Mike 
Jupin, Wayne Mosbarger, Jerry Darlington, Alan Stan- 
ford, Dave Foster, John Lee, Tom Withrow, Ron Hark- 
ness, Bill Nichols. Third Row: Craig Way, Donald Big- 
ham, Ron Hudson, Jim Loeper, Dave Richey, Stanley 
Isaac, Gary Martin, Dave Ressler, Bob Bud, Ronnie Wil- 
liams, Jim Sims, David Chapman. Second Row: Marlyn 
Stark, Janet Vance, Nancy Rogers, Elizabeth Kraft, Sharon 

Chiles, Judy Haverly, Nancy MacDonald, Linda Crane, 
Pam Menke, Sandra Billington, Mary Anne Moeslein, 
Susan McCray, Sara Hooten, Marilyn Otto, Dolly Jegen, 
Linda Dresbach. Front Row: Cindy Cunningham, Lois 
Cheshier, Liz Pogue, Brenda Isensee, Kris Baker, Sharry 
Pressler, Carolyn Burkle, Rosalind FitzRoy, Beth Seiger, 
Mary Woolridge, Mary Benham, Joyce Peace, Jane 
Schnackel, Jane Stonehill, JoLene Kubik. This group is 
directed by Mr. Gene Poston. 

Clef Club members are, Back Row: Linda DeHart, Sally 
Sherwood, Barbara Batt, Nancy Eggelhof, Wilma Dukes, 
Jim Kelley, Mary Ann Koontz. Middle Row: Pat Sink, 
Dianne Reid, Sandy Brawner, Jane Gibbs, Evy Stone, 

Steve Olin, Mrs. Rosalee Hofmann, sponsor. Front Row: 
Carolyn White, Joyce Peace, Marilyn Weil, Virginia Berry, 
Brenda Isensee, Judy Hutson, Kathy Zimlich, Chuck Stolte. 
New members are elected in the fall. 



4k iM 

Scenery, singing, and staging combined to make this ously concluding the evening's performance with a happy 

year's Golden Singers' production, "The Mikado," one of ending as all the lovers are united and live "happily 

love, comedy, and entertainment. The cast sings joy- ever after." 

Operetta . . . 

'The Mikado" Sets Oriental Atmosphere 

by Nancy Eggelhof 

Lilting Japanese music and slanting eyes helped 
carry out the theme for "The Mikado" bv Gilbert 
and Sullivan, this year's operetta. Night rehears- 
als, costume changes, sweet and sour notes, home- 
work between acts, and lighting effects combined 
to make the Golden Singers' production meet with 
praise and acclaim. 

The orchestra struck up the overture, the lights 
dimmed, and the curtains parted, revealing the 
merriment of Japan. A stunningly realistic stage 
set featuring Mt. Fujiama, made by Mr. Virgel 
Clark, Mr. Warren K. Jackson, Mr. Ferd Brum- 
blay, and the stage crew, set off to perfection the 
fascinating tale. 

Persistent planning is necessary by Mr. Gene Poston and 
Miss Ruth Bertsch to make the Golden Singers' Operetta 
a successful annual production. 


Melody and lyrics filled the air as the oriental 
gentlemen sang, "If you want to know who we 
are, we are gentlemen of Japan!" Soon they were 
joined by the wandering minstrel Nanki-Poo 
played by Chuck Holle; Poo-Bah, Bill Douthit; 
and Pish-Tush, Steve Woerner. Yum-Yum, Diane 
Heaton, betrothed to the Lord High Executioner 
Ko-Ko, played by Dave Elbert, appeared with her 
train of "little ladies" and fell in love with 

Then followed a delightfully enchanting ro- 
mance merry-go-round; everything from love 
scenes and lively dances to secret executions, 
enlivened by intriguing music and song, kept the 
evening filled to the brim with enjoyment. 

Waiting in wings for their cues are Diane Heaton, Linda 
Lewis, Janet Huddleston, Dave Elbert, and Chuck Holle, 
leads in this year's operetta, "The Mikado.'' 

"Mercy!" pleads Bill Douthit to the Mikado, Gary Shep- 
ard. Concerned are Floyd Edwards, Steve Cox, Dave 
Chapman, court attendants. 

Make-up masters Lois McCloskey and Linda Dresbach 
paint and pencil Wilma Dukes while Paul Fisher and 
Dianne Reid supervise the professional job. 

Delightful demons in "Funnies Frolics" are Little Lulu, 
Dottie Dyar; Dennis the Menace, Chuck Holle; and Eloise, 
Virginia Berry. 

In "Haunted Holiday," Casper the Friendly Ghost, Dave 
Chapman, greets lost picknickers Kay Henderson, Earl 
Schopp, and Diane Heaton. 

Pert cashier girls, Patty Gates, Merrillee Malless, and "Medieval Madness" affects Darryl Stevens, herald; Brent 

Pam Chowning, open "Merry Marketing" as they sing of Sutton, the king; and Alan Stanford, "princess," as the 

their efficient supermarket. 

mighty dragon, Dave Cahill, pursues the "princess." 


Celebrating a successful production are the directors of 
the Ripples of 1958, Back Row: Harry Dawson, Steve 
VanMeter, Gretchen Wolfram, Linda DeHart, Anne Shal- 

lenberger, Karen Brooks, Darline Frantz, Judy Jackson, 
Pat Sink, and Dick McCrory. Front Row: Nancy Camp- 
bell, Judy Munz, Jane Phillips, and Ruth Myers. 


Ripples Recipe: Foods, Fun, Feudalism 

by Harry Dawson 

Spooks terrorize picnickers! Shoppers are 
amazed by the wonders of a supermarket! Donald 
Duck comes to life! Dragon bests knights in 

These were the headlines of the four biggest 
stories of the year, the acts in the Ripples of 1958. 
With performances cut to two, and only 13 days 
for preparation, the production was still the best 
ever. The big show was the result of exuberant 
effort, calculated confusion, and persevering prac- 
tice by fourteen writers-directors, a dozen faculty 
members, and hundreds of students. 

"Haunted Holiday," by Linda DeHart, Darline 
Frantz, Judy Jackson, and Pat Sink, explored the 
realms of the supernatural, reliving the harrowing 
experiences of a group of youngsters set upon by 
hordes of bats, skeletons, and other specters. 

Nancy Campbell, Harry Dawson, and Steve 
VanMeter, writers of "Medieval Madness," re- 
created on the Ripple stage a noble tourney of 
old, complete with friars, yeomen, knights, and 
an unusually fierce dragon. 

A host of familiar figures including Popeye, 
Mickey Mouse, Daisy Maes, and Dennis the Men- 
ace stepped out of the funnies and into footlights 
in "Funnies Frolics," written by Judy Munz, Anne 
Shallenberger, and Gretchen Wolfram. 

Merchandise of various sorts, from Old Dutch 
Cleanser to low-value stamp plaid elephants, 
came to life in "Merry Marketing," a shopping 
fantasy written by Karen Rrooks, Dick McCrory, 
Ruth Myers, and Jane Phillips. 

Shivery and chivalrous, comical and economi- 
cal—that was the Ripples of '58. 


Upperc/ass Activities . . . 

Juniors, Seniors Study, Sell, Celebrate 

by Sylvia Shoiwell 

Cooperating and competing, the Junior and 
Senior classes were continually on the go. 

Committees and commencement, acting and 
announcements are traditional activities which 
occupy the seniors' time. The senior cafeteria 
decorations and outdoor tree added Christmas 
spirit to pre-holiday festivities. Climaxing the four 
years of fun and hard work were the Senior 
Mothers' Tea, Commencement, the Grad Dance, 
and the Grad Breakfast. 

The juniors were constantly involved in raising 
money to finance the dance of the year— the Jun- 
ior-Senior Prom. Selling class rings and sponsoring 
the "Snow Flake Fling" after the Ripple-Manual 
basketball game provided most of the funds for 
this annual event. 

Ripple's 799 upperclassmen worked toward a 
common goal— a successful class vear. 

Pre-Prom festivities are enjoyed by, Top to Bottom: 
Seniors Joe Aufderheide, Sue Bearss, Dave Smith, Susie 
Fattison, Janet Huddleston, and Mike Roark. 

Admiring class rings, a project started this year by the 
Junior Class, are the officers Harry Dawson, Nancy Holle, 
Alan Stanford, and Linda Bender. 

Newspaper . . . 

Presses Hum While Staffers Work On 

by Carolyn White 

Cries such as "Turn in your copy!" and "Where's 
that front-page cut?" ring in the ears of Riparian 
newspaper staff members. By the Thursday night 
deadline the weekly newspaper must be ready to 
go to press— all pictures, ads, cartoons, news items, 
features, and headlines turned in and checked. 

A story follows a lengthy route from the re- 
porter or columnist to the reader. Each story 
passes through the hands of typist, page editor, 
managing editor, copyreaders, sponsors, and 
editor-in-chief. Often its progress is altered by 
retyping, correcting, shortening, lengthening, or 
being eliminated altogether. The story must then 
survive galley proof and page proof editing before 
finally emerging in the week's issue. 

Riparian journalists look forward to the Annual 
Indiana High School Press Association Conven- 
tion in the fall and the annual Journalism Awards 
Dinner in the spring. Top staffers are selected for 
membership in the Broad Ripple Chapter of Quill 
and Scroll, international honorary organization of 
student journalists. This year, the Broad Ripple 
Chapter officially inducted the North Central 
Quill and Scroll in an auditorium program at 
North Central. 


Bigwigs! Chuck Taylor, managing editor; Jim Sims, 
editor-in-chief; and Jay Wright, associate editor of the 
Riparian weekly decide on page plans for the next issue 
in order to meet the Thursday night deadline. 

Ripple's noses for news are the News Bureau members. 
Standing: Bob Bass, John Raeburn, Harry Dawson, Susie 
Armstrong. Seated: Virginia Berry, head; Mary Woolridge, 
Patty Gates, Margaret Durham. 


Page pasters! Editors of the Riparian weekly are Steve 
Roberts, Judy Rlewett, Dick Frame, Judy Rredensteiner, 
and Carolyn White. 

Newspaper . . 

Shutter snappers! Photo staff members are Mike Louder- 
milk, Art VanArendonk, Steve Tope, Claude Oldfield, 
Web Wright, and Mrs. Julia Jean Rhodes, sponsor. 

Newspaper editorial staff members are, Back Row: Bill 
Brandt, Bob Swan, Steve Olin, John Lance, Fred Schlegel, 
Dave Epstein, Mike McKown, Cliff Marks, Margo Roggie, 
Kathy Raasch, Donna Towers, Sharon Thomas, and Bonnie 
Engel. Third Row: Rosanne Linville, Carol Jean Baker, 

Laurie Tether, Barb Jones, Pat Shultz, Karen Schuetz, and 
Pat Klausmeier. Second Row: Lynn Pfersick, Pam Menke, 
Liz Kraft, Judy Woddell, Pat Sink, Peggy Mason, 
and Judy Hollingsworth. Front Row: Nancy Becker, 
Margie Power, Janet Lauth, and Liz Pogue. 

Ci 1 


mw m> 

Discussing new business angles for the weekly news- 
paper with Ad Manager JoAnne Pruyn (standing) and 
Circulation Manager Suzie Patti;on, are members of the 
Riparian business staff, Back Row: Nancy Henry, Bev 

Poynter, Janet Vance, Linda Bender, David Cahill, Joan 
Bosenbury, Sally Rohr. Front Row: Cynthia Sexson, 
Carole Thompson, Susie Kercheval, Sharry Pres-ler, Mary 
Lee Compton, Kathy Sconce, and Jenny Locke. 

Quill and Scroll members are, Back Row: Jay Wright, 
Harry Dawson, Fred Schlegel, Steve Roberts, Chuck Tay- 
lor, Mike Loudermilk, Cliff Marks. Middle Row: JoAnne 
Pruyn, Judy Woddell, Evelyn Stone, Anne Shallenberger, 

Susie Armstrong, Virginia Berry, Dick Frame. Front Row: 
Connie Corson, Carolyn White, Judy Bredensteiner, Suzie 
Pattison, Judy Heavenridge, Gretchen Wolfram, Judy 
Blewett, Jim Sims. 


Yearbook . . . 

Editors Mold Copy, Pictures Into Annual 

by Evy Stone 

Another Record Year is planned by Editors Anne Shal- 
lenberger, Gretchen Wolfram, and Judy Heavenridge. 

After coordinating schedules, taking endless 
pictures, cropping those "pics," drawing "onion- 
skins," composing "sparkling" copy, typing, 
mounting and pasting, the final deadline is 
reached, the editors are satisfied, and another 
yearbook is finished. All the headaches, the aspir- 
ins, the long hours, and the midnight oil combine 
to make Ripple's yearbook a memorable account 
of the school year. 

The hard work put in by the editors, the staff 
members, and the printers pays off. Besides re- 
viewing the Ripplites' school activities, the year- 
book brings honors to Broad Ripple High School. 
The 1957 Riparian copped the National Scholas- 
tic Press Association All-American Rating for the 
ninth consecutive year. Entering the Columbia 
Scholastic Press Association competition for the 
first year, the 1957 Riparian won the Medalist 
Award. Last July the preliminary plan for the 
yearbook won the top award at Indiana Univer- 
sity for the tenth consecutive year. 

Thirty-six yearbook and newspaper staffers 
attended summer journalism institutes at Indiana 
University, the University of Michigan, Ohio 
University, Northwestern University, and Florida 
State University to receive special training and 
experience in layout, editing, and copy writing. 
In competition with journalists from high schools 
throughout the United States, Ripplites copped 
individual honors for their outstanding work. 

Recording Ripple for the yearbook "talking page" by 
cutting tapes, writing scripts, and choosing a narrator are 
lulia Bcaman, Inga Watson, and Jerry Badger. 


Yearbook ad staff members are, Standing: Mrs. Ruth and Karen Kime, head. Seated: Jeri Woehler, Marilyn 

Marie Griggs, advisor; Barbara Randolph, Mary Jane Meeker, Kay Henderson, Brenda Isensee, and Jamia 

Randolph, Grace Winegardner, Pat Sink, Judy Jackson, Jasper, head. 

Checking details in the yearbook dummy with Copy Garrison, Bill Ferree, Carolyn Hohl, Alan Stanford, Betsey 

Editor Marilyn Weil and Picture Editor Barb Barrick are Ewbank, Connie Corson. Seated: Judy Munz, Gretchen 

1958 Riparian yearbook staff members, Standing: Terry Stahl, Judy Gilliom, and Evy Stone. 

m /itMctiU. 

1957-58 was a year like all years 

Ripple's athletes filled their afternoons and weekends with practices . . 

hot summer football skirmishes . . . rainy cross country runs . . 

the Friday night football games . . . the hysterical Sectional . . 

the happy endings of the games . . 

the sad ones . . 

But '58 was different too. 
Broad Ripple 
had its first State Championship wrestling team . . . wrestlers were led 
by Steve Cox, Hal Shipley, Jim Dixon . . . 
second in city in football . . . Jack Fife, Chuck Holle made the All Cit\ 
Football Team . . . cage season climaxed in semi-finals of Sectional . . 
new coaches added to the staff . . . others advanced . . 
GAA and Lettermen's Club boosted membership . . 
graduating Lettermen helped plan the Rocket Romp . . 
returning Lettermen looked ahead 
to future successful seasons. 

Wrestling . . . 

Crapplers Become 

First State Champs 

State Champ Hal Shipley effectively blocks an elevator 
press attempt by a Kokomo underdog. 

Varsity Wrestling Team— Back Row: Jim Dixon, Steve 
Cox, Bob Hazel, Brent Sutton, Tom Johnson, Hal Ship- 
ley. Front Row: Jim Herald, Dick Herald, Dick McNairy, 

by Mike McKown 

Providing a well-earned reward for Broad 
Ripple's most successful wrestling season, the 
grapplers edged out 62 teams to capture first 
place in the State Finals. First year varsity coach, 
William Sirka, shares the credit of winning with 
Milton Hiatt, Ripple's wrestling coach for the 
previous ten years. Junior Hal Shipley and Senior 
Steve Cox won individual state championships in 
the 138 and 175 pound classes respectively. Junior 
Jim Dixon placed fourth to give Ripple a State 
Co-Championship with Richmond. Ripple was the 
only top-ranking school in the state with two 
individual state champions. 

Outstanding wrestling throughout the season 
was exhibited by Steve Cox who went the entire 
season undefeated, winning 27 and tying 1. 

Other individual records in the Varsitv Team 
were Hal Shipley, 24-2-1; Jim Dixon, 25-3-0; and 
Mike McKown, 13-8-5. Dick Kahn, 6-1-2, suffered 
a broken vertabrae in his neck earlv in the season. 

Mike McKown, Norm Oestrike, Frank Binford, Head 
Coach Bill Sirka. Lettermen Binford, Dixon, D. Herald, J. 
Herald, Johnson, Kahn, Oestrike, and Shipley will return. 

Reserve and Freshman Wrestling Team— Back Row: 
Daggy, Melton, McCuen, Davisson, George, Ryan, Clif- 
ford, Kelly, Stoner, Butler, Coach Bill Jesse. Middle Row: 

Gernstein, Bernstein, Steigerwald, Cooney, Ressler, Jones, 
Loeper, Sedam, Martin, Malless. Front Row: Young, 
Neely, Mohr, Averitt, D. Stevens, Sauls. 

Ripple captured a third place in the City Meet, 
with Dixon, Cox, and Shipley taking firsts. Ship- 
ley this time beat Floyd Blackwell, 5-2, after 
losing, 4-2, to him in the Shortridge dual meet. 
Dick McNairy copped second, while Brent Sutton, 
Dave Smith, and McKown placed third. Frank 
Binford and Jim Herald took fourths. 

Ripple's first sectional found Sutton, Cox, Dixon, 
and McKown winners, with Dick Herald, Mc- 
Nairy, Binford, Norm Oestrike, Shipley (who lost 
a close one to Blackwell) and Tom Johnson, 
runnersup. Shipley (over Blackwell), Cox, and 
Dixon captured Regional firsts at Bloomington. 
McKown placed fourth. 

During the season Ripple beat Attucks, 37-9; 
Ben Davis, 26-17; Washington, 36-14; Wood, 
34-13; Peru, 28-14; Manual, 34-13; Madison 
Heights, 37-5; Anderson, 28-17; Decatur Central, 
34-15; Kokomo, 21-14; and North Central, 42-5. 
Team losses were to Tech, 22-19; Southport, 
29-20; Shortridge, 28-14; Crawfordsville, 26-21; 
Richmond, 29-15; and Bloomington, 25-18. 

A doomed Kokomo grappler finds no way out in the 

hands of competent Brent Sutton. 

Steve "Barbarian" Cox pins another of his opponents in 
compiling an undefeated season record of 27-0-1. 


Baseball . . . 

During a practice, ace catcher Jim Black warms up Dick 
Simmons, who led the team with a .471 batting average. 

Diamondmen City 

Last spring Frank Baird's boys did it again— 
they won the city baseball championship for the 
second straight year, posting the first undefeated 
season since 1949. They swept through the four- 
teen-game schedule, which included eight city 
games, with comparatively little trouble, out- 
scoring their opponents, 96-11. 

With a nucleus of eight returning lettermen 
from the 1956 city champs to go on, the diamond- 
men started off the season by whipping Lawrence, 
10-1, and Anderson, 10-0. ' 

After downing Ben Davis and Decatur Central, 
Dick Simmons bested Scecina's Larry Poetz in a 
tight, 9-inning pitchers' duel, 1-0. 

Next the Bockets steamrolled over Howe, Man- 
ual, Zionsville, and Attucks with ease before they 
slipped by Winamac, 2-0. 

Third baseman Chris Witteveld puts his glove to base- 
runner Bruce Schlegel as Bruce attempts to slide in. The 

Rockets hold all of their home games and all practices at 
the diamond located in Broad Ripple Park. 

Champions For Second Straight Year 

by Fred Sch/ege/ 

After breezing by Washington, the Bairdmen 
faced Tech in what was considered to be one of 
the top games of the year. The final score, after 
a hectic seventh inning, read 3-2, which knocked 
the Greenclads from the city title contention. 

Cathedral was downed by Ripple next which 
set up the Shortridge game, rated by many as the 
game of the year. The game, witnessed by the 
largest crowd of the season, was all-Shortridge 
during the first five innings with a 4-0 lead to 
prove it. 

Bruce Schlegel registered the first hit of the 
game for the Rockets in the fifth inning with a 
hot smash through the box. Larry Harris, mound 
ace for the Blue Devils, weakened a little in the 
sixth, allowing two runs. With the aid of several 

Shortridge's Larry Harris attempts to make a home n 
as Chris Witteveld anticipates a throw from left field. 

Umpire Don Inskeep congratulates Coach Frank Baird at 
the end of the Shortridge game in which the Rockets 
gained the city title. Coach Baird's coaching led the 
diamondmen through their first undefeated season since 
1949 when they maintained a 15-0 record. 


Varsity Baseball— Back Row: Chris Witteveld, Earl 
Schopp, Jim Lowry, Joe Aufderheide, Ron Clark, Dick 
Simmons, Bruce Schlegel, Chuck Holle, Coach Frank Baird. 

Front Row: Manager Steve Pier, Greg Rogers, Dave 
Alexander, Jim Black, Dave Lawson, Tom Keller. 

Baseball . . . 

Blue Devil errors, the roof fell in on Harris in 
the seventh as the Rockets scored three more 
times to win the game 5-4. This was a fitting 
finale for Coach Band's boys as they faced their 
sternest test of the season and then came through 
as they had all year long, with flying colors. 

Leading batting averages for the Rockets were 
Dick Simmons, .471; Chuck Holle, .449; and Joe 
Aufderheide, .341. 

Simmons and Holle handled most of the mound 
chores, posting 9-0 and 5-0 records, respectively. 

The Reserves and Freshmen also had a winning 
season. The Reserves, under Coach Bill Sirka, 
won five of eight games, posting wins over Howe, 
Attucks, Tech, Cathedral, and Shortridge. Losses 
were to Ben Davis, Manual, and Washington. 

The Frosh won a share of the City Freshman 
Title as they won five games and lost one. Thev 
beat Shortridge, Tech, Howe, Lawrence, and 
North Central. They lost to Shortridge in a return 
encounter. Pitcher Jerrv Barlow won four of the 
five games. 









Ben Davis 



Decatur Central 


























Y* i>* 






Reserve Baseball— Back Row: Jerry Barlow, Jack Keller, Row: Bill Canup, Larry Deck, Fred Schlegel, Jan Merritt, 

Joe Kertis, John Woody, Donn Baird, Floyd Edwards, Jim Don Fledderjohn, Gary Martin, Jim Cooper, Jim Young. 

Willard, Dave Foster, Jim Bush, Coach Bill Sirka. Front 








Ben Davis 













Crispus Attucks 












Lawrence Central 






North Central 

Freshman Baseball— Back Row: Jack Keller, Alan Mead, 
Benny Chesher, Steve Zimmerman, Tom Withrow, Bill 
Stoelting, Eddie Ferguson, Phil Hedrick, Coach Bill Sirka. 

Front Row: Larry Deck, Jerry Barlow, Don Bigham, 
Wally Scott, Dave Parish, Don Averitt, Busty Pierce, 
Russ Kohlman. 


Cindermen Win Six, Capture Invitational 

by Ray Bowman 

Coach Mordie Lee's cindermen compiled a six 
won, three lost record in dual meets and broke 
or tied three records in the 1957 season. The 
trackmen placed third in the City Meet and 
showed great promise for the following year. 

Russ Smith set a new school pole vault record 
attaining a height of 12'%" in winning the Re- 
gional. Rill Kilgore tied his school half-mile rec- 
ord, of 2:04.1. Dick Frame ran the 100 yard dash 
in 10.3, tying the school record for the century. 

The first meet of the season was converted into 
a smashing victory as the Rockets trod over Ren 
Davis, 76-32, at the Indiana University indoor 
track. Led by Dick Frame, winning two events, 
and Rill Kilgore, John Kingdon, Mac Crosbie, 
and Jack Muir, each winning one event, plus 
combining for a relay win, and Rill Douthit, John 
Strickland, Russ Smith, and Tom Metzker each 
with one first place, the Leemen placed well in 
every event. 

Manual then proved to be our cindermen's next 
victim on a rain-soaked Redskin field, 68 1 /2-48 1 /2, 
following the season's first defeat which was ad- 
ministered by a tough Crispus Attucks team, 

Dick Frame breaks the tape as he ties the school record 
of 10.3 seconds for the hundred-yard dash. 

Gunar Grubaums strains every muscle to gain a few Anchor-man for the 880 yard relay team. Bill Douthit, 

inches in the broad jump during the meet with Tech. drives to the line during the hard-fought Ripple- 

Varsity Track-Back Row: Coach Mordie Lee, Lyle 
Mannweiler, Ron Hoover, Gunar Grubaums, Bill Kilgore, 
Pete Cooley, Tom Metsker, John Kingdon, Mick Mathews. 

Front Row: Darryl Stevens, Richard Porter, Bill Douthit, 
Dan Shattnck, Dick Frame, Jack Muir, Steve Frame. 





Ben Davis 


68 Vi 


48 V 2 








CITY MEET (3rd) 



58 Vi 




41 1/6 

Ben Davis 

15'/ 2 




52'/ 2 

Crispus Attucks 

64 1/ 2 




63 9/10 

REGIONAL (4 qualified) 
STATE (1 qualified) 

44 1/10 

62V2-52V2. Over spring vacation the 

Lee squad 

encountered a hard-to-beat Howe 


m but 


them just the same, 56-53, 


a very 

exciting contest. 

Last year's champ, Tech, then handed Ripple 
its second defeat by a score of 78-39. However, 
the Rocket cindermen trounced Cathedral by 
taking all but two first places and running up an 
overwhelming tally of 88 to Cathedral's 29. Thus 
prepared, the squad tore into the annual City 
Track and Field Meet at Tech. John Kingdon 
provided the only first place, winning the 440-yard 
dash in 52.4. Bill Kilgore and Steve Frame placed 
second and third respectively in the 880-yard run. 

The next meet for the now fired up Rockets 
was the Ripple Invitational. Winning both the 
mile and the half-mile relays the cindermen came 

John Kingdon finishes ; 

to win City in 52.4 seconds 

full stride ahead 
for the 440. 

of the field 


*S R ^ r ^****4 » ^"''^ f^J^ ^iLv 

4 «l ftv C« :: 

Fre.shman Track— Back Row: Coach Jack Brown, Buddy 
Krause, Bob Schraeder, Art Campbell, Don Poland, Tim 
Stone, Alan Klepinger, Dick Taylor, Steve Bly, Ron 

on strong to grab the night contest for the fifth 
time in nine years, breaking a four-year winning 
streak by Shortridge. The final scores were: Broad 
Ripple 58 %, Shortridge 47%, Washington 41 1/6, 
and Ben Davis 15%. Firsts were acquired by 
Dick Frame, 100-yard dash, Jack Muir, high 
hurdles, and another tie in the pole vault by Pete 
Cooley and Russ Smith. 

The victories that clinched the victory for Rip- 
ple's thinclads were the mile and half-mile relays 
won by Muir, Crosbie, Kilgore, and Kingdon in 
the former and Edman, Gunar Grubaums, Shat- 
tuck, and Douthit in the latter. 

Traveling to Richmond the Leemen suffered 

Reserve Track— Back Row: Coach Earl Dose, Roger Van- 
Wyngarden, Dave Way, Art Haan, Stan Lewis, Bob 
Heckman. Front Row: Jack Devine, Bob Donlon, Chuck 

Barnhart. Front Row: Mike Cooney, Nelson Quick, Ray 
Bowman, Roy Pike, Doug Atkinson, Bob Mason, Don 

their third loss of the season 67-42, as Bill Shatter- 
field captured both the 100-vard dash (in 10.1) 
and the 440-yard sprint (51.6) from the Rockets. 
Columbus then provided some encouragement as 
the cindermen trod over them, 62-57. 

Four Broad Ripple cindermen qualified for 
the Regional Meet by placing at least a fifth 
in the Sectional Meet. The four were: Kingdon 
with second in the 440, Smith second in the joole 
vault, Dick Frame third in the 100, and Steve 
Frame a fourth in the 880. 

Only one Ripplite qualified for the State and 
that was Russ Smith who vaulted 12 feet V2 inch 
for a new school record. 

Jones, Frank Binford, Dick Kahn, Leroy Blocher, Frank 
Cromis. Not Pictured: Paul Jones, Frank Lewis, Tom 
Twiss, Ron Ferris, Art Meng, Gary Herder. 

Varsity Tennis-Left to right: Fred Wenstrom, Jim LaFollette, Bill Brandt, Bob Swan, Dave Keene. 

Tennis . . . 

Racket Squad Downs City Opponents 

by Dick Frame 

The 1957 Rocket tennis squad, led by Fred 
Wenstrom, the only returning letterman, and 
coached by Robert Hougham, won two out of 
nine meets. The first match of the season saw 
Park ahead of the Rockets 6 to 1 followed by 
a battle with Tech, which found Ripple again 
the loser 5 to 2. The first of the two triumphs 
won by the racket squad came April 26 from 
Attucks by a score of 6 to 1, after which the net- 
men encountered Anderson in a heartbreaking 
match and emerged the loser by a scant score 
of 4 to 3. 

The Ripple team then suffered a defeat by last 
year's city champ, Shortridge. After Howe pol- 
ished off the Rockets 5 to 2, the Hougham boys 
captured their second victory of the season by 
squeaking past Cathedral 4 to 3. The last two 
games of the season found Rroad Ripple the 
victim of Park in a second encounter 7 to and 
Crawfordsville 5 to 2. 

The 1958 racket squad was led by Bob Swan, 
Bill Brandt, and Bernie Stein. 

Bob Swan demonst 

in the position as m 

rates the 
miller twc 

that put hin 
:ieket's tenni 


Golf Squad— Coach John Williams, Cliff Marks, Terry Thompson, Bob Fuller, Jerry Walker, Bill Bichter, Sandy Lee. 

Golf. . . 

Linksmen Take Second In City Contest 

by Brent Sutton 

Coach John Williams' golf squad posted a final 
record of six wins, two losses for dual matches 
during the 1957 season. 

The best showing of team power came in the 
City Meet, where the Rockets, captained by Jerry 
Walker, placed second to Shortridge. The links- 
men copped a fifth in the Sectional. 

The season opened finding North Central vic- 
tims of the Rockets. Shortridge evened the record 
in the next match. The golfers then defeated Ben 
Davis, Howe, and Tech. Next, the Rockets bested 
Washington and tied West Lafayette in a triangu- 
lar meet. In the last three meets of the season, 
the divotmen dropped only one, to tough Craw- 
fordsville, 8 to 7, while winning at Warren 
Central and Manual. 

Coach Williams awarded letters to Bob Fuller, 
Sandy Lee, Cliff Marks, Bill Richter, Terry N. 
Thompson, and Walker. 

Captain Jerry Walker 

green in one swift stroke 

■all on the way to the 
dies a practice round. 

Varsity Cross Country— Coach Mordie Lee, Darryl Suhre, Earl Schopp, Art Campbell, John Lee, Bob Freid- 

Stevens, Steve Bly, Norm Oestrike, Tom Twiss, Steve line. 

Cross Country . . . 

Hill and Dalers Capture Third In City 

fay Norman Oestrike 

Ripple's 1957 Cross Country squad, coached by 
Mordie Lee, compiled a score of seven wins and 
three losses in dual and triangular meets. The 
harriers also placed third in the City Meet; but 
because of illness, they failed to qualify for the 

State Meet. The entire varsity squad will return 
in full strength next year. 

Varsity letters were awarded to Art Campbell. 
Teddy Cohen, Norm Oestrike, Darryl Stevens, 
Steve Suhre, and Tom Twiss. 

Reserve and Freshman Cross Country— Back Row: 
Coach Mordie Lee, Dan Danford, Don Dahn, Dave Eagles- 
field, Jan Babb, Bob Wiese, Larry Morrison, Steve 

George, Doug Nesbit. Front Row: Wayne Weld, Ronnie 
Davis, Mike Farkas, Steve Smith, Dave Keown, Dick 

Football. . . 

Rockets Second; Fife, Holle Co All-City 

by C//ff Marks 

Broad Ripple's seemingly luckless Rockets 
played a fierce brand of football in the last half 
of the 1957 season to finish with a 5-4 record and 
gave Coach Bob Brown his fourth straight win- 
ning year at the Rocket helm. 

Coach Brown's choice of Chuck Holle and 
Jack Fife as co-captains to lead the team through- 
out the season proved to be a wise one as both 
boys received All-City honors. 

The season got off to a slow start when the 
Rockets were downed by strong Kokomo and Tech. 

Powerful Kokomo made the Rockets the second 
of their nine victims on the way to an unbeaten 
season and a tie for the North Central Conference 
Championship with Tech. This game at Kokomo 
was Ripple's opener as the visitors suffered a 
20-6 loss. 

The Brown-men journeyed to Tech the next 
week with high hopes of upsetting the heralded 
Greenclads. After Bill Douthit electrified the 
crowd by scoring first for Ripple, the favorites 

then struck for three quick touchdowns before 
(,). B. Holle went over to make the scoreboard 
read 20-13. Injuries really hurt Ripple as the 
final score read 34-13 and Tech went on to an 
undefeated season. 

Ben Davis provided the opposition for the 
Orange and Black in our first home encounter. 
The Giants were weak and succumbed to the 
Rocket onslaught 48-0. 

The Rockets took on Richmond with revenge 
in their eyes for that 41-6 pasting the previous 
season. Ripple scored first, but the Red Devils 
had other ideas and counted twice in the third 
stanza to lead 14-6. Ripple scored again, but it 
was a case of too little too late. The final tally 
was 14-12. 

A fine all-round game helped the Rockets blast 
a battered Howe team 40-7 at Tech. 

Sending four different backs, John Strickland, 

Bill Douthit, Steve Frame, and Soph Jack Keller, 

across the goal line as they unveiled a spread 

—Continued on P. 85 

Bill Douthit sains another twenty yards for the Rocket 
on a wide sweep around right end. 










Ben Davis 


















All-City quarterback Chuck Holle cuts through the line 
using his deceptive option play for another first down. 

(Photo— The Indianapolis Star) 

HB ,.. 

V > Tr v \£aA 

ft t^^mI 


.' ■■ ■ ■ ■■ . ' ' 

^\ 1" 

Varsity Football— Back Row: Asst. Coaches Bill Jesse and 
Jack Brown, John Herder, Bob Smith, Steve Cox, Frank 
Lewis, Bob Heckman, Norm VanTilberg, Jerry Darlington, 
Stan Lewis, Bob Cravens, Dave Hart, Mac Crosbie, Chuck 
Holle, Head Coach Bob Brown. Middle Row: Bob Nelson, 
Mike Boark, John Strickland, Don Poland, Steve Woehler, 

Larry Evans, Bob Donlon, Jim Dixon, Frank Binford, 
Frank Cromis, Bob Potts, Jim Foster, Jack Keller, Student 
Mgr. Elliot Gold. Front Bow: Dick Sterrett, Bob Mason, 
Bill Stoelting, Sandy Padget, Dave Chenoweth, Tom 
Withrow, Steve Frame, Clark Edman, Bill Douthit, Steve 
Morgan, Jack Fife. 


All-City tackle Jack Fife clears the way for another gain 
by Clark Edman through the middle of the line. 

Football . . . 









Ben Davis 





















Ben Davis 








Reserve Football Team— Back Row: Paul Jones, Bill 
Hawley, Dave Hiott, Art Haan, Dave Ingmire, Buddy 
Kxause, Art Meng, Coach C. A. Brown. Middle Row: Kent 

Steigerwald, Reed Sheeks, Nelson Quick, Doug Miller, 
Richard Curtis, Dick Exley. Front Row: Wally Scott, 
Dave Parish, Dave Richey, Dave Larson. 

33 30 SI ?! «2 .5$ \ii 


4h» %3 JP% 42 **a 

&ft ^^$^0*30^* $rk*Ai^-~ 

Freshman Football Team-Back Row: Jerry Decius, 
William Haverly, Walter Minnick, David Davisson, David 
Hadley, Lee Clifford, John Parker, Kurt Rodholm, Chuck 
Troeger, Charles Kladden, John O'Donnell. Middle Row: 
John Larsen, Gordon Smith, Dave Meek, Ed Kollins, Dave 

Smith, John Hobson, Bruce Gale, Niles Daggy, Ronald 
Bland, Jack Bernstein, Coach Charles Leamon. Front 
Row: Leonard Moline, Walter Grills, Robert Van Nuise, 
Robert Hillman, John Crawford, Steve McCuen, Terry 
Gernstein, Mike Kellv, Bud Pfau, and Howard Maxwell. 

Continued from P. 82— 

formation, Holle crushed previously unbeaten 

Washington, 26-7. 

The Rockets' next contest with fired-up Cathed- 
ral proved disastrous as the Irish won out in a 
thriller, 25-21. 

Arch-rival Shortridge was waiting for the 
Rockets on November 1. The Rlue Devils were 
looking for their first win over Ripple in four 
years; but thanks to numerous saves by Frame, 
and Strickland's two last-quarter touchdowns, 
Ripple withstood the Shortridge challenge to 
come from behind and triumph 19-13. 

The best Manual squad in many a day stood 
between Ripple and second place in the City as 
the Rockets prepared for their final game of the 
year, the influenza-postponed Homecoming tilt. 

What a game it was! Ripple swamped the 
Redskins 27-0 as a teriffic defense stopped Manual 
cold and Holle threw two passes of 65 and 75 
yards to Frame for touchdowns. The contest 
capped the season just right for the gridders who 
had captured four out of the last five games, 
dropping only that heartbreaker to Cathedral. 

It also was a great way for such stalwarts as 
Crosbie, Douthit, Fife, Frame, and Holle, along 
with the other graduating seniors, to end their 
football careers at Ripple. Coach Rrown will 
miss them. 

With a quick reverse of direction, Steve Frame seems to 
ask, "What now, Coach?" 

The Rocket Frosh showed promise of good 
things to come as they compiled a 5-2 record, 
dropping tilts only to Cathedral and Manual. 
Victories came over Ren Davis, Washington, 
Howe, Shortridge, and Tech. 

Ripple's Reserves ran into some tough luck as 
they finished with a 1-4-1 record. They beat Ren 
Davis and tied Washington. 


Basketball . . . 

Winning Season Ends During Sectional 

by Alan Stanford 

Big Joe Aufderheide dwarfs two Sacred Heart men for 
a sure tip in while Mae Crosbie and Earl Schopp give 
him help. 

Ripple's up and down basketball team finally 
got on its feet to squeeze out a winning season 
and make a noticeable showing in the Sectional 
before closing out the year. The 1958 season 
came to a heartbreaking end when one little 
basket was dunked in the sudden death overtime 
in the semi-finals of the Sectional. This twenty- 
foot jump shot ended the outstanding high school 
careers of Chuck Holle and Joe Aufderheide, who 
had piloted the Rockets for three straight seasons 
as a terrifying one-two punch, against all oppo- 
nents. This precise basket also sent to the showers 
as teammates for the last time in high school Earl 
Schopp, who had worked his way up to third high 
scorer and menacing rebounder; Mac Crosb:'e, 
whose never-ending spirit, accurate shots, and re- 
bounding legs gave the team a valuable boost in 
the arm, and Charlie Wright, ball-hawking sub 
at guard. 

The Rockets opened the season with Lawrence 
Central. Ripple was keyed up for their first chance 
to flex their muscles and did so to the tune of 
65-51. Over 3800 fans packed in to see Holle 
and Aufderheide pace the fired-up club with 18 
and 21 points respectively. 

Taking a different view on the game, Joe Aufderheide 
eases up on the zone and Mac Crosbie takes over. 

Screech ! go the brakes of a Warren Central man as Chuck 
Holle dunks in two more points on a fast break lay-up. 

Sophomore guard Jack Keller sets up another sure bonus point as Bob Shorter and Joe Aufderheide back him up. 

Decatur Central provided the next victory for 
Coach Gene Beaman's men as they routed them 
67-50 with 43 points coming from Chuck and Joe. 

The first acid test of the season came at Butler 
where Crispus Attucks was ready and waiting. 
Attucks pulled away from Bipple, for the mere 
reason that the Rockets hit only six for forty-five 
during the second half, and finished the game 
61-48. Sacred Heart witnessed Aufderheide tear 
down the old scoring record set by Tom Donlon 
in 1954, and post a new one of 32 points for one 
game. The Spartans left in dismay after receiving 
a 70-49 walloping. 

Schopp, Holle, and Aufderheide all were in the 
double figures as the Rockets squeezed a five 
point victory from Howe 73-67, and then lost to 
County Champs Ben Davis 73-48. 

Christmas vacation found the team scurrying 
to get ready for Shortridge in the City Tourney. 
It seemed to no avail though, as the Blue Devils 
took the honors by a margin of eight points. 

The tall Manual Redskins met Ripple only to 
get smoked out 61-45. More outstanding play by 
Donn Baird, Jack Keller, and Holle spelled out 
trouble for Richmond as the visitors fell 63-58. 

Cathedral edged the Rockets, 55-51, before 
Ripple got back on the victory trail by trouncing 
Connersville 51-36. 

The forward firing line broke loose when War- 
ren Central came to Ripple as Schopp got 28 
and Aufderheide dunked in 31. 

Holle and Aufderheide led the scoring against 
Washington as the Continentals were showered 
64-48. Next, Greenfield upset the Rockets as few 
Ripple fans made the trip to give the team the 
backing they needed. Ripple then played on a 

Earl Schopp keeps three Ben Davis defensemen busy as 
he sinks another two points in the last Sectional encounter. 


Varsity Basketball-Back Row: Floyd Edwards, Earl 
Schopp, Donn Baird, Joe Aufderheide, Bob Shorter, John 
Woody, Mgr. Eddie Wilkinson. Front Row: Coach Gene 
Beaman, Jack Keller, Mac Crosbie, Charlie Wright, Chuck 

Holle, Mgr. Elliott Gold. Not pictured is Jan Merritt. Be- 
cause of football injuries, John Strickland and Frank 
Lewis are not pictured. Bob Cravens moved to the Varsity 
Squad during the Sectional. 

Basketball . . . 





Lawrence Central 



Decatur Central 



Crispus Attucks 



Sacred Heart 






Ben Davis 


















Warren Central 









T. H. Gerstmeyer 















Warren Central 






Ben Davis 

(two overtimes) 


strange floor for the second time in a row and 
fell, 69-51, to Terre Haute Gerstmeyer. 

Broad Ripple led City Champs Teeh through- 
out the first three periods but the Greenelads 

managed to forge ahead to an eight point lead 
to finish 73-65. Bonus points again made the dif- 
ference as Shortridge dropped Ripple by only 
four points. 

The Rockets ended the season by smothering 
Greenfield, 78-46, after losing to Noblesville by 
two points in an overtime. 

Ripple entered the Sectional with a bang by 
rolling over Warren Central, 62-57, and Manual, 
71-61. The whole team functioned perfectly and 
it looked as if Ripple might grab the crown. But 
Ben Davis had other ideas. After working from 
thirteen point deficits twice in the game, Ripple 
had control of the ball with five seconds to go 
and a tied score. A fast-moving inbounds plav 
failed to work and the game went into an over- 
time. Back and forth the score teetered and the 
three minutes depleted to again find the score 
tied. A second overtime ( sudden death ) was 
called and a deafening roar settled over the 
14,900 spectators in the Fieldhouse. The Giants 
thought they had seen the end of the game when 
Holle drew a one and one free throw foul. But 
this underhand scoop was not like the rest of 
them— a lid appeared on the basket which almost 
made up for all the free throws Holle had hit 
in his two years as best guard in the city— it did 
not go in! The fans were in hysterics as Richard 
Russell of Ben Davis headed for the foul circle 
with what looked like the same shot he had taken 
all afternoon and never missed. It was. 


y* ■') 



Reserve Basketball— Back Row: Bob Moon, Bob Cravens, 
John Hedberg, Alan Klepinger, Phil Salamander. Middle 
Row: Coach Charles Leamon, Tim Stone, Don Poland, 

Steve Perry, Mgr. Jerry Ancel, Mgr. John LaFollette. 
Front Bow: Joe Kertis, Tom Withrow, Wally Scott, Eddie 
Ferguson, Don Fledderjohn. 










Lawrence Central 











Decatur Central 



Warren Central 



Ben Davis 













(City Tourney) 

Sacred Heart 






















Ben Davis 






Lawrence Central 






















Harry E. Wood 













4 5 

Warren Central 





Sacred Heart 


Freshman Basketball— Back Row: John Simmons, Kim 
Colby, Dave Meek, Jan Babb, David Boots, John Hobson. 
Middle Bow: Coach Earl Dose, John LaFollette, Mark 

Booth, Emerson Moore, Walter Grills, Kenny Kincaid, 
John Crawford, Bud Pfau. Front Bow: Jim Bichter, Mike 
Farkas, Bruce Gale, Bonnie Frantz, Mike Lewis. 

Lettermen's Club— Back Row: Gunar Crubaums, Jim 
Meng, Bob Bass, Eddie Wilkinson, John Strickland, Joe 
Aufderheide, Steve Cox, Jim Dixon. Third Row: Earl 
Schopp, Jim Lowry, Brent Sutton, Frank Lewis, John 
Kingdon, Mac Crosbie, Jack Muir, Eliott Gold. Second 

Row: Frank Cromis, Clifford Marks, Bill Richter, Bill 
Douthit, Jerry Walker, Clark Edman, Bob Swan, Sponsor 
Charles Leamon. Front Row: Dave Way, Dick McNairy, 
Mike McKown, Dick Frame, Steve Frame, Jack Fife, 
Chuck Holle. 

Lettermen's . . 

Lettermen's Club — Athletes' Highest Coal 

by Bob Bass 

Fifty-four Rocket athletes who have excelled 
in varsity sports competition compose the Letter- 
men's Club. Aside from serving the school in 
athletics, the monogram men presented their tra- 
ditional dance on March 14. Carolyn Burkle, Suzi 
Lesh, and Jeri Woehler were chosen by the Let- 
termen to be queen candidates at the dance 
which featured music by Herman Koers and his 

President Bob Bass presided over the sweater 
men with the able assistance of Jack Keller, vice- 
president; and Dick Frame, secretary-treasurer. 

The club donated new warm-up pants to the 
Rockets which they donned in the City Tournev 
against Shortridge. 

The Lettermen's Club, under the sponsorship 
of Charles Leamon, meets regularly throughout 
the school year. 

Completing plans for the annual Lettermen's dance are 
officers Dick Frame, Jack Keller, and Bob Bass. 


Coaches and Managers . . . 

New Coaches Join in Guiding Athletics 

by Dave Parish 

1958 saw the addition of two new coaches to 
Ripple's coaching staff and the advancement of 
another. William Sirica moved up from the Re- 
serves to take over the post as Varsity Wrestling 
Coach in place of veteran Milt Hiatt, and Dave 
Martin came in to replace Track Coach Mordie 
Lee, a veteran of some 17 years. 

Another fresh face entered the picture as 1950 
Rroad Ripple grad William Jesse was named 
backfield coach under Head Football Coach Bob 
Brown. Mr. Jesse, who starred on the 1950 Rocket 
grid team, is a graduate of Butler University. 
Indiana University is the alma mater of Track 
Coach Martin. 

Mordie Lee came to Broad Ripple in 1940 and 
was greeted by only 17 boys out for track. Since 
then he has built it into a major sport, winning 
city titles in 1951 and '52. Coach Hiatt introduced 
wrestling to Ripple in 1948. From a humble 
beginning, he developed the Ripple mat squad 
into the fourth ranking team in the state in 1957. 

Behind the scenes this year, aiding the coaches, 
were the four student managers, Bob Bass, Eddie 
Wilkinson, Elliott Gold, and Jerry Ancel. 

Keeping track of the equipment for the Rockets is only 
one of the many jobs for managers Bob Bass, Jerry Ancel, 
Eddie Wilkinson, and Elliott Gold. 

Rocket Coaches-Mr. J. Williams, Mr. K. Peters, Mr. C. Mr. D. Martin. Front Row: Mr. W. Sirka, Mr. E. Dose, 

Leamon, Mr. F. Baird, Mr. E. Beaman, Mr. R. Hougham, Mr, J. Brown, Mr. R. Brown, Mr. W. Jesse, Mr. M. Lee. 


Massacre Zones Dominate Intramurals 

by Tim Stone 

The intramural program this year, headed by 
Mr. Frank Baird, saw many varied sports includ- 
ing football, basketball, Softball, tennis, bowling, 
horseshoes, and table tennis. Starting the season 
Bob Swan made a clean sweep of fall sports by 
copping the tennis title and leading his team, the 
Swan's Downs, to the football crown despite the 
competition of many able teams. As cold weather 
drew on, another monopoly was in the making. 
The Massacre Zone took over the intramural scene 
with teams in basketball and bowling. Bill Richter 
tore up the maples as he led the league in individ- 
ual bowling and thus helped the Zone to seize the 
championship in team play. Play was fast and 
furious on the hardwoods as two Zone teams vied 
for the first place position. In a game between 
the two teams, Captain Steve Frame led his team, 
Zone #2, to victory and thus captured the league 
title. Table tennis drew many competitors as play 
was fast in both singles and doubles tournaments. 
As warm weather once more invited competition 
outdoors, softball closed out the 1957-58 intra- 
mural season. 

High in the air go the eyes of Harry Jones, Craig Way, 
Dave George, Alan Stanford, Tom Johnson, John Lee, and 
Darryl Stevens as the 59'ers battle the Jones' Boys. 

Intramural Football champion team, the Swan's Downs- 
Back Row: Bill Richter, Jim Cooper, Ken Smith, Phil 
Shirley, Dave Brown. Front Row: Jim Winchel, Mike Me- 

ginnis, Lewis Skinner, Pete Van Huvsen, Harry Horn, Joe 
Sanders, Bob Swan, Gene Hull, Bob Hedberg. Massacre 
Zone placed second in the tourney. 


G A A— Back Row: Sponsor Mrs. Becky Bodine, Florence 
Foster, Carol Morley, Judy Shaw, Kathy Oth, Jeannie 

Moore. Front Row: Joyce Pike, Judy Hutson, Carol Wren- 
nick, Nancy Kamm, Charlotte Roeder, Carol Reynolds. 


GAA Emphasizes Exercise, Recreation 

by Donna Bush 

For sports-minded girls, the Girls' Athletic 
Association, sponsored by Mrs. Becky Bodine, 
provides a well-rounded sports program through- 
out the year. 

In the fall, volleyball, tennis, and archery are 
offered. During the winter, basketball, table and 
deck tennis, and tumbling are enjoyed. Girls may 
participate in softball, tennis, and archery. Bowl- 
ing is held year-round at the Broad Ripple 
Bowling Alley. 

This year, two new features were added to the 
GAA program. A "Getting-To-Know-You" party 
was held to acquaint freshmen with GAA, and 
two initiations were held— one at the end of each 

Officers for this year were Kathy Oth, presi- 
dent; Judy Shaw, vice-president; Phyllis Inman, 
secretary; Nancy Kamm, treasurer; and Charlotte 
Roeder, historian. 

GAA members taking part in a 
ball is onlv one of the regular 

game of volleyball. Volley- 
after school activities. 

J%gL & 



"We're from Ripple," shout Cheerleaders Janie Babbitt, Sharon Heiny, Carolyn Burkle, Sylvia Shotwell, Georgia 

Phyllis Inman, Charlie Deck, Naney Holle, Jeri Woehler, Lupear, Kathy Zimlieh, and Patty Dickinson. 

Boosters . . . 

Special Section Sparks School Spirit 

by Janie Babbitt 

Go! Fight! Win! This is the cry that urged 
the mighty Ripple Rockets on to victory during 
the '57-'58 season. 

Enthusiastic Ripplites, led by their cheerleaders 
and following their Booster Club, cheered for their 
gridiron stars while the majorettes and flag twirl- 
ers pranced on the field. 

A special 97-girl section was formed for the 
basketball season. These girls could easily be rec- 
ognized bv their black skirts and sweaters with 
white collars and gloves. Members of this special 
section earned points toward Sectional tickets. 

In spite of the forming of the special section, 
the remainder of the Booster Club was not for- 
gotten. Their white blouses outlining the special 
section really gave a distinguished look to the 
entire club. 

Special Section of the Booster Club en] 

basketball games with its. original formatio: 

dl hor, 

The peppy cheerleaders aroused enthusiasm 
with new yells and snappy motions. Their new 
black and white uniforms made a pleasant addi- 
tion to the appearance of the leaders. Again this 
year a special period of the day was set aside 
for practicing old yells and learning new ones. 
Eight of the girls attended the fall Cheerleading 
Conference held at Portland High School, Port- 
land, Indiana. Here they exchanged yells with 
schools from all over the state. 

The captain of the cheerleaders was Carolyn 
Burkle and Judy Blewett was elected Booster Club 
president for her second term. 

High-stepping majorettes and graceful flag 
twirlers displayed their skills in flashy routines 
while marching with the band. Two of the major- 
ettes attended the Smith-Walbridge Majorette 
Camp. The Butler Clinic attracted the flag 

Baton Club, the official organization of the 
Ripple strutters, is the classroom where new 
techniques are developed and old ones improved. 
The classes are divided into beginners, inter- 
mediates, and advanced twirlers. Mary Ann Moes- 
lein, president, was aided by Judy Kitchin, vice- 
president, and Judy Jupin, secretary-treasurer. 
Mr. Wallace Decker, sponsor, supervised the 
activities of this organization. 

Baton Club officers Judy Kitchin, Mary Anne Moeslein, 
and Judy Jupin plan activities with Mr. Wallace Decker, 

Snappy strutters are the majorettes and flag twirlers, Bredensteiner, Kathy Baasch, and Judy Martin. Front 

Back Bow: Linda Campbell, Mary Ann Moeslein, Judy Bow: Judy Jupin, Charlotte Boeder, and Linda Medley. 

/^W^r Second tyewi . . . 

m 'People. 

1957-1958 was a year like all school years. 

Freshmen filled the halls while upperclassmen sold them "elevator 

passes" and tickets to the "swimming pool" . . . sophomores 

were relieved that they would no longer be considered "green" . . . 


the Junior Prom juniors entered the realm of new responsibilities . . . 

seniors began to realize that their high school days were soon 

to come to a close as they planned for the 

Senior Skit, Commencement, and the Grad Dance and Breakfast. 

But '58 was different too. 

The freshmen reached a record enrollment of 647 . . . sophomores 

presented the first Hawaiian chorus line in the Freshman-Sophomore 

Talent Show . . . juniors sold 

class rings for the first time as a money-making 

project . . . seniors excelled in wrestling, oratory, and science 

as Steve Cox, John Kingdon, and Ed Berg, respectively, 

earned outstanding awards. 


We Begin Our Record Year With New Books And Smiles 

David L,. Alexander — Key ion of Merit 3; Letter- 
men's Club 3-4; Sr. Class Day Com.; Baseball 
Fr., Res. 2, Var. 3-4; Football Fr.: Intramural 

Sports 1-4. 

Robert Apley — Sr. Grad Dance Com. 

Susan Armstrong — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 4; Riparian Dance Arr. Com. 3; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Legion of Merrit 1-3; Orange Aid 
Council 3; Quill and Scroll 4; Riparian News 
Bureau 3-4; Riparian Newspaper 2; Ripples 2-3; 
Sr. Class Day Com.; Understudies 2-4. 

Joe Aufderheide — Legion of Merit 2-3; Letter- 
men's Club 2-4; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Baseball 
Fr., Res. 2, Var. 2-4; Basketball Res. 1, Var. 2-4; 
Intramural Sports 1-4. 

Jerry D. Badger — Key Club 3-4; Legion of Merit 
1-2; Math and Science Club 3-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4; Sr. Snooper Com.; Riparian Year- 
book Record Engineer. 

Barbara Barriek — Booster Club 4; Fr.-Soph. Tal- 
ent Show 2; Jr. Table Dec. Com.; Legion of 
Honor 1-3; Math and Science Club 1-4: Orchestra 
1-3; National Honor Society 2-4: Orange Aid 
Council 4; Riparian Yearbook Picture Editor 4: 
Ripples 3, Director 2; Sr. Gift Com.; Orange Aid 
Style Show 4; Quill and Scroll 4. 

Robert Bass — Chrm. Jr. Band Com.: Key Club 
3-4; Legion of Honor 1-3; Lettermen's Club 1-4; 
Band 1-4; Orchestra 3: National Honor Society 
2-4; Riparian News Bureau: Sr. Class Day Com.; 
Student Manager 1-2, Head 3-4; Fathers' Assoc. 
Award, Outstanding Fr. and Jr. Boy. 

Susan Bears*— Booster Club 1-4; Business Lead- 
ers 4; Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 1-2; Jr. Prom Table 
Dec. Com.; Ripples 1-3; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; 
Understudies 1-3. 

Judith Kay Beek — Sr. Mothers' Tea Com.: Li- 
brary Club 3. 

<;ar> W. Bedell — Band 1-2: Sr. Breakfast Com.; 
Centerville High School 3. 

Mary Benhani — Booster Club 1-4; Fr.-Soph. Tal- 
ent Show 2; Homecoming Queen 2; Jr. Prom 
Center Floor Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 1, 3: A 
Cappella Choir 3-4; Concert Choir 2; Orange Aid 
Council 1: Ripples 2-3; Sr. Breakfast Com.; Un- 
derstudies 2-3: Varsity Varieties 3-4. 

Aliee Berlins — Jr. Prom Wall Dec. Com.; Sr. 
Grad Dance Com.; Shortridge High School 1-2. 

Virginia Berry — Clef Club 1-4; Riparian Dance 
Com. Chrm.; Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 1-2; Home- 
coming Queen Cand. 4: Legion of Honor 1-3; Na- 
tional Honor Society 3-4, Vice Pres. 4; Na- 
tional Thespians 2-4, Pres. 3-4; Quill and Scroll 
3-4; Riparian News Bureau 2-4: Riparian Year- 
book Underclass Editor 1; Ripples 2-3; Sr. Ways 
and Means Com.; Outstanding Soph. Girl; DAR 
Good Citizen Award. 

Sharon llighaiu — Concert Choir 2; 
Club 1; Golden Singers 3; Operetta 
ers' Tea Com. 

Sandra Billington— Riparian Dance Dec. Com. 4; 
Jr Prom Dec. Com.: A Cappella Choir 4; Girls' 
Concert Club 3; Girls' Glee Club 1; Girls' En- 
semble 2; Sr. Class Day Com. 


There's No Time To Waste-Tests All The While 

Robert Bird — Drill Team 1-4; A Cappella Choir 
3-4; Boys' Glee Club 1; Concert Choir 2; Rip- 
ples 2; Sr. Breakfast Com.; Dance Com. for 
ROTC Ball 1-2. 

Diane Jayne Blake — Booster Club 4; Business 
Leaders 4; Jr. Prom Program Com.; Girls' Con- 
cert Club; Sr. Mothers' Tea Com.; George Wash- 
ington High School 1. 

Judith Kay Blewett — Booster Club 1-4, Pres. 3-4; 
Business Leaders 3-4, Treas. 3; Golden Singers 

3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Operetta 3-4; 
Orange Aid Council 1-4, Pres. 4; Quill and Scroll 
4; ROTC Sponsor 3-4; Riparian Newspaper Edi- 
torial Editor 4. 

Robert Bond — Key Club 3-4; Legion of Merit 2-3; 
A Cappella Choir; Concert Choir; Dance Band; 
Pep Band; National Honor Society 3-4: Ripples 
3; Sr. Ways and Means Com.; Intramural Sports 
4; Monticello High School 1. 

Linda Booth — Booster Club 1-4; Jr. Prom Tickets 
Com.; Orange Aid Council 3; Sr. Class Day Com.; 
Archery 1-2. 

Jean Elizabeth Bosenbury — Booster Club 4; 
Business Leaders 4; Riparian Dance Dec. Com. 
4; Foreigneers 4; Future Nurses 3-4; Jr. Prom 
Table Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 2-3: Girls' 
Concert Club 3; Girls' Glee Club 2; Riparian 
Newspaper Copyreader 4; Sr. Class Day Com.; 
Orange Aid Style Show 4; National Honor So- 
ciety 4. 

Joan Mary Bosenbury — Booster Club 4; Business 
Leaders 4; Riparian Dance Com. 4; Foreigneers 
4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 2-3; A 
Cappella Choir 3: Girls' Concert Club 3; Girls' 
Glee Club 2; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Orange Aid 
Style Show 4. 

Niel Louis Brandt — A Cappella Choir 2; Boys' 
Glee Club 1; Golden Singers 3-4; Madrigal Sing- 
ers 4; Photo Club 2; ROTC Officer 4; Sr. Grad 
Dance Com. 

AVilliam Harry Brandt — Riparian Dance Com. 4; 
Jr. Historical Society 2-4; Key Club 4: Legion 
of Honor 3; Legion of Merit 2; Math and Science 
Club 2-4; National Honor Society 4; Riparian 
Newspaper Editorial Staff 3-4; Riparian Year- 
book Ass't. Underclass Editor 2; Sr. Plav Com.; 
Intramural Sports 1-4; Tennis Res. 2, Var. 3. 

Julia Ann Breden.steiner — Baton Club 2-4; Boo- 
ster Club 4; Flag Twirler 3-4; Jr. Historical So- 
ciety 4; Legion of Honor 2-3; Legion of Merit 1; 
Band 1-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and 
Scroll 4; Riparian Newspaper Feature Editor 4; 
Ripples 2; Sr. Snooper-Will Com. Chrm.; Varsity 
Varieties 3; Orange Aid Style Show 4. 

John H. Brink— Boys' Glee Club: Sr. Breakfast 

AVilliam W. Brinker — Foreigneers 1-3; Jr. Prom 
Band Com.; Legion of Honor 1-3; Sr. Breakfast 

Karen Diane Brooks — Booster Club 3-4: Jr. His- 
torical Society Dance Com. 3; Foreigneers 1-4; 
Jr. Historical Society 2-4; Jr. Prom Queen Com.; 
Legion of Merit 1-3; Orchestra; National Thes- 
pians 3-4; Ripples 2, Director 4; Sr. Grad Dance 
Com.; Archery 3; Bowling 1; Understudies 2; 
Riparian Ass't. 3-4; Varsity Varieties 3; Orange 
Aid Style Show 4; National Honor Society 4. 
David Brown — Drum Major 4; Jr. Prom Band 
Com.; Legion of Merit 1-3; Band; Boys' Glee 
Club; Dance Band; Pep Band: Orchestra; Radio 
and Hi Fi Club 1-4; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; In- 
tramural Sports 2-4. 

Brenda Bunch — Booster Club 1; Jr. Red Cross 
Club 1-2; Math and Science Club 1; Operetta 1-2; 
Sr. Mothers' Tea Com.; Bowling 1. 

Carolyn Burkle — Booster Club 1-4; Cheer Lead- 
er 3-4; Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 1-2; Jane Cand. 
3; Legion of Merit 1-3; A Cappella Choir; Oper- 
etta 3; Orange Aid Council 2-4, Vice Pres. 3; Sr. 
Mothers' Tea Com. Chrm.; Sr. Class Vice Pres.; 
Student Council 3-4; Understudies 2-3. 
Thomas E. Burnside — Jr. Prom Chaperone Com. 
Chrm.; Legion of Merit 1-2; Concert Choir; 
Golden Singers: Madrigal Singers; Operetta 3-4; 
Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Student Council 3; Foot- 
ball Res. 2; Track Res. 2. 

4rJI . 

JW r*a> y mm pmm 


With Posters Hung Here And Other Signs There 

Marilyn Hush— Booster Club 1-4; Business Lead- 
ers 4: Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 1-2; Jr. Prom Dec. 
Com.; Orange Aid Council 2; Sr. Announcements 
Com.; Understudies 1-2: Varsity Varieties 3-4. 

Linda IVelia Campbell— Baton Club 2-4; Booster 
Club 1; Flag Twirler 3-4; Foreigneers 1-3; Ji\ 
Prom Band Com.; Legion of Merit 1-2; Band 
3-4; Orange Aid Council 1; Sr. Grad Dance 
Com.; Bowling 1-2; Soft Ball 2-3; Dean's Ass't. 
1-2. Main Oltiee Ass't. 4: Varsity Varieties 4. 

William I). 

John ( apliuger — Jr. Prom Wall Dee. Com.; ROTC 
SFC; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Track Res. 2; Intra- 
mural Basketball 2. 

Molly Tamer — Booster Club 1-4: Business Lead- 
ers 3-4; Homecoming Queen Cand. 4; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Orange Aid Council 1-4, Sec. 4; Rip- 
ples 2-3; Sr. Ways and Means Com.; Under- 
studies 1-3; Hoosier Girls State Representative; 
Dublin Fair Queen. 

Susan Cavanagh — Booster Club 3: Foreigneers 
3; Jr. Prom Entertainment Com.; Legion of 
Merit 1-3: A Cappella Choir; Girls' Concert 
Club; Girls' Glee Club; Orchestra: String En- 
semble; Radio and Hi Fi Club 3-4: Sr. Cap and 
Gown Com.; Music Ass't. 

James David Chenoweth — Jr. Prom I 
Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Basketball Fr 
Fr. ; Intramural Sports 2-4. 

1; A Cappel 

Stephen < 'hill— Debate Club 4: Foreignet 
Sec.-Treas. 4; Jr. Historical Society 4; Jr 
Table Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 3; Sr. 
fast Com. 

Jane Chipper — Baton Club 3-4; Booster Club 3-4; 
Sr. Cap and Gown Com.; Bowling 2: East Lan- 
sing' High School, Lansing, Michigan 1: Varsity 
Varieties 3-4. 

Prancine Ann Colby — Booster Club 2-4; For- 
eigneers 2, 4; Jr. Prom Queen Com.: Gir's' Glpe 
Club 1-2: Sr. Cap and Gown Com.; Girls' Basket- 
ball 2: Girls' Tennis 2. 

James (). Cooper — Legion of Merit 3; Ripples 3: 
Sr. Christmas Dec. Com.; Baseball Res. 3: Intra- 
mural Sports 4: Plainfield High School, Plain- 
field, Indiana 1-2. 

Stephen J. Cox — Jr. Prom Band Com.; Letter- 
men's Club 3-4: A Cappella Choir; Golden Sing- 
ers; Operetta 4; Ripples 2-3; Sr. Cap and Gown 
Com.; Football Fr., Var. 3-4; Wrestling Fr., Var 

James Robert Craigr- 

gion of Merit 1-3: S: 
Fr.; Wrestling Fr. 

Sherry Crane — Jr. Prom Invitations Com.: A 
Cappella Choir: Girls' Concert Club; Girls' Glee 
Club; National Thespians 2-4; Ripples 1-3; Sr. 
Mothers' Tea Com.; Understudies 1-2. 

Town Meeting 4: 

Mac Croshie — Lettermen's Dance Com. 4: Jr. 
Prom Band Com.: Lettermen's Club 3-4: Rin-^s 
1-3: Sr. Ways and Means Com.; Basketball Fr., 
Res. 2, Var. 3-4; Football Fr., Var. 3-4; Track 


We Chose Our Class Leaders With Many A Care 

Shirley Ann Daniels — GAA 3; Jr 

Com.; Sr. Mothers' Tea Com. 

Prom De 

Linda DeHart — Booster Club 3-4; Clef Club 3-4; 
Jr. Prom Invitations Com.; A Cappella Choir; 
Girls' Ensemble; Colden Singers; Madrigal Sinn- 
ers; Operetta 4: Ripples Director 4; Sr. Mothers' 
Tea Com.; Bowling 1-2; Gym Ass't. 

Sandra DeHaven — Art Club 2-4; Jr. Prom Dee. 
Com.; Library Club 1-2; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; 
Opera Club 2. 

Sr. Grad Dance 

Linda DeMoss — Booster Club 1-4; Business Lead- 
ers 2-4; Jr. Historical Society 4; Jr. Prom Dec. 
Com.; Jr. Red Cross Club 1-4; Legion of Merit 

3; Sr. Grad Dar 

Lillian Del la-Penna— Baton Club 1; Girls' Glee 
Club 1-2; Girls' Ensemble 3; Sr. Grad Dance 
Com.; Badminton; Bowling- 1; Volley Ball 1-2. 

Bill Douthit — Jr. Historical Society 4; Jr. Town 
Meeting- 4; Legion of Honor 3; Legion of Merit 
1-2; Lettermen's Club 2-4; Golden Singers; 
Madrigal Singers: Operetta 3-4; Sr. Breakfast 
Com.; Sr. Class Treas.; Student Council 1-2; 
Baseball Fr., Res.; Basketball Fr., Res.; Foot- 
ball Fr„ Var. 2-4; Track Fr., Var. 2-4. 

Edith Katherine Draga — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; 
Girls' Glee Club; Sr. Announcements Com.: Bad- 
minton 1; Volley Ball 1. 

Robert Duke — .' 

mural Sports 1- 

Wilnia Dukes — Clef Club 3-4; Foreigneers 3; Jr. 
Prom Invitations Com.; Jr. Town Meeting 3: 
Girls' Concert Club 3; Girls' Glee Club 1; Girls' 
Ensemble 2; Colden Singers 4; Operetta 4; Sr. 
Mothers' Tea Com. 

Ann DuniiiiiKtoii — Booster Club 1-4; Fr.-Soph. 
Talent Show 1-2; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Ripples 
2-3; Sr. Class Day Com.; Understudies 1-3; Var- 
sity Varieties 3-4. 

Dorothy Dyar — Booster Club 1-3; Business Lead- 
ers 3; Jr. Prom Invitations Com.; Ripples 2-3: 
Sr. Class Day Com.; Varsity Varieties 3; Miss 
Pan-American Queen Cand. 2. 

Kenneth W. Eaton — Jr. Prom Queen Com.; Bovs' 
Glee Club 1; Concert Choir 2-3; Sr. Grad Dance 
Com.; Track Fr., Res. 2-4. 


Var. 3- 

Edman — Jr. Prom Queen Com.; 
d Means Com.; Football Fr., Res 
Track Fr., Var. 2-3. 

Nancy Lee Bggelhof— Clef Club 3-4; Jr. Histori- 
cal Society 3-4; Legion of Honor 1-3; Math and 
Science Club 2-3; Girls' Concert Choir 2; Golden 
Singers 3-4; Madrigal Singers 4; Orchestra 1-3; 
National Honor Society 2-4; Operetta 3-4; Quill 
and Scroll 3-4; Riparian Newspaper Reporter 
I-:;: Sr. Mothers Tea Com. 

David Fredric Elbert — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; 
Legion of Honor 1-3; Math and Science Club 1-4; 
A Cappella Choir 2; Boys' Glee Club 1; Golden 
Singers 3-4; Madrigal Singers 4; National Honor 
Society 3-4; Operetta 3-4; Sr. Mothers' Tea Com.; 
Intramural Sports 1-2; Easter Aud. 2-4. 

David M. Ellis — Sr. Mothers' Tea Com. 
Fr.; Intramural Sports 1-2. 



With A Yuletide Spirit Up Goes The Christmas Tree 


Judy Eskridge — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of 
Merit 1-3; A Cappella Choir: Girls' Concert Club: 
Girls' Glee Club; Girls' Ensemble; Sr. Announce- 
ments Com.; Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Treas. 3, Historian 
4; Phys. Ed. Ass't. 2. 

Larry Evans — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Sr. Christmas 
Dec. Com.; Football Var. 4; Arsenal Technical 
High School 1-2. 

Mary Anne Farrar — -Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Con- 
cert Choir; Girls' Concert Club; Girls' Glee Club; 
Girls' Ensemble: Operetta 3. Prop. Mgr. 4; Rip- 
ples 3; Sr. Mothers' Tea Com.; Bowling 1; Music 
Ass't. 3. 


Sandy Fielder — Booster Club 1-2; Riparian 
Dance Com. 2: Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 1-2; Jr. 
Prom Dec. Com.; Orange Aid Council 2; Ripples 
1, 3; Sr. Christmas Dec. Com.; Understudies 1-2. 

John J. Fife — Joe Cand. 2; Lettermen's Club 2-4; 
ROTC 1-4; Ripples 1-3; Sr. Christinas Dee. Com.; 
Student Council 1-2; Baseball Fr. ; Football Fr., 
Var. 2-4; Intramural Sports 3-4; Track Res. 3. 

Ann Fisher — Booster Club 1-4; Jr. Prom Invita- 
tions Com.; Legion of Honor 1, 3; Girls' En- 
semble; Ripples 2-3; Sr. Mothers' Tea Com.; 
Understudies 1-3; Nurse's Ass't. 2; Varsity Va- 
rieties 3-4. 

James F. Foster — Key Club 2-4; Sr. Class Day 
Com.; Baseball Var. 4; Football Var. 4; Wiley 
High School, Terre Haute 1-2; Lawrence Central 
High School 3. 

IJiek Frame — Jr. Class Pres.; Key Club 3-4: 
Legion of Honor 1-3; Lettermen's Club 2-4, Sec- 
Treas. 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Mr. Riparian Cand. 
4; Riparian Newspaper Sports Editor 2-4; Sr. 
Grad Dance Com. Co-chrm.; Basketball Fr.; 
Football Fr., Res. 2; Intramural Sports 3-4; 
Track Fr., Var. 2-4. 

Steve Frame — Key Club 4; Legion of Merit 1-3; 
Lettermen's Club 3-4; Ripples 3; Sr. Bacca- 
laureate Service Com.; Student Council 3-4; 
Baseball Fr., Res. 2; Football Fr., Res. 2, Var. 
3-4; Intramural Sports 2-4; Track Fr., Var. 3-4. 

Darline Gail Frantz — Booster Club 3-4; Jr. Prom 

Iter. Com.: Ripples Director 4; Sr. Grad Dance 
Com.; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Shortridge High School 1-2. 

Sue Freeland — Art Club 2-4, Pres. 3-4: Riparian 
Dance Com. 4: Future Nurses 3-4, Sec. 4; Home- 
coming Queen Cand. 4; Jr. Prom Wall Dec. Com. 
Chrm.: Legion of Merit 1-2; Library Club 3: Sr. 
Grad Dance Com. Co-chrm.; Soft Ball 1; Volley 
Ball 1; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Nurse's Ass't. 4. 

Ivatherine M. Frey — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 4; Clef Club 3: Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 
1-2; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Girls' Concert Club; 
Girls' Glee Club; Orange Aid Council 1, 4; Rip- 
ples 2-3: Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Understudies 
1-2; Orange Aid Style Show. 

Susan Fulton — Art Club 2-3; Booster Club 4: Jr. 
Prom Dec. Com.; Girls' Ensemble; Sr. Class Day 
Com.; Bowling 1; Soft Ball 1-2; Volley Ball 1. 

Sherry Garriott — Booster Club 4: Business Lead- 
ers 2; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Girls' Ensemble; Sr. 
Class Day Com.; Tri-Hi-Y 4. 

Terry Ann Garrison — Baton Club 1-2, Vice Pres. 
2; Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 1; Booster Club 4; Jr. 
Historical Society 4; Jr. Prom Wall Dec. Com.: 
Legion of Merit 1-3; Operetta 1; Orange Aid 
Council 1; Riparian Newspaper Historian 2, 
Photo Staff .!; Riparian Yearbook Senior Editor; 
Ripples 1-2; Sr. Ways and Means Com.; Varsity 
Varieties 4; Quill, and Scroll 4. 


Decorated With Tinsel And Lights For All To See 

Walter Gausmann — A Cappella Choir 2-3; Boys' 
Glee Club 1; ROTC SFC 1-3; Sr. Grad Dance 
Com.; Library Ass't. 2. 

Joan Geyer — Booster Club 3-4; Business Leaders 
4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 3; Girls' 
Concert Club 3; Operetta 3, Pub. Com.; Lyons 
Township High School, La Grange, Illinois; 
Shortridge High School 1-2; National Honor So- 
ciety 4. 

Frank Goode — Sr. Breakfast Com. 

Donald Graves — Sr. Breakfast Com.; Wilson 
High School, Pennsylvania 1-2. 

Constance M. Griffin — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Li- 
brary Club 1-4, Treas. 3; Girls' Glee Club; Sr. 
Grad Dance Com.; Home Ec. Ass't. 3-4. 

Sharon E. tirininie — Art Club 1-2; Booster Club 
3-4; Business Leaders 4; Foreigneers 2-3; Future 
Nurses 3--*; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 
3; Librarv Club 2-3; Girls' Glee Club; Sr. Grad 
Dance Com.; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. 

Mark Gwynn — Riparian Dance Dec. Com. 4; Jr. 
Prom Dec. Com.: Legion of Merit 1-3; A Cap- 
pella Choir 2: Boys' Glee Club 1; Golden Singers 
3-4; Madrigal Singers 3; Operetta 3-4; Ripples 
1-3; Sr. Class Day Com.; Bowling 1-2. 

Patricia Hack — Baton Club 1; Booster Club 1: 
Foreigneers 1; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.: Sr. Class Day 

Jerry Hailnelil — Jr. Town Meeting 4; Sr. Grad 
Dance Com.; Crystal Lake High School, Crystal 
Lake, Illinois 1-3. 

David Hart— Drill Team 2-3; ROTC Lt. Col. 4; 
Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Football Res. 2, Var. 4; 
Intramural Sports 1. 

Shelbie Jean Hartley — Booster Club 1-2; Business 
Leaders 3-4; GAA 1; Legion of Merit 1-2; Sr. 
Grad Dance Com.; Tri-Hi-Y 1. 

Judith Ann Haverly — Jr. Historical Society 4: 
Legion of Merit 1-3; A Cappella Choir 4: Girls' 
Concert Club 3; Girls' Glee Club 2; Sr. Mothers' 
Tea Com. 

Judy Heaveiiridj«e — Jr. Historical Society 3-4, 
Vice Pres. 4: Jr. Prom Gen. Chrra. ; Jr. Class Vice 
Pres.: Legion of Honor 1-3; National Honor 
Society 2-4: Orange Aid Council 3; Quill and 
Scroll 3-4: Riparian Yearbook Co-editor 4; Sr. 
Grad Dance Com. Co-chrm.; Student Council 2-4. 

Robert M. Ilei-knian — Bovs' Glee Club 1; Ripples 
1-3: Sr. Class Dav Com.: Basketball Fr., Res. 
2; Football Res. 2-3; Var. 4; Intramural Sports 
3-4; Track Res. 3. 

Robert Hedbers — Jr. Historical Society 3-4; Le- 
gion of Honor I, 3; Legion of Merit 2; Math and 
Science Club 2-4; A Cappella Choir 3; Boys' 
Glee Club 1-2; Quiz 'Em Team 1-4; Riparian 
Newspaper Copy 2-3: Sr. Class Day Com.; Intra- 
mural Sports 2-4; Bowling 1, 2, 4; Easter Au'd. 3: 
National Honor Society 4. 

Sharon Heiny — Booster Club 1-4; Cheer Leader 
2-4; Foreigneers 2-3; GAA 1-2; Homecoming 
Queen Cand. 2; Jr. Historical Society 4; Jr. Prom 
Program Com.: Legion of Merit 3; Operetta 3: 
Orange Aid Council 1: Ripples 1-3; Sr. Grad 
Dance Com. 

Ivay Henderson — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 4: Foreigneers 3; Legion of Merit 2-3; 
Concert Choir 3; Girls' Glee Club 2; Golden 
Singers 4; Operetta 4; Ripples 2-3: Sr. Cap and 
Gown Com. Chrm.; Understudies 1. 

Charles Henzie — -Legion of Merit 1; Band 
Boys' Glee Club; Pep Band 1-2; Orchestra 
Grad Dance Com. 




Go! Go! Go! Ripple! Let's Win This Game Tonight 



Frank Henzie — Math and Science Club 4; Sr. 
Class Day Com.; Stage Crew 4. 

John K. Herder — Legion of Merit 1-3: Bovs' Glee 
Club 1; Ripples 3: Sr. Breakfast Com.: Football 
Fr., Res. 2, Var. 4; Intramural Sports 1: Projec- 
tion Crew 2. 

Phyllis Jeanne Herman — Sr. Mothers' Tt 
Shortridge High School 1-2. 

Eleanor Het heringtoii — Booster Club 3-4: Busi 
ness Leaders 3-4; Orange Aid Council 3; Ripple: 
3; Sr. Ways and Means Com.; Bowling 1; Tracl 
Queen 2 

IViek Hoekmuller — Band: 
Day Com.; Baseball Res 
1-4; Wrestling- Fr., Res. 

nd: Sr. Class 
imural Sports 

Beverly Hodson — Jr. Historical S'>. iei\ 
gion of Merit 3; Orange Aid Counci 
Mothers' Tea Com. 

Carolyn Sne Hohl — Baton Club 2; Booster Club 4; 
Business Leaders 4; Riparian Dance Dec. Com. 4; 
Foreigneers 2-4: Jr. Prom Wall Dec. Com.; Le- 
gion of Merit 1-3; Orange Aid Council 1, 4; Ri- 
parian Newspaper Historian 3; Riparian Year- 
book Senior Editor 4; Ripples 2, 4; Sr. Mothers' 
Tea Com.: Bowling 1: Varsity Varieties 3-4; 
National Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll 4. 

Chuck Holle— Joe Cand 1-3; Joe 3: Key Club 
3-4: Legion of Honor 1-3; Lettermen's Club 2-4; 
Colden Singers ::-4; Operetta 3-4: Rippl.-s 2-3: Sr. 
Ways and Means Com.: Baseball Fr.. Var. 2-4; 
Basketball Fr., Var. 2-4; Football Pi-., Var. 2-4. 

Judy Ilollingswort li — Future Nurses 3-4; 
Legion of Honor 3; Legion of Merit 2: Library 
Club 2-4; Band 2-4; Riparian Newspaper Re- 
porter 4: Sr. Class buy Com.: (lay Junior High 

School, Harlingen, Tex* 
tional Honor Society 4. 

Daniel Ray Hosteller 

All-City Band; Na- 

riy John Horn Jr. — Legion of Honor 2-3; Le- 
>n of Merit 1: Library Club 1-3, Vice Pres. 3; 
Grad Dance Com.; Stamp Club 1-2: Intra- 
iral Sports 4; Library Ass't. 1-3. 

Janet Huddleston — Booster Club 1-4: Fr.-Soph 
Talent Show 1-2; Homecoming Queen Cand. 4 
Jr. Historical Society 4: Legion of Merit 2-3 
Colden Singers; Madrigal Singers: operetta 4 
Orange Aid Council 4: Ripples 1, 3; Sr. Class Day 
Com.: Understudies 1-3; Nurse's Ass't. 4. 

P. Eugene Hull — Jr. Town Meeting 4: Band; 
Clarinet Quartet; Sr. Class Day Com.: Intra- 
mural Sports 1-4. 

Harold Irby — Band 1-4; Horn Qus 
Band 1-3, Orchestra 1-4; Operetta 
Day Com.; Intramural Sports 2 

Sol I 3. 

: Pep 


llreiida Lou l.sensee — Booster Club 4: Business 
Leaders 2; Clef Club 2: Jr. Prom Entertainment 
Com.; Jr. Red Cross Club 2; A Cappella Choir; 
Concert Choir; Girls' Concert Club; Girls' Glee 
Club; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Nurse's Ass't. 2; 
Varsity Varieties 4. 


We Yelled At The Sectionals With All Our Might 

Judy Jackson — Riparian Dance Com. 4; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Girls' Conceit Club; Ripples Di- 
rector 4; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Short ridge High 
School 1-2: Orange Aid Style Show 4; Varsity 
Varieties 3-4. 

Clifford L. Jacobson — Legion of Merit 1: Radio 
and Hi Fi Club 1-4; Rifle Team 4; Sr. Grad Dance 
Com.: Roosevelt High School, Chicago, Illinois: 
Highlands High School, Kentucky. 

Robert Traxler Jaques — Concert Choir; Sr. Grad 
Dance Com.; Shortridge High School 1-2. 

Mary Jamia Jasper — Booster Club 1-4; For- 
eigneers 1-4: See.-Treas. 3; Homecoming Queen 
Cand. 4; Jr. Historical Society 2-4: Legion of 
Honor 3; Legion of Merit 2; Concert Choir: Na- 
tional Thespians 3-4; Orange Aid Council 1-4; 
Riparian Yearbook Ad Staff Ass't. Mgr. 4: Rip- 
ples 1-4; Understudies 1-3; Vice Pies. 3; Jr. Class 
Advisory Board; National Honor Society 4; Quill 
and Scroll 4. 

Chuck Jones — Jr. Historical Society 4; Key Club 
4: Legion of Merit 1-3; Riparian Newspaper Re- 
porter 3; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Track Res. 2-3, 

Harry E. Jones — Hi-Y 3; Jr. Historical Society 
3: ROTC M/Sgt. 3-4; Basketball Fr., Res. 2-3; 
Football Res. 2-3; Intramural Sports 1-4. 

;fast Com.; Cathedral 

Nancy T. K a in in — Future Nurses 3-4: GAA 1-4, 
Treas. 3-4; Legion of Honor 3; Legion of Merit 
1-2; A Cappella Choir 3: Concert Choir 4; Orange 
Aid Council 2; Sr. Ways and Means Com.; Bowl- 
ing 1-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; National Honor Society 4. 

Rita Ann Keller — Art Club 2-3, Treas. 2; Boostei 
Club 1-4; Ripples 2-3; Sr. Christmas Dec. Com. 
Chrm.; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Understudies 1-3; 
Varsity Varieties 3-4. 

Sharon Rae Kelly — Jr. Prom Invitations Com.: 
Legion of Merit 1-3; Girls' Concert Club 2; Gol- 
den Singers: Operetta 3-4; Riparian Newspaper 
Historian 2; Sr. Announcements Com.; National 
Honor Society 4. 

I.inil.i Kem — Rooster Club 1-3: Legion of Mel 
2: Orange Aid Council 1; Sr. Mothers' Tea Cm 
Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. 

William J. Kessler — Sr. Grad Dance Com. 
Thomas Carr Howe High School 1-3. 

Ross J. Kins- — Sr. Announcements Com. 
ridge High School 1-2. 

John Smith Kingdon — Jr. Historical Society 2-4; 
Key Club 3-4, Sec. 3-4; Legion of Honor 1-3; 
Lettermen's Club 2-4; A Cappella Choir 2-3; 
Golden Singers 4; National Honor Society 3-4- 
Operetta 4; Ripples 1-3: Sr. Ways and Means 
Com. Chrm.; Student Council 1, 3, 4, Treas. 1, 
Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Track Var. 2-4; Delegate 
to United Nations; Delegate to Student Council 
Leadership Convention. 

■Wayne Edward Kin man — Bovs' Glee Club; Con- 
cert Choir; Sr. Breakfast Com. 


Rehearsals — Then Those Opening Night Jitters 

Barbara Koster — Girls' Glee Club 2; Girls' En- 
semble 3: Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Phys. Ed. Ass't. 
2-4; Varsity Varieties 3. 

Stephen Keith Leeds — Debate Club 4; Jr. His- Society 1. National Thespians 2-1; Hip- 
pies 2-3; Sr. Class Day Com.; Football Res. 3; 
Golf Res. 3; Varsity Varieties 3-4. 

Table Dec. Com. 

Mary Suzanne I,esh — Business Leaders 1-4, Sec. 
3, Vice Pres. 4; Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 1-2; Home- 
coming- Queen 4; Jr. Prom Table Dec. Com. 

Chrm.; Legion of Honor :: : Begion of Merit 1-2; 
National Honor Society 3-4; ROTC Sponsor 3-4; 
Miss Riparian Cand. 4; Ripples 1-3; Sr. Bacca- 
laureate Com. Chrm.; Student Council 1-2; Foot- 
ball Jamboree Queen 4. 

■•'rank T. I.enis — Key Club 3-4; Legion of Merit 
1-3: Bettermen's Club 3-4; Ripples 2-3: Sr. Ways 
and Means Com.; Student Council 1-2; Basketball 
Fr., Res. 2, Var. 3-4; Football Fr., Res. 2, Var. 
3-4; Track Res. 3. 

Stan Lewis — Ripples 2-3; Sr. Christmas Dec. 
Com.: Basketball Fr., Res. 3; Football Fr., Res. 
2-3, Var. 4. 

Melvin Eugene I-oiik — Sr. Breakfast Com.: Colo- 
rado Springs, Colorado 1; Jasonville High School, 
Jason ville, Indiana 2; Gerstmever, Terre Haute, 
Indiana 3. 

•lint Lowry — Jr. Prom Dec. Com. Chrm.: Key 
Club 3-4; Legion of Honor 2-3; Begion of Merit 
1; Bettermen's Club 1-4; Ripples 2-3; Sr. Christ- 
mas Dec. Com. Co-chrm.: Student Council 2; 
Baseball Res. 1-2, Var. 2-4; Cross Country Fr., 
Res. 2-3; Intramural Sports 3-4. 

>ueder — Drill Team 2; Sr. Class Day 
ramural Sports 4; ROTC Color Guard 3. 

Nancy Lee MacDonald — Business Leaders 4; Jr. 
Prom Dec. Com.; A Cappella Choir; Concert 
Choir: Orange Aid Council 3: Ripples 2; Sr. Class 
Day Com.; Varsity Varieties 3. 

Susan Jane McCrny — A Cappella Choir: Sr. 
Christmas Dec. Com.; Zionsville High School, 
Zionsville, Indiana 1. 

Lois Ann McCloskey — Booster Club 2; Begion of 
Merit 1: Operetta, Make-up 1; Ripples, Make-up 
1; Sr. Grad Dance Com.: Clothing Ass't. 2. 

nick MeCrory — Art Club 1; Business Readers 4; 
Ripples Director 4; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Var- 
sity Varieties 3. 

Nancy Jane MeKlvain — Booster Club 4; Business 
Leaders 4; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Tri-Hi-Y 4; 
YFC Club 1-4. • 

Richard McNairy — Jr. Historical Society 4; Key 
Club 4; Begion of Merit 1-3; Bettermen's Club 
3-4; Sr. Wavs and Means Com.; Wrestling Var. 

Barbara Ann Marcus — Booster Club 1-4; Busi- 
ness Beaders 3-4; Foreigneers 1-2; GAA 1; Jr. 
Prom Dec. Com.; Concert Choir: Girls' Ensemble; 
Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Bowling 1-2. 

Cliff Marks — Key Club 4: Begion of Honor 1-3: 
Lettermen's Club 3-4; National Honor Society 
3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Riparian Newspaper 
Sports Column 1-4; Sr. Gift Com. Chrm.; Golf 
Var. 2-4; Intramural Sports 1-4. 


The Ripples Were Presented In Gleam And Glitter 

Jim Mens — Legion of Merit 1, 3; Lettermen's 
Club 3-4; Sr. Gift Com.; Football Var. 3-4; 
Wrestling- Fr. 

Pamela Menke — Art Club 3-4, Sec.-Treas. 3; 
Booster Club 3-4; Riparian Dance Dec. Com. Co- 
chrm. 4; Foreigneers 2-4; Jr. Historical Society 
3-4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Honor 3; 
Legion of Merit 2; A Cappella Choir 4; Orange 
Aid Council 3-4; Riparian Newspaper Columnist 
3-4; Sr. Snooper Com.; National Honor Society 4; 
Quill and Scroll 4. 

Judith Diane Merrill — Foreigneers 1-3: Library 
Club 1-3; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Sr. Play Com. 
4; Stamp Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1-4. 

Maxine L. Miller — Booster Club 4: Legion of 
Merit 1-3: Girls' Glee Club 2; Girls' Ensemble 3; 
National Honor Society 3-4; Orange Aid Coun- 
cil 1; Sr. Announcement Com. Chrm. 

Carole Milner — Booster Club 3-4; Foreigneers 
3-4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Library Club 3; Orange 
Aid Council 3; Ripples 3: Sr. Grad Dance Com.; 
Tri-Hi-Y 4: Shortridge High School 1-2. 

Amy Jean Minieh — Future Nurses 3; Legion of 
Merit 1-2: Orange Aid Council 1; Sr. Class Day 

Donna Minnix — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Sr. An- 
nouncement Com.; Bowling- 4. 

Sandra I„ee Mitchell — Art Club 3-4; Jr. Red 
Cross Club 2-4; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; St. Agnes 
Academy 1-2. 

George Thomas Mitten — Legion of Merit 1-2; 
Ripples 2-3: Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Football Fr., 
Res. 2; Track Fr.; Wrestling- Fr. 

Mary Anne Moeslein — Baton Club 2-4, Pres. 4; 
Booster Club 4; Riparian Dance Com. 4; Flag 
Twirler 3-4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of 
Merit 3: A Cappella Choir; Band: Girls' Concert 
Club; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Operetta, Make-up 4. 

Shirley Jean Moran — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 3-4, Pres. 4; Foreigneers 1-3; Fr.-Soph. 
Talent Show 2; GAA 1-2; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; 
Legion of Honor 3; Legion of Merit 1-2; Girls' 
Ensemble; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Ripples, Make- 
up 3; National Honor Society 4. 

Mary Evelyn Morton — Leg-ion of Merit 1-3; Sr. 
Announcements Com.; Library Ass't. 2; Office 
Ass't. 3; Holladay Book Review Contest, 2nd 

Richard C. Morton — Jr. Prom Invitations Com.; 
Sr. Class Day Com. 

Wayne G. Mosbarser — Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 
1-2; Jr. Prom Ways and Means Com.; A Capnella 
Choir 3-4; Concert Choir 2, Pres.: National Thes- 
pians 3-4; Ripples 1-3; Sr. Grad. Dance Com.; 
Football Fr. 

William L. Mullen — Jr. Prom Wall Dec. Com.; 
Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Thomas Carr Howe High 
School 1-2. 

Judith I„ee Munz — Booster Club 1-4: Business 
Leaders 3; Riparian Dance Dec. Com. 4; For- 
eigneers 2; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.: Legion of Merit 
1-3; Concert Choir 1-2; Girls' Concert Club 3-4; 
Riparian Yearbook Layout Editor 4; Ripples 3, 
Director 4: Sr. Grad Dance Com.: Archery 1; 
English Ass't. 2; Varsity Varieties 3-4. 

Ruth Evelyn Myers — Booster Club 1-4; Jr. His- 
torical Society 3-4: Legion of Honor 1-2; Legion 
of Merit 3; Girls' Ensemble 1-3; Golden Singers 
4; Orchestra 1-3: National Thespians 3-4: Op- 
eretta 4: Ripples Director 4; Sr. Ways and Means 
Com.; Archery 1-2; Understudies 1-2; Varsity 
Varieties 3-4; National Honor Society 4. 

Jeannette Aeal — Booster Club 1-3; Fr.-Soph. Tal- 
ent Show 1-2; Jr. Historical Society 3; Jr. Prom 
Invitations Com.; Legion of Merit 1-3; Ripples 2, 
Director 3; Sr. Breakfast Com. 



Tryouts, Lines, Rehearsals - Then Opening Night 

\anej \cumaiin — Booster Club 1-3; Business 
Leaders 4; Jr. Prom Table Dec. Com.; Legion of 
Merit 3: Orange Aid Council 3: Ripples 2: Sr. 
Class Day Com.; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Understudies 1; 
Varsity Varieties 3. 

Delores \«e — Booster Club 4: Sr. Grad Dance 
Com.; Phys. Ed. Ass't. 4: Marquette High School, 
Alton, Illinois 1; Notre Dame Academy. Toledo, 
Ohio 2. 

Margaret (lakes — Rooster Club 4; Business Lead- 
ers 4; Tri-Hi-Y Dance Dec. Com. Chrm. 4: 
Foreigneers 1-2; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Orange Aid 
Council 3; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Model United 
Nations 2-4: Tri-Hi-Y 2-4. 

Claude E. OI<lfiel<l, Jr. — Photo Club 1-4: Sr. 
Breakfast Com.; Riparian Photo Staff 2-4. 

Suzie Pattison — Booster Club 1-4: Business 
Leaders 3; Homecoming Hop Dec. Com. 4: Jr. 
Prom Entertainment Com.; Legion of Honor 3: 
Quill and Scroll 4; Riparian Newspaper Circu- 
lation Mgr. 2-4: Ripples 2-3; Sr. Ways and Means 

Konalil V. Peavler — A Cappella Choir 2-4: Band 
1-4; Boys' Glee Club 1: Brass Choir 3: Pen Band 
3; Sr. Breakfast Com.; Operetta, Stage Mgr. 3, 
Spot-light Crew 4. 

Sandra T<. Perrine — Booster Club 3-4: Riparian 
Dance Refreshments Com. 4: Foreigneers 3.; Jr. 
Prom Invitations Com.; Ripples 2; Sr. Class Day 

I '.n-ak fast i Y.i 

Joyce 1". Pike — Booster Club 2-3; GAA 2-4; Jr. 
Town Meeting 4; Legion of Merit 1-3; Orange 
Aid Council 2; Sr. Grad Dance Com.: Archery 
1-2: Badminton 2; Volley Ball 2. 

Liz Pogue Booster Club 4; Foreigneers 4: Jr. 
Historical Society 3-4; .Jr. Tmin Meeting 2; Le- 
gion of Honor 2; Legion of Merit 3: A Cappella 
Choir 4; Girls' Concert Choir 3-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4: Orange Aid Council 4: Riparian 
Newspaper Club Reporter 4; Ripples 2-3: Sr. 
Mothers' Tea Dec. Com. Chrm. 

Sr. Breakfast 

nrolyn Pols/. — Booster Club 1-2; Business l.ead- 
:rs 4: Foreigneers 2; Future Nurses 4: Jr. Prom 
nvitations Com.; Library Club 1; Sr. Grad Dance 
Jom.; Bowling 2-3. 

lames Stephen Poole — Jr. Dues Com.: Ripples 

:-:;; Sr. Wars and Means Com.: Football Fr.; In- 
ramural Sports 3-4; Track Fr. 

Robert \\illiam Potts — Si 

Yar. 4; Intramural Sports 
Detroit, Michigan 1-3. 


The Senior Play Is Staged To Everyone's Delight 

Beverly Poynter— Baton Club 3; Booster Club 4; 
Foreigneers 2; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.: Legion of 
Merit 2: Sr. Class Day Com.; Bowling 1-2; Tri- 
Hi-Y 4; Varsity Varieties 3. 

Doiialil Quick — Legion of Honor 2; Legion of 
Merit 1, 3; Riparian Yearbook Underclass Editor 
2-3: Sr. Snooper Com.: Intramural Spoils 1-2; 
Track Fr.; Indiana High School Achievement 
Program Finals 1. 

ilnda Ann Quick — Booster Club 
nvitations Com.- Library Club 
!)ay Com.; Library Ass't. 1-2; Coz: 

l.inila Lou Ranker — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 
1; Girls' Glee Club 1; Orange Aid Council 1; 
Ripples 2-3; Sr. Class Day Com.; Ripple Arts 
Salon, Clothing. 

Barbara Jean Ranney — Booster Club 4: Business 
Leaders 4: Jr. Prom Program Com.; Legion of 
Merit 2-3; Dance Band 3-4; Girls' Glee Club 1-3; 
Orchestra 1-4; String Ensemble 3-4; Operetta 
2-4; Orange Aid Council 1-2; Hi Fi Club 2-4, 
Pres. 4; Sr. Mothers' Tea Com. 

Susan Ransburg — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 4; Orange Aid Council 1; Ripples 2-3; 
Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Understudies 1-3; Varsity 
Varieties 3-4. 

M. Dianne Reld — Clef Club 1-4; Homecoming 
Queen Cand. 4; Jr. Prom Band Com.; Legion of 
Merit 1-3; Dance Band 1-2; Golden Singers 3-4; 
Orchestra 1-4: String Ensemble 1-4; String 
Quartet 1-4: Operetta 1-4; Ripples 1-3; Sr. Moth- 
ers' Tea Cmiii.; Student Council 2-3. 

William r. Richmond — Sr. Grad Dance Com.: 
Ben Davis High School 3. 

Hill Richter — Lettermen's Club 4; Sr. Grad Dance 
Com.; Golf Fr., Var. 2-4: Intramural Sports 1-4. 

Michael Ronrk — Ripples 3: Sr. Play Com.; Foot- 
ball Res. 3, Var. 4; Intramural Sports 3-4; 
Bloomington High School 1-2. 

Steven Roberts — Riparian Dance Com. 3-4; Key 
Club 4; Legion of Merit 2-3; Math and Science 
Club 1-2; National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and 
Scroll 4; Riparian News Bureau Times Cor- 
respondent 2-3; Riparian Newspaper Page 2 
Editor 4: Sr. Cap and Gown Com. 

Richard ('. Roberts — Legion of Merit 1-2; Band 
1-3; Pep Band 3: Sr. Christmas Dec. Com.; 
Football Fr., Res. 2; Wrestling Fr., Res. 2; 
Northwestern High School, Kokomo, Indiana 3. 

Mike Roberts — Sr. Christmas Dec. Com.; Short- 
ridge High School 1-2. 

JoAim Robinson — Booster Club 3-4; Business 
Leaders 4; Foreigneers 3; Jr. Prom Table Dec. 
Com.; Legion of Merit 1-3: Girls' Concert Club 
4; Girls' Glee Club 3; Girls' Ensemble 3; Sr. 
Grad. Dance Com.; Bowling 1. 

Linda Lou Rose — Booster Club 4; Future Nurses 
4; Jr. Historical Society 4; Jr. Prom Table Dec. 
Com.; Girls' Concert Club; Girls' Glee Club; 
Girls' Ensemble: Sr. Grad Dance Com.: English 
Office Ass't. 3. 


-3; Jr. Prom 
Hour 2. 

jpC ■ 



Dance Com.; 

~ *- f % 

. -,^ f 





The Class Song, The Senior Snooper, And The Skit 



Jim Rosebrough — Debate Club 3-4, Pres. 4; Jr. 
Historical Society 2-4; Legion of Merit 1-2; 
Legion of Honor 3; Band; Brass Choir; Dance 
Band; Pep Band; Rifle Team 3-4; ROTC 2nd Lt. 
4; Riparian Newspaper Editorials 3-4; Sr. Ways 
and Means Com.; Wrestling Res. 2-3. 

Linda Kay Sale — Booster Club 4; Jr. Prom Dec. 
Com.; Orange Aid Council 1; Sr. Grad Dance 

.Samuel Joseph Sanders III — Jr. Prom Entertain- 
ment Com.; Library Club 1-2; Boys' Glee Club; 
Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Football Fr., Res. 2; 
Intramural Sports 1, 2, 4. 

Earl Carl Schopp — Legion of Merit 1-3: A Cap- 
pella Choir 3-4; Band 1-2; Sr. Class Day Com.; 
Baseball Fr., Res. 2, Vars. 3-4; Basketball Fr., 
Var. 3-4; Cross Country Res. 2-3, Var. 4; Foot- 
ball Fr. 

Karen Sehuetz — Booster Club 3-4; Business 
Leaders 1; Foreigneers 3; Jr. I'rom Floor Dec. 
Com.; Legion of Merit 3; Riparian Yearbook Ad 
Staff 4; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Bosse High School, 
Evansville, Indiana 1-2. 

Robert Hale Sehuller — Sr. Mothers' Tea Com.; 
Library Ass't. 1-2. 

Susan L. Scott — Booster Club 4; Foreigneers 4; 
Future Nurses 4, Pres. 4; Jr. Historical Society 
4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 3; Sr. 
Gift Com.; Nurse's Ass't. 3; Rush Jr. High 
School, Dallas, Texas 1; Evanston Township 
High School, Evanston, Illinois 1-2. 

Elizabeth Claire Seiger — Booster Club 4; Jr. His- 
torical Society 4; Jr. Prom Floor Dec. Com.; Le- 
gion of Merit 3; A Cappella Choir; Girls' Con- 
cert Club; Sr. Class Day Com.; Tri-Hi-Y 4. 

Anne Shallenberger — Booster Club 3-4; Business 
Leaders 3; Legion of Honor 1-3; National Honor 
Society 2-4; Orange Aid Council 2; Quill and 
Scroll 3-4; Riparian Newspaper Column 2; Ri- 
parian Yearbook Ad Staff 3. Ad Editor 4: Rip- 
ples 2-3, Director 4; Sr. Ways and Means Com.; 
Ripples Program Editor 3. 

Terrell L. Sharlow — Sr. Gift Com.: Intramural 
Sports 3-4; Shortridge High School 1-2. 

Linda L. Shearer — Booster Club 1-3: Jr. Prom 
Table Dec. Com.; Orange Aid Council 1; Sr. 
Play Com. 

Gary Coleman Shepard — Jr. Prom Band Com.; 
Legion of Merit 2-3; A Cappella Choir 2-3; Boys' 
Glee Club 1; Golden Singers 4; National Thes- 
pians 2-4; Operetta 4; Sr. Play Com. 

Phil Shirley — Sr. Christmas Dec. Com.; Intra- 
mural Sports 1-4; Ripples, Clean-up Com. 1-3. 

Sylvia Shotwell — Booster Club 1-2; Cheer Lead- 
er 3-4; Homecoming Hop Dance Com. 2; Fr.- 
Soph. Talent Show 1-2; Jr. Historical Society 
3-4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Jr. Town Meeting 3; 
Legion of Merit 1-3; National Honor Society 
3-4; Riparian Yearbook Copy 3; Sr. Mothers' 
Tea Com. Chrm.; Varsity Varieties 4; Orange Aid 
Style Show 3. 

Patricia Anne Shult/. — Art Club 2-3: Booster 
Club 2-4; Homecoming Hop Dance Com. 2-3; 
Homecoming Queen Cand. 3; Jane Cand. 3: Jr. 
Prom Floor Dec. Com. Chrm.; Riparian News- 
paper Cartoonist 3-4; Ripples 3; Sr. Mothers- 
Tea Dec. Com. Chrm.: Understudies 2-3; Jane 
Adams High School, Royal Oak, Michigan 1; 
Varsity Varieties 3-4. 

Hill Shuman— Light Crew 1-4: Sr. Christmas Dec. 
Com.; Stage Crew 1-4. 

Jill McKey SUlley — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 3-4; Jr. Prom Table Dec. Com.; Orange 
Aid Council 3; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Archery 
1; Bowling 1;. Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. 


Our Senior Class Day Is Presented Full Of Wit 

George J. Simpson — Jr. Prom Band Com.; Math 
and Science Club 1-4; Rifle Team 4; Sr. Grad 
Dance Com. 

James Lawrence Sims — Jr. Historical Society 
3-4; Jr. Class Treas.; Key Club 3-4; Legion of 
Honor 2-3; A Cappella Choir; National Honor 
Society 2-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Mr. Riparian 4; 
Riparian Newspaper Times Correspondent 2-3, 
Editor 4; Ripples 2; Sr. Snooper Com. Co-editor; 
Student Council 3-4; Intramural Sports 3. 

Patricia Ann Sink Booster Club 3-4; Business 
Leaders 3; Clef Club 4; Foreigneers 3; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 3; Riparian News- 
paper Editorial Staff 4; Riparian Yearbook Ad 
Staff 4; Ripples Director 4; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; 
Tri-Hi-Y 4; Shortridge High School 1-2; Varsity 
Varieties •'! : National Honor Society 4. 

Fred Sisson — Photo Club 1-2; Riparian News- 
paper Photographer 1-2; Riparian Yearbook 
Photographer 1-2; Ripples 1; Sr. Mothers' Tea 
Com.; North Central High School 3. 

Dixie Skelton — Booster Club 1-2; Business Lead- 
ers 4; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Girls' Concert Club; 

Sr. Class Day 

Gift Com.: Intra mi 

Suzanne Skipwith — Jr. Town Meeting 4; Sr. 
Mothers' Tea Com.; South High School, Denver, 
Colorado 1-3. 

C. Kenneth Smith — Jr. Prom Tickets Com.; Le- 
gion of Merit 2-3; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Base- 
ball Res. 2-3; Intramural Sports 3-4; Warsaw 
High School, Warsaw, Indiana 1. 

Dave Smith — Pr.-Soph. Talent Show 1-2: Jr. 
Prom Entertainment Com. Chrm.; Golden Sing- 
ers; National Thespians 3-4; Operetta 3-4: Rip- 
ples 1-2; Sr. Grad Dance Entertainment Com. 
Chrm.; Wrestling Res. 2-3, Var. 4; Varsity 
Varieties 3. 

Ralph I,. Smith — Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Short- 
ridge High School 1-2. 

Robert Smith — Drill Team 1-2; Jr. Prom Dec. 
Com.; Legion of Merit 2-3; Lettermen's Club 4; 
Riparian Newspaper Reporter 4; Sr. Grad Dance 
Com.; Baseball Fr. ; Basketball Res. 2; Football 
Res. 2, Var. 3-4; Intramural Sports 3-4. 

Judith Anne Snyder — Booster Club 1-4; Jr. Pror 
Chaperone Com.; Jr. Town Meeting 3-4; Girls 
Ensemble: National Thespians 3-4; Ripples 2. 

Dick Sour bier- 

Mothers' Tea Com. 

John South^ate — Jr. Prom Entertainment Com.; 
Sr. Grad Dance Dec. Com.; Football Res. 2-3; 
Wrestling Fr. 

Robert Jack Spears— Jr. Historical Society 4; Sr. 
Cap and Gown Com.; Intramural Sports 1. 

Charles H. Stalcup — Jr. Historical Society 3-4, 
Pres. 4; Key Club 4; Legion of Merit 2-3; Math 
and Science Club 3; Sr. Ways and Means Com.: 
National Honor Society 4. 

Nancy Staples — Art Club 2; Booster Club 1-4; 
Riparian Dance Dec. Com. 3; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; 
Orange Aid Council 1; Ripples 2; Sr. Grad 
Dance Com.; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Understudies 1-2. 

Marlyn \\ ilma Stark — Foreigneers 3; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 1-3; A Cappella 
Choir; Girls' Concert Club: Girls' Glee Club; Or- 
chestra; Operetta 3; Ripples 2; Sr. Grad Dance 


The Time Has Come For Us To Leave Ripple High 


-? «* mm Jo* *A 

: A* 

Nancy Marie Slesemeier — Booster Club 1-4: Ri- 
parian Dance Com. Refreshments Chrm. 4; For- 
eigners 2-4: Jr. Historical Society 3-4; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Legion of Honor 3; Legion of Merit 
1-2; National Honor Society 3-4; Riparian News- 
paper Staff 2; Riparian Yearbook Ad Staff 3; 
Ripples 2; Sr. Mothers' Tea Com. Invitations 

Victoria Stern — Foreigneers 3; Jr. Red Cross 3; 
Orange Aid Council 4; Sr. Breakfast Com.; 
Bowling 1-2; Home Ec. Ass't. 

Richard Sterrett — Jr. Historical Society 4; Jr. 
Prom Entertainment Com.; Sr. Class Day Com.: 
Football Res. 3, Var. 4; Golf Res. 3; Intramural 
Sports 1-4; Track Fr. 

David Stewart — Sr. Grad Dance Com. ■ 

Charles William Stolte — Clef Club 4; Debate 
Club 4: Legion of Merit 1-3: Band 1-2; Dance 
Band 2-4; Pep Band 3: Orchestra 4: Radio and 
Hi Fi Club 2-4; Ripples 2-3; Sr. Grad Dance 
Com.; Football Fr., Res. 2; Wrestling Fr., Res. 

Barbara Straughii — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 3-4; Riparian Dance Dec. Com. 3; 
Foreigneers 1-2: Jr. Prom Dec. Com.: Riparian 
Yearbook Ad Staff 4; Ripples 3; Sr. Ways and 
Means Com.; Understudies 1-3. 

Judith Ann Slum pi — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 2-4; Foreigneers 1-2; Fr.-Soph. Talent 
Show 1-2; Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Concert Choir: 
Girls' Ensemble; Ripples 1-3; Sr. Grad Dance 
Com.; Understudies 1-2. 

Stephen Michael Sulire — Jr. Town Meeting 4; 
Letter-men's Club 4; Sr. Class Day Com.; Cross 
Country Fr., Res. 2-3, Var. 4; Intramural Sports 
1-1; Track Fr., Res. 2-3, Var. 4. 

Itrent Key Sutton — Joe Cand. 3; Jr. Historical 
Society 4; Key Club 4: Legion of Merit 1-3: Let- 
termen's Club 3-4: Riparian Newspaper Staff 4: 
Ripples 3; Sr. Breakfast Com.; Sr. Class Pres.; 
Student Council 3-4, Treas. 3-4; Cross Country 
Fr., Res. 2-3; Track Fr.; Wrestling Var. 2-4. 

Robert W. Swan — Jr. Historical Society 3-4: 
Jr. Town Meeting 4; Key Club 3-4; Legion of 
Merit 1-3; Lettermen's Club 3-4; Boys' Glee 
Club: Ripples 1-2: Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Intra- 
mural Sports 1-4; Tennis Fr., Res. 2, Var. 3; Na- 
tional Honor Society 4. 

Charles Clifford Taylor — Hi-Y 2-4, Pres. 4; Jr. 
Prom Ticket Com.; Key Club 3-4, Treas. 4; Le- 
gion of Honor 1-3; Math and Science Club 1-2: 
Band 1-2; National Honor Society 2-4, Pres. 4; 
Quill and Scroll 3-4; Riparian Newspaper Man- 
aging Editor 2, 4: Riparian Yearbook Ass't. 
Sports Editor 3; Ripples 3; Sr. Baccalaureate 
Com. Chrm.: Fathers' Assoc. Jr. Award. 

\> arrei 

I 'I.- 


<1 Tether — Debate Club 4; Jr. His- 
■ 4; Legion of Merit 3: Rifle Team 
Com.; Intramural Sports 4; Park 

Hicharcl (ieiie Thomas— Art Club 3-4; Jr. Prom 
Invitations Com.; Orchestra 2-4; Photo Club 1-2: 
Riparian Newspaper Photo Staff 2; Sr. Grad 
Dance Com. 

Donna Towers — Booster Club 3-4; Foreigneers 3: 
Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 3; Riparian 
Newspaper Cartoonist 3-4; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; 
Understudies 3; Shortridge High School 2. 

Rachel Tucker — Booster Club 4; Golden Singers 

I: National Thespians 4: Sr. Play Com.; Stamp 
Club 4; Student Council 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: American 
Field Service Com. 4; New Zealand 1-3. 

Thomas .1. Twiss — Lettermen's Club 4; Sr. Grad 
Dance Com.: Cross Country Fr., Res. 2-3, Var. 
4: Track Fr., Res. 2-3, Var. 4. 

With Our Future Brightly Shining We Say Goodbye 

Peter Van Huysen — Jr. Prom Chapi'ionc Com.; Jr. 
Town Meeting- 2-3; Photo Club 1; Ripples 1-2; Sr. 
Class Day Com.; Intramural Sports 1-4; Tennis 
Fr., Res. 2, Var. 3-4; Model Railroad Club 1-2. 

Lucy Veit — Booster Club 1-4; Business Leaders 
3-4; Riparian Dance Dec. Com. 3; Jr. Prom Dec. 
Com.; Ripples 3; Sr. Class Dav Com.; Under- 
studies 2-3; Varsity Varieties 3-4. 

Gilbert Wagner — Sr. Breakfast Com.; Cr 
Country Fr., Res.; Intramural Sports 1-2. 

Judy Mae Walden — Jr. Prom Invitations Com. 
Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Bowling 1-2. 

Jerry Lee Walker — Jr. Prom Dee. Com.; Lettei 
men's Club 2-4; Ripples 3; Golf Res. 1, Var. 2-' 
Intramural Sports 1-4. 

Norman Douglas Warren — Jr. Prom Dec. Com. 
ROTC Cpl. 3-4; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Librarj 

Ass't. 2. 

Inga A. Watson — Booster Club 1-4; Homecoming 
Queen Cand. 4; Jr. Historical Society 4; Jr. Prom 
Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 2-3; Girls' Concert 
Club 3; Golden Singers 4; Madrigal Singers 4; 
Operetta 4: Riparian Newspaper Exchange Edi- 
tor 3; Riparian Yearbook Record Editor 4; Sr. 
Grad Dance Com.; Tri-Hi-Y 2-4, Pres. 4; National 
Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll 4. 

Marilyn Weil — Booster Club 2-4; Clef Club 3-4, 
Pres. 4; Homecoming Queen Cand. 3-4; Jr. His- 
torical Society 4; Jr. Prom Dues Com.; Legion of 
Honor 2-3: Band; Orchestra; National Honor So- 
ciety 3-4, Sec. 4; Orange Aid Council 4; Riparian 
Yearbook Copy Editor 4; Sr. Class Day Com. 
Chrm.; Sr. Class Sec: Student Council 3-4, Sec. 4; 
Roger Ludlowe High School, Fairfield. Connecti- 
cut 1; Quill and Scroll 4. 

Shirley Grace Weishaar — Legion of Merit 2-3: 
Orange Aid Council 1; Ripples 1-3; Sr. An- 
nouncements Com.; Soft Ball 1; National Honoi 

Society 4. 

Club; ROTC 

Marg-nret Ann Wells — Sr. Mothers' Tea Com.: 
Shortridge High School 1-2; Anderson High 
School, Anderson, Indiana 3. 

Carolyn White — Booster Club 3-4; Clef Club 3-4; 
Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Honor 1-3; Con- 
cert Choir 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; 
Orange Aid Council 2; Quill and Scroll 4; Ri- 
parian Newspaper Copy Editor 4: Riparian Year- 
book Staff 3; Ripples 3; Sr. Grad Dance Chap- 
erones Com. Chrm. 

Ed Wilkinson — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of 
Merit 1-3; Lettermen's Club 2-4; ROTC Sgt. 1-2, 
Maj. 3; Ripples 3; Sr. Grad Dance Com.; Student 
Mgr. 1-4. 

Virginia Sue Williamson — Foreigneers 3: Jr 
Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit 1-3; Sr. Moth- 
ers' Tea Com.; Tennis 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2-4, Sec. 4. 

Barbara Wilson — Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Orange 
Aid Council 3: Sr. Gift Com.; Tri-Hi-Y 2-3; Li- 
brary Ass't.; Whiteland High School, Whiteland, 
Indiana 1 . 

James Winehel — Foreigneers 3-4; Math and 
Science Club 3; Concert Choir; Sr. Mothers' Tea 
Com.; Intramural Sports 3-4; Lawrence Central 
High School 1-2. 


A Dance, A Moon-light Swim, A Breakfast Are Part 

George Wissler — Drill Team 1; Jr. Prom Band 
Com.; Band 1-4; ROTC Lt. 4; Sr. Grad Dance 

Joyce AYinegardner — Booster Club 1-4; Business 
Leaders 3-4; Valentine Dance Tickets Com. 1; Jr. 
Prom Invitations Com.; Library Club 1-2; Rip- 
ples 2-3; Sr. Mothers' Tea Com.; Understudies 1-3. 

Judith J. Woddell — Jr. Historical Society 3-4; Jr. 
Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Honor 1-3; A Cap- 
pella Choir 3; Girls' Ensemble 2; Golden Singers 
4; National Honor Society 3-4; Operetta 4; Quill 
and Scroll 4; Riparian Newspaper 1-4; Sr. 
Snooper Com. 

.leri Wiichlfr — Booster Club 1-4; Cheer Leader 
3-4; Fr.-Soph. Talent Show 1-2; Homecoming 
Queen Cand. 4; Jane Cand. 1-2; Jr. Historical 
Society 3-4; Jr. Class Sec; National Honor So- 
ciety 3-4; Miss Riparian 4; Ripples 1-3; Sr. Class 
Day Com., Understudies 1-2. 

Steie Woerner — Cheer Leader 1-2; Legion of 
Merit 1, 3; A Cappella Choir 2; Boys' Glee Club 
1: Golden Singers 3-4; Madrigal Singers 4; Or- 
chestra 3-4; Operetta 3-4; Ripples 1-3: Sr. Grad 
Dance Com.; Student Council 2; Football Fr. 

Jerry Wolfe — Sr. Gift Com. 

Gretchen Wolfram — Booster Club 3-4: Riparian 
Dance Dec. Com. 4; Jr. Historical Society 3-4, 
Sec. 4: Jr. Prom Dec. Com.; Legion of Honor 3; 
Legion of Merit 1-2; National Honor Society 3-4; 
Quill and Scroll 3-4, Vice Pies. 4; Riparian Year- 
book Co-editor 4; Riparian Newspaper Staff 3; 
Ripples 2-3, Director 4; Sr. Snooper Com. Co- 
editor; Understudies 1; Varsity Varieties 4. 

Mary Elizabeth Woolridge — Booster Club 1-4; 
Business Leaders 4; Riparian Dance Chaperone 
Com. Chrm. 4: Jr. Historical Society 3-4: Jr. 
Prom Table Dec. Com.; Legion of Merit; A Cap- 
pella Choir 4; Orange Aid Council 3: Riparian 
News Bureau Teen Star Reporter 4: Ripples 2-3: 
Sr. Ways and Means Com.; Understudies 1-3; Na- 
tional Honor Society 4. 

Charles Wright — Jr. Prom Table Dec. Com.; 
Legion of Merit 3; Sr. Ways and Means Com.; 
Basketball Fr., Res. 2-3, Var. 4; Golf Res. 3, Var 
4; Intramural Sports 3-4. 

Jay \\ rinlif — Foreigneers 2; Jr. Historical So- 
ciety 3-4. Treas. 4; Key Club 3-4: Legion of 
Merit 1-3: National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and 
Scroll 3-4, Treas. 4; Riparian Newspaper 2-4, 
Assoc. Editor 4; Sr. Snooper Finance Com.: 
Safety Essay Contest Winner 1. 

Sara Wright — Booster Club 1-3; Fr.-Soph. Talent 
Show 2; Concert Choir; Girls' Ensemble; Oper- 
etta 3; Ripples 2-3; Sr. Class Day Com.; Under- 
studies 1-3; Varsity Varieties 3-4. 

Joanne Vales — Booster Club 3-4: Riparian Dance 
Dec. Com. 3; Future Nurses 4: Jr. Prom Table 
Dec Com.; Sr. Mothers' Tea Com.; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; 
Shortridge High School 1-2. 

Keith Ykers — Boys' Glee Club; Boys' Concert 
Choir 3-4; Sr. Breakfast Com.; Intramural 

Kris Baker — Booster Club 4; Riparian Dance 
Dec. Com. 4: A Cappella Choir 4: Girls' Glee 
Club 2: Photo Club 1; Riparian Newspaper Photo 
Staff 3-4; Ripples 3; Sr. .Mot hers' Tea Com.; 
Archery 1; National Honor Society 4. 

KonalJ Diinignn — Sr. Grad Dance Com.: Intra- 
mural Sports 4; Cathedral High School 1-3. 

I)avi«l Harmon — Bovs' Glee Club: Concert Choir; 
Rifle Team 3-4; Sr. Breakfast Com. 

Evelyn Patricia Howell — Library Club 3-4: 
Howe Quiz 'Em Team 1-3, Broad Ripple Quiz 
'Em Team Alternate 4; Sr. Mothers' Tea Com.: 
Bowling 3-4: Library Ass't. 4: Thomas Can- 
Howe High School 1-2. 


Of The Remembered Moments To Stay In Our Hearts 

Sandy Kikendnll — Art Club 2; Girls' Glee Club 
2-3; Soft Ball 1; Volley Ball 1; Sr. Breakfast 

Betty Komers — Girls' Glee Club 2-3; Orange Aid 
Council 1-2; Sr. Mothers' Tea Com. 

Mary Ann Koontz — Art Club 1; Clef Club 3; 
Foreigneers Dance Com. 1; Foreigneers 1: Fr.- 
Soph. Talent Show 2; Legion of Honor 1-2; 
Orchestra 1-3; National Honor Society 2-3; Sr. 
Mothers' Tea Com.; Ripple Arts Salon 1-2. 

Michael Megiiiiiis — Legion of Merit 2-3; Goldei 
Singers 2-3; Madrigal Singers 2-3; Operetta 2-3 
Sr. Breakfast Com., Football Fr. ; Intramura 
Sports 2; Track Fr., Res. 2. 

Jane Ljnne Phillips — Booster Club 2; GAA 1; 
Homecoming Queen Cand. 2; Jr. Historical So- 
ciety 3-4; Legion of Merit 2-3; Library Club 1-4; 
Ripples Director 4; Soft Ball 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; 
Senior Mothers' Tea Com. Varsity Varieties 2; 
National Honor Society 4. 

Robert RaxniiiK.seii — Drill Team 1-3; Library 
Club 1-2; A Cappella Choir 3; Boys' Glee Club 1; 
Concert Choir 2; ROTC SFC. 1-3; Sr. Grad Dance 
Com.; Stamp Club 1-2; Intramural Sports 1; 
Library Ass't 1-2; Bowling 2. 

Waiting for faculty meeting to start are teach- 
ers Mrs. Donna Leigh Collins, Mr. Morris Taylor, 
Mrs. Virginia Loveland, and Mr. Arnold Pah- 



D ft 

Custodians — Back Row left to 
right: Mr. John Montgomery. Third 
Row: Mr. Tom Smith, Mrs. Bessie 
Gambill, Mr. Glen Princell, Mr. Car- 
vel Cooper. Second Row: Mr. For- 
est B. Costetter, Mr. Horace Bick- 
nell, Mr. Joe Zook. Front Row: Mr. 
Henry Wyatt, Mr. Chester Wyatt. 
Mr. Albert Wiso, Mr. Joe Campbell 

Penny Adair, Carole Ahr. 

Howard Ahrend, Keith Aker 

David Allan, Charles Anderson. 

Inta Arg-als, Don Ash, Vern At- 
kins, James Atlas, Kristin Baker, 
Sharon Baker, Paula Barbour. 

Stephen Barnard, Georg-e Barton, 
Barbara Batt, Nancy Becker, Linda 
Bender, Kay Bennett, Saragrace 

Frank Binford, Connie Blackwell. 
Sandra Blaine, Leroy Bloeher, Bill 
I'.ogigian, Dave Bolinger, David 

Steve Borders, Kathy Bowen, 
Barbara Bowman, Ann Brankle, 
Sandy Brawner, Donna Briggs, 
Christina Broberg. 

Fred Browder, Randy Brown, Joe 
Bucek, Donald Bunker, James 
Bush, Gary Butler, Marilyn Byrne. 

Robert Calkins, Linda Campbell, 
Nancy Campbell, Shirley Campbell, 
Bill Canup, Kenny Carr, Pat Car- 

Evelyn Carte, Jennie Clark, Keith 
Clarke, Tom Clay, David Coffman, 
Ted Cohen, Nancy Commons. 

Marylee Compton, Stephen Confer, 
Joan Connelley, Mary Conner, 
Doris Conrad, Stephen Cook, Dor- 
•othy Cope. 


Class of '59 

Connie Corson, Earl Coyle, Linda 
Crane, Bob Cravens, Judy Crowe, 
Frank Cromis, Sally Crawford. 

Jerry Darlington, Harry Dawson, 
Charlie Deck, Deanna Deckard, 
Kenneth DeHart, Jack Devine, Pa- 
tricia Dickinson. 

Jean Dillon, Judy Dills, Jim Dixon, 
Janis Dole, Maggie Dollens, Bob 
Donlon, Carolyn Donton. 

Larry Draper, Linda Dresbach, 
David Dunn, Margaret Durham, 
Robert Eaglesfield, Lee Easley, 
Floyd Edwards. 

Alan Elder, Nick Elliott, Don Ellis, 
Joe Eltzroth, Dick Engleberg, 
David Epstein, Linda Eskew. 

Susan Espy, Anne Evans, Ronnie 
Ferris, Karen Fisher, Paul Fisher, 
Meryal Fitzhugh, Rosalind Fitz- 

Don Fledderjohn, Larry Ford, Dave 
Foster, John Fox, Joseph Franko- 
vitz, Mike Freeland, Susan Fruits. 

MaryAnn Fuller, Carol Jean Gal- 
braith, Patty Gates, Priscilla Gates, 
Dave George, Nancy Gephart, Judy 

Robert Gigure, William Giles, John 
Glenn, LeeAnn Goodman, Bruce 
Goodrich, John Goodyear, Donna 

Joel Graham, Larry Green, Char- 
lene Grimes, Ted Grisell, Connie 
Groce, Gunar Grubaums, Karen 

Pattilee Haagsma, Art Haan, Tom 
Hadley, Judy Hamilton, Sharon 
Hancock, Joe Harding, William 

£® £ £ i $ 




Jv% p_^ 13 fey C-l' 



James Harrison, Sharon Harrison, 
Bonnie Hatfield, Fritz Haverstick, 
Ronald Haygood, Robert Hazel, 
Diane Heaton. 

John Hedberg, Nancy Henry, Dick 
Herald, Gary Herder, Steve Herd- 
rich, Frederick Hevlmann, Bar- 
bara Hill. 

Carolyn Hinesley, Bruce Hodgson. 
Nancy Holle, Don Hollenback. 
Dave Hollingsworth, Jim Hollings- 
worth, Ronald Hoover. 

Patricia Howell, Charlene Hume 
Bob Hutchinson, Sharon Hutsel 
Judy Hutson. Phyllis Inman, Sar 
dra Jacobs. 

Robert Jeffery, Dolli Jengen, Lou 
Jenkins, Dave Jensen, Norma 
Jeske, Marilyn Johnson, Sandra 

Tom Johnson, Judy Johnston, Ann 
Jones, Paul Jones, Dick Kahn, 
Barry Kaseff, Virginia Kelley. 

Mike Kelley, Suzie Kereheval, Joe 
Kertis, Karen Kime, Beverly King- 
ston, Judy Kitchin, Pat Klaus- 

Georgia Knapp, Lois Knight. 
Buddy Komers, Maryann Koontz, 
Larry Kossmann, Elizabeth Kraft, 
Fritz Krieg. 

Jolene Kubik, Carole Kunze, Mai 
I -.i mi"'. .John Lance, Duane Laxe 
John Lee, Lore Leistener. 

Ralph Lemcke, Judi Leslie. Gordon 
Lewis, Linda Lewis, Jennifer 
Locke, Carole Loepp, Deborah 

Harriett Loonan, Pat Loudenbeck, 
Earl Loudermilk, John Loveland, 
Ada Lovill, Doris Loyd, Georgia 



Geraldine Lynch, Connie McCaw- 
lev, Sue McCord, David McCuen, 
Susan McCulloug-h, Janice McGinn, 
Carole McGuire. 

Mike McKown, Howard MeMains, 
Linda MacDonald, Merrillee Mal- 
less, Clifford Malott, Lyle Mann- 
weiler. Linda Marshall. 

Donna Martin, Gary Martin, Mick 
Mathews, Ronald Maulsby, Diane 
May, Marilyn Meeker, Robert 

Michael Meginnis, 
Jan Merritt, Janet 
Michaels, Dale Miller 

Art Meng, 
Merrill. Jim 
Janet Miller. 

Judy Mitchell, Mary Lou Mohler, 
Shvrl Moline, Morris Montgomery. 
Steve Morehouse, Joyce Morgan, 
Susie Morrow. 

Jack Muir, William Neal, Sherry 
Neely, Richard Nelson, Robert Nel- 
son, Karen Noteboom, Judi Not- 

Norman Oestrike, Mava O'Hara, 
Wayne O'Hara, Stephen Olin, Kath- 
ryn Oth, Marilyn Otto, John Ozo- 

John Packwoi.d, Bill Padgett, Wal- 
ter Palmer, Sharon Parker, Pam 
Partlow, John Patterson, Suzanne 

Francia Persell, Richard Peterson, 
Jane Phillips, Steve Pier, Mike Pin- 
nell, Dorothy Plummer, Rita Poe. 

Cindy I'oggiani, Oeorge Poor, 

Margie Power, Nancy Pressel, 

Sharry Pressler, JoAnne Pruyn, 
Joyce Quick. 

Nelson Quick, Kathryn Raasch, 
Deanna Kay Rader, John Raeburn, 
Barbara Randolph, Mary Jane 
Randolph. Robert Rasmussen. 


fft p A O ft £\ 

fft £ X £5 ft f% 

Jet ^ Ml fe HP w 




Mike Redkey, Patty Reed, Jim 
Reeder, Eddie Reeve, Dave Riehey, 
Helmut Riddle, Nan Rodgers. 

Margo Roggie. Steve Roggie, Craig 
Rongey, Andris Rozite, Elizabeth 
Ryder, Mary Ann Ryrholm, Robert 

Fred Schlegel, Jane Sehnackel, 
Carol Schneider, Mike Schuchman, 

Katliy Sconce, .lav Sears, Dave 

Cynthia Sexson, Judy Shaw, Dave 
Sheard, Reed Sheeks, Sally Sner- 
wood, Hal Shipley, Eddy Lyn Shorr. 

Marcille Sigmond, Harriet Sim- 
mons, Larry Spear, Kinga Spelman, 
Alan Stanford, Bernie Stein, Sue 

Darryl Stevens, Svdnev Stevens, 
Sandy Stewart, Bessie Stickle, Al 
Stokely, Ronald Stoker, Evelyn 

Jane Stonehill, Ron Stotts, John 
Strickland, Joy Sutter, Sandy 
Sweeten, Darla Sylvester, Jerry 

Teri Teare, Bob Terwelp, Michael 
Thomas, Sharon Thomas, Carole 
Thompson, Gloria Tobler, Jeri Top- 

Barry Tovsky. Sharon Tumey, Syl- 
via Turnbull, Sandra Valentine, Art 
Van Arendonk, Janet Vance, 
Stephen VanMeter. 

Norman VanTilburg, Roger Van- 
Wyngarden, Barbara Venners, 
Carole Vogel, Larry Voorhis, Mer- 
rill Voorhis, Dave Walker. 

William Walters, Susann Ware, 
Jim Watkins, Craig Way. Dave 
Way, Barbara Weaver, Edward 


Class of '59 

Susan Welsh, Karen West, Steve 
West, Adelle White, Mary White- 
lock, Judy Whitney, Robert Wiese. 

Jim Willard, Edith Wilmot, Gloria 
Wilson, Grace Winegardner, Carol 
Sue Winter, Kathryn Wolfe, Ches- 
ter Wood. 

John Woody, Web Wright, James 
Young, Robert Young, Sara Zoll- 
ner, Rodney Rocket, Ruthie 

Ripple's Cafeteria Helpers are, 
Back Row: Mrs. Pauline Riker, 
Mrs. Mildred Vesey, Mrs. Pearl 
Shipman, Mrs. Virginia Bowers, 
Mrs. Leota Fox. Row three: Mrs. 
Flora Downey, Mrs. Ruth Boots, 
Mrs. Louise Reckert, Mrs. Mar- 
garet Johns, Mrs. Delia Friddle, 
Mrs. Laura Snyder. Row Two; 
Mrs. Virginia Washington, Mrs. 
Wauneita Minniek, Mrs. Josephine 
Deupree, Mrs. Margaret Horn, Mrs. 
Rae Billhymer. Front Row: Mrs. 
Mary Dehn, Mrs. Lulu Miller, Mrs. 
Anna Haddle, Mrs. Maunia Rob- 
erts, Mrs. Gertrude Fetters, Mrs. 
Laura Primus. 


Bill Adams, John Adams. 
Marlena Adams, Phyllis Adams. 
Edward Alexander, Sandra Amy 

Harriette Angel, Lance Arnette, 
Paul Arnett, Doug Atkins, Donald 
R. Atkinson, Doug Atkinson, Oren 

Mary Lou Atteberry, Nona Auten, 
Don Averitt, Janie Babbitt, R. Dale 
Bailey, Thomas Baker, James 

David Bales, Frederick Ballinger, 
Jerry Barlow, Lawrence Barlow, 
Sandy Barnett, Bunita Barratt, 
Judie Baskwell. 

Dick Baum, Julia Beaman, Jack 
Beattie, Jim Beauchamp, Nelson 
Behar, Elizabeth Belcher, Karen 

Barbara Bettge, Bob Billeisen, Bill 
Bilsky, Dixie Bilyeu, Steve Bly, 
Richard Boesinger, Jim Boggs. 


f3 ■ 


«$» h ffiL & >.. V?± A k 

? £ 11 


n ts C: 


: 1 





^ £> ^ 

^ lF^ ki^ 

f) P $ A €* 

f^ 0ft ^^ A 

I ? £ RM£ 

Connie Borshoff, Karen Boruff, 
IVimy Iimven, Ray Bowman. B >n- 
nie Boyd, Charlene Bradley, Pat 

Michael Brennan, Barbara Brooks. 
Clifford Brown, Judy Brown, Ken 
Brown, Kurt Brydenthal, Tommy 

Barbara Bumb, Mary Sue Burk- 
hart, Steve Burres, Donna Bush, 
David Cahill, Joan Callahan, Ar- 
thur Campbell. 

Ann Canellis, Sandy Carderelli. 
Vicki Carlson, Janie Carmonv, Pete 
Carner, Patsy Carroll, Jay Cart. 

4* fc> 

«>%. *«jb ?'* ' H11H Charlej 

Jack Cary, David Casli, Joseph 
Castner, Judy Chamber, Susan 
Chandler, Bill Chandler, Beekie 

Tb.'ifsa Chesher, Bennv Cheshier. 
Pam Chowning, Judy Church, Con- 
nie Clark, John Clark, Suzanne 

Carole Closterhouse, Alice Coche- 
rell, Ann Coers, Markianne Cofield, 
Rosalie Cohen, Dorothv Cole 
Sandra Collester. 

Carol Conway, Deborah Coo 
Karen Cooley, Mike Coonev. Bi 

Coontifld, Carols Cooper. Jov. 

Patricia Couts, Richard Cravens, 
James Crawford, Steve Crawford. 
Lois Cunningham, Marv Cunning- 
ham, Richard Curtis. 

Franklin Daniels, Donna Dauben- 
speck, ]>i.-k I laugberty, Phil Davis, 
Shelia Davis, Doris Day, Larrv 

Ken Decker, Patricia Dettman, Jim 
Dicks, Steve Dickson, Sue Don- 
nelly, Linda Dorntge, Carolyn 



Class of '60 

Judith Duckett, Nancy Duffy, Noel 
Dunham, Dorothy Earhart, Tom 
Earl, Bettie Easley, Brad Eastman. 

Patricia Edwards. Robert Edwards, 
Hal Eickhorst, Judy Elmore, Janice 
Emily, Bonnie Engel, Frances Er- 

Donna Evans, N'ancv Evans, Ralph 
Everly, Richard Exley, John Far- 
rar, William Fattie, Ronald Fen- 

George Ferguson, Sharon Fergu- 
son, Ron Filer, Edward Fischer 
Stephen Forbes, Florence Foster 
Cheryl Fox. 

Jo Ann Fox, Sue Franklin, Bob 
Friedline, Sharon Fries, Sandra 
Fultz, Karen Fry, Ronald Gal- 

Susan Galbreath, Janie Garten, 
Lynn Gatti, Gale Gausmann, Lynne 
Genders, Sue Gertz, Jane Gibbs. 

Judy Gilliom, Gene Gjesvold. 
Charles Goddard, Ricky Goldsmith, 
Sherry Goodman, Beth Gotshall. 
Phyllis Grant. 

Dick Graver, Richard Gray, Tina 
Green, Marsha Grimme, Marianne 
Grove, Michael Guio, Diane Hack- 

Jean Hadfield, Jenny Hair, Sandy 
Hair, Linda Hall, Nancy Hancock, 
Donna Hannowsky, Tom Harg-itt. 

Ronald Harkness, Bill Harless, 
Paul Harmon, Janet Harris, Susan 
Hartman, William Harvey, Carole 

Bill Hawley, Richard Hays, Sharon 
Hayes, Mary Ann Head, Nancy- 
Heath, Phil Hedrick, Laurine 



s z r. 





$ Jt 


. >: Wtk 


$££ <? 




§f g g 




a n a 







f -gfg^^£ 




r £^ 




p §■ § ^ P ^ § 
fe n A AAA 

£5 A ft p g (^ p 

jo © ft $ ao #1 



r"\ , "»^ , »jfc.„ u ><,'.; 

Warren Herbert, Sandy Hert, Janet 
Hess, Joan Hess. Sandra Hess, Da- 
vona Higgins. Diana Hiner. 

Jack Hirschman, Fr'erd Holmes, 
I,inda Holmes, Charles Hook, Sara 
Hooton, Rita Horn, Doug- Horning. 

Kdward Horton, Jerry Hostetler, 
Richard Hotchkiss, Beverly 
Houghton. Jay Howard, Kay 
Howard. Sharon Hutsell. 

Marsha Hynes, Dave Ingmire, 
Marsha Innis, Janet Irvin, Stan 
Isaac, Jane Jackson, Paula Jack- 

Larry Jamieson. Steve Jenkins, 
Paul Jensen, Judy Johnson, Jim 
Jolly, Barbara Jones, Brenda Jones. 

Richard Jones, Judy Jupin, Mike 
Jupin, Marilyn Kafoure, David 
Karnes. Fred Keller, Jack Keller. 

Jim Keller. David Kessb-i, George 
King, Marsha King, Nancy Kin- 
slow. Richard Kinkman, Dianne 

Linda Kitzmiller. David Klain, 
Judy Klein, Alan Klepinger. Judy 
Klinger, Robert Kolb, Buddy 

Carol LaFortune, Robert Laird, Ed 
Lamb, Barbara Lambert, Bob Lang- 
ston, Michael Lapp, David Larson. 

George Lassiter, Elaine Lathrop, 
Jerry Lattimore, Janet Lauth, Jack 
Lawless, Philip Lee, Iva Lemen. 

Katheriiu' Leonard, Les LeVee, 
Donna Lewis, Glenda Lewis. Juris 
Liepa, Rosanne Linville, Bill Live- 



Cheryle Love, Pat Lowder, Lyndel 
Lowry, Dick Lyon, William Me- 
Clure, Carol McCord, Janice Mc- 

Jim McGinnis, Jan McGirr, Kath- 
leen McMahan, Carol Lu McMillan, 
Dorothy Mahan, Linda Mahurin, 
Bob Malless. 

Judith Malott, Judy Martin, Paul 
Martin, Larry Mason, Margaret 
Mason, William Mathis, Jerry 

Alan Mead, Margie Meaker, Linda 
Medley, Donald Men], Dinah Menke, 
Scarlett Menser, Nancy Messer- 

Kathi Metsker, Laura Mickle, Bob 
Milburn, Bruce Milke, Doug Miller, 
James Miller, Margaret A. Miller. 

Fred Milligan, Mary Mills, Bev- 
erly Millspaugh, Cecilia Mitchell, 
Steven Mitchell, Charles Mohr, 
Becky Monks. 

Bob Moon, Jeannie Moore, Judy 
Morelock, Carol Morley, David 
Morris, Carole Morrison, Marcia A. 

Thomas Mueller, Sallie Munch, 
Nancv Munger, Wendell Myers, 
Peggy Neff, Mary Newburn, Bill 

Janice Novak, John R. Oliver, Dave 
Olson, Penny Oshier, Steven Over- 
beck, Linda Overman, Sandy 

David Parish, Marcia Parnell, 
James Patterson, Bonnie Pattison, 
Linda Patton, Katherine Pavey, 
Joyce Peace. 

Robert Peine, Sharon Perrez, Steve 
Perry, Suzi Pettijohn, Lynn Pfer- 
sick, Dave Phillips, Jim Phillips. 


ft (% fo ft t$£^ 


o $ ,© & 

f op g f p 


6 £$*&(? 


Class of '60 



Rusty Pierce, Anne Pihlak, Roy 
Pike, Philip Pinkstaff, Sharron 
Pitts, Eddie Poisel, Don Poland. 

Neva Pollard, Dale Ponsler, Jim 
Pontius. Thomas Poole, Martha 
Powell, Patsy Prater, Linda Pratt. 

George Pride, Larry Quillin, 

Oemse Quinn. Sue Quino. Marianne 
Rahe, Duane Ranard, Kathy Rep- 

Lave Ressler. Carol Reynolds, 
Brenda Richter, Bill Rinne, Linda 
Roberson, David Roberts, Sandra 

Barbara Robinson, Judv Robinson, 
Charlotte Roeder, Sara Jane Rohr, 
Jim Ronk, Richard Rosanova, Bob 

Diana Rozite, Merrilee Ryder, Phil 
Salamander. Margaret Sands, Molly 
Sands, Sharon Sarver, Ronald Sat- 

Suzann Saville, Stephen Scanlon, 
Rober Shepherd, Michael Scherer, 
Dorothy Schmutte, Robert Schra- 
der, Jerrold Schroeder. 

Robert Schubert, Larry Schuch- 
man, Dave Scott, David X. Scott, 
Susie Scott, Wallace Scott. Mark 

David Si-dam, Barbara Seibert, 
Gary Shideler, Larry Shideler, 
Gretchen Siemers, Carolyn Skolavt, 
Judy Smay. 

Charles Smith, Judy Smith. Leon- 
ard Smith, Ronnie Smith, Zach 
Smith, Mas Southwood, Joan 

Charles Sparks, Sharron Sporlepei 
Milana Staletovich, James Stanley 
Susannah Stanton, Edward Stark 



Wanda Stevens, Sally Stewart, Bil 
Stoelting, Tim Stone, Kenny Stone 
cipher, Dave Straney, Conni 

Bruce Szathmary, Jo Ann Talbot, 
Dale Tarpeninning, Judith Taylor, 
Richard Taylor, Robert Taylor, 
Daphne Teegarden. 

Carolyn Terrier, Elesa Terhune, 
Sandy Terrell, Sara Jane Terry, 
Laurie Tether, Helen Theilig, 
Robert Thomas. 

Janet Thompson, Darlene Tiete- 
man, Rochelle Todd, Steve Tope, 
Alfred Tresser, Stanley Truan, 
Susan Tuttle. 

Rebecca Uhl, Jim Uhls, Marvann 
Urbaniak, Darrell Vanosdol, Kellv 
Vitti, Janet Walker, Pauletta 

Raymond Ward, Dennert Ware, 
Jon Washburn, John Watnes, Sher- 
rie Weaver, Dana Wehmeier, John 

Phyllis Wertz, Bob Wessel, Jovee 
White, Linda White, Bill White- 
head, Ronald Wicks, Walter Wie- 

Patti Wiegle, Ronald Wiegle, 
Carole Williams, Ronnie Williams, 
Steve Williams, Kathy Williamson, 
Don Wilson. 

James Wilson, Ken Wilson, Tom 
Withrow, Barbara Witt, Steve 
Woehler, Jim Wood, Lee Wool- 


Ripple's mascot, Harry Dawson 
stands in the center rinf 
Butler Fieldhouse during section- 
als encouraging the team and fans 
He is accompanied by a Manua 
cheerleader and mascot. 

Carol York, Ray Zimmerman, Su* 




# £> £ : ; 6 o 


i if® 

Frank Adams, Annabelle Alig\ 
Judy Allen, Sandra Alspaugh, Jer- 
ald Ancel, Karen Anderson, Mar- 
garet Arbuckle. 

Judy Ard, Dag-nija Argals, Bobbi 
Arzet, Deborah Aston, Jane Au- 
gusterfer, Elaine Augustine, Susan 

Jan Babb, Martha Babb, Karen 
Babcock, Raymond Badger, Ed- 
ward Baker, Karen Baker, Michael 

Bill Ballard, Alan Bardach, Diane 
Barlow, Dudley Barlow, Dave 
Barnes, Pam Barnhart, Pete Bar- 

Lynda Barry, Lois Bastien, Gail 
Baugh, Russell Baxter, Tom Beeh- 
ert, Connie Becke, Robert Becker. 

Barbara Beckley, Richard Beem, 
Gerald Bego, Joan Benedix, Jack 
Bernstein, David Bettner, Don 

Doug Bigham, "William Birthright, 
Logan Blackburn, Ronnie Bland, 
Kenneth Bloem, Gilbert Bochicchio, 
Leonard Bochicchio. 

Sandra Bockholt, Don Bodenberg, 
Dave Bog-igian, Carolyn Bond. 
Anita Booth, David Boots, Clark 

Barbara Boutwell, Mary Elizabeth 
Boxwell, Sondrea Brackett, Tom 
Janet Bradford, Jim 


Bradbui ., . 
Bradley, Donaldint 

Janet Breedlove, Kay Brennan. 
Carolvn Sue Brewer, Robert Brink- 
man, Gladys Brinson, Judith 
Brooks, Claudia Brown. 

Stephen Brownlee, Connie Bruce, 
Christina Burgess, Edward Bur- 
henn, Shirley Burlash, Barbara 
Byers, George Callahan. 



Kenneth Calvin, Tom Carter, Gil- 
ford Cast, Anne Castle, Barbara 
Chambers, Dave Chapman, Marcia 

Peter Chenovveth, Dennis Christie 
Judy Clark, Jan Clarke, Judj 
Clark, Dawson Clark, Joan Clauer 

Dee Clifford, Diane Clinton, Kim 
Colby, Connie Colen, Beckv Col- 
lins, Margaret Colvin, Bruce Comp- 

Jim Confer, Robert Conner, Car- 
olyn Sue Crane, Jerry Crawford, 
Joan Crawford, Carol Creekmore, 
David Cicmeans. 

Joan Crisafulli, Steven Crockett, 
Tom Croley, Bettv Cross, Karen 
Cross, Richard Crowell, Gary Cul- 

Kathleen Currie, Tim Curry, Niles 
Dag-gy, Don Dahn, Danny Danford, 
John Darlington, Carolyn Daugh- 

Kathy Davis, Ronnie Davis, Quen- 
tin Davis, Jon Davison, Dave 
Davisson, Sylvia Deaton, Jerrv De- 

Gerald Decius, Julie Deck, Sandv 
Deckard, Mary Decker, Dan De- 
Mars, Diane Denney, Rita DeVault. 

Dynn DeWitt, Carolyn Ditton, Jo- 
Ann DiRienzo, Harold Draper, Em- 
ma Lynn Draper, Suzanne Dry- 
bread, Myra Duckworth. 

Robert DuPont, Barbara Dworkus, 
Pat Eastwood, Deona Eckertv 
Cheryl Dee Edwards, Richard Ed- 
wards, Sally Edwards. 

Brenda Egbert, Harriet Elam, Sallv 
Elliott, Lynda Ellis, Martha Eng- 
lish, Judy Epstein, Earl Evans. 


Q §£££& 

' x t . 


<*» n 



Linda Evans, Barbara Everitt, 
John Ewald, Thomas Ewbank, Gav 
Evving, Mike Farkas, Jim Farrar. 

Bill Farris, Charlene Farrow, 
Henry Feehtman, John M. Fegley, 
Bill Ferree, Mary Carolyn PVrrell, 
Patti Fetter. 

James Fletcher, Ronnie Flohr, 
Margie Flynn, Jan Ford, Susan 
Fortune, Sue Ellen Foulke, Bob 

Anne Fox, Marci Fox, Pennv Fox. 
Ronnie Frantz, William Frick, 
Jerry Fulkerson, John Furlow. 

Thomas Gabriel, Ronnie Gaebel, 
Bruce Gale, Mary Lou Galluppo, 
Sandy Galvich, Rex Garing, Ken- 
neth Garner. 

Saudi i ;; t i diivf. Knsi'inaiy Caiii- 
gus, Bill Garvey, Tonia Garzolini, 
Stephen George, Terry Gernstein, 
Richard (Johman. 

Mary Jane Goodson, Charles Cood- 
year, Steve Goren, Mary Lee Got- 
shall, Phyllis Graham, Karen 
Grant, Ronnie Grimm. 

Wall (Jrills. Helen Cross, Svlvia 
Gudricks, Nick Haan, Jackie Hack, 
Dave Hadley, Gary Hafner. 

Sally Hale, Calvin Hall, Glori 
Hardy, Jane Hargitt, Robert Har 
mon, Bill Harrison, Patricia Har 

Norlin Hartley, Colleen Harwell, 
Sharon Haverly, Bill Havely, Tom 
Hedberg, Fred Heine, George Hen- 

Robert Henry, Jim Herald, Diane 
Hetherington, Pat Hilgenberg, 
Sandy Hill, Bob Hillman, Pat 


John Hobson, Ann Hobson, Mike 
Hoffman, Janet Homburg, Jerome 
Hoover, Suzanne Horvath, Shiiiev 

Betty Howell, Rosalind Howell. 
John Hulen, Elaine Humes, Jerry 
Hurley, Kenneth Hurst, Mack Hus- 

Dave Hutchison, Ronald Hutson, 
Emily Hyer, Sandy Imel, Tom In- 
man, Jack Irby, Suzy Ireland. 

Jane Jackson, Sam Jacobs, Bill 
Jenkins, David Jenkins, Judy Jen- 
sen, Bill Johnson, Craig Johnson. 

Dave Johnson, Fred Johnson, 
James Johnson, Jerry Johnson, 
Kent Johnson, Martha Susan John- 
son, Sharon Johnson. 

Steve Johnson, Alice Jones, Jerry 
Jones, Karol Jones, Lonnie Jones, 
Sandra Jones, Justin Jordan. 

Myrna Kaufmann, Jav Keehley 
Winifred Kell, Linda Sue Kellam, 
Michael Kelly, Shelia Kemp, Dave 

Robert Kerr, Alfred Kessler, Bill 
Keuthan, Mary Jo Kiefer, Kenny 
Kim-aid, Charles Kladden, Robert 

Janice Kline, Ed Kollins, Prances 
Komers, Pam Krabbenhoft, Diana 
Kramer, Karen Krebs, Barbara 

Sandy Kuoppala, John LaFollette, 
Sandra LaHue, Margaret LaMar, 
Michael Lamm, Susan Lancet, Pa- 
tricia Lannerd. 

Susan Lannin, John Larsen, Bar- 
bara Larson, Douglas Larson, Don- 
na Jo Lathouse, Sandra Lawhead, 
Russell Lawrence. 


i,k^ i\>h S£> 


Class of "61 

o p§ fr^ o p o 

* * ft(k Sf ^ «$ 

Bob Lefton, Donna Leonard, Pat 
Leonhardt, Janice Letterman, Mike 
Lewis, Martha Lippincott, Paul 

Patricia Lloyd, Jeff Loekwood. 
James Loeper, Harry Loepp, Bar- 
bara Logan, Roger Long, Vicki 

Martha Loudenback, Alice Lowry, 
Janet Loyd, Dallas Lynch, Adeline 
Madritsch, David Mannweiler, 
Marilyn Marquis. 

Kent Mathieu, Judy Matt ox. 
Howard Maxwell, Constance Mc- 
Cammond, Bill McCreary, Steve 
McCuen, Morris McDonough. 

Carol McElvain, Prudy McFadden, 
Michael McGee, Sharon MeHatlie, 
Becky Mclntire, Dave Mclntire. 
Richard McKee. 

Dwain McKinzie, Judy McTurnan, 
Patty Meaker, David Meek, Marilyn 
Megenhardt, Marvin Melton, 
Sharon llessraore. 

John Michaels, Steve Milam, An- 
drew Milke, Allan Miller, Barbara 
Miller, Carole Miller, David Miller. 

David Miller, John Miller, Susan 
Miller, Joe Milner, Walter Min- 
nick, Judy Minor, Barbara Minton. 

Dana Mitchell, Ron Mitchell. Sally 
Moeslein, Leonard Moline, Beverly 
Mooi'e, Emerson Moore, Larry Mor- 

Karen Mulholland, Kenneth Mul- 
len, Ceorgia Murray, David Nay 
Richard Nay, Jim Neely, Tom 

Owen Neighbours, John Nelson, 
Judith Nelson, Karen Nelson. 

Marcn Nelson, I glas Nesbil, Bob 

New by. 



Jan Nielson, Sandra Nolan, Geor- 
g-ina Norabuena, Janet Norman 
Deborah Northcott, Patricia Note- 
boom, Juanita Novicki. 

Tonv Nowak, Piann O'Brien, John 
F. O'Ponnell, Melinda Offutt, Jerry 
Olsen, Barbara Olvey, Steve Olvey. 

Tom Opre, Gilbert Orban, Wallj 
Orr, Robert Osborne, Nora O'Shea 
Carol Oshier, Rebecca Outland. 

Judy Overbeck, Judy Park, John 
Parker, Sandra Parnell, Joan Pat- 
terson, Carolyn Peachey, Judy 

Pamela Peirce, Nancy Perry, Sally 
Perry, Bud Pfau, Penny Pinkstaff, 
Pavid Pitcock, Don Polley. 

Babs Poole, Ponna Prater, Diana 
Pruitt, Carl Pryor, Penny Pryor, 
Steve Quaid, Loretta Quinn. 

Philip Rader, Jack Reed, Pat 
Regan, Bill Reichert, Pamela Re- 
nick, Dorothy Renihan, Franklin 

Mary Anne Rentsch, Jim Rhoads, 
Carol Rice, Ruth Ann Richards, 
Wayne Richards, Gary Richman, 
Jim Richter. 

Mary Lou Riggins, June Roark, 
Mary Kay Robbins, Donna Roberts, 
Julianna Roberts, Erma Robinson, 
Susan Robinson. 

Betsy Rodgers, Patricia Rodgei 
Kurt Rodholm, Harry Roege 
Judy Rogers, Howard Ropp, Joe 

Brian Ruark, Betty Jane Rudolph, 
Ellen Russell, Sandra Russell, 
Linda Rutledge, Sam Ryan, Fran 


SIP O © P (5> 




Mike Sanders, Bill Sanders. David 
Sauls, Harvey Schuchman, Mike 
Schwartz, Bobbie Sconce, Allan 

Margaret Seaman, Elizabeth Se- 
christ, David Secor, Bob Seerest 
Bill Settles, Judy Shake, Norman 

Paul Sharpe, Charles Shedd, Mon- 
ceca Shepherd, Sherry Shepph-, 
Keith Shilling, Jean Short, Roy 

Jim Shutt, John Simmons, Mari 
Simon, Sharon Simon, Chai 
Simpson, Jim Simpson, Joe Sims 

Sandra Sink, Sharon Sipole, Nancy 
Skinner. Steve Smalley, Linda 
Smeltzer, Dave Smith, Gary Smith. 

Gordon Smith, Judith Smith, Steven 
Ann Smith, Steve Smith, Wanda 
Smith, Jefferson Snyder, Jim 

Larry Snyder, Judy Sorrels, Nor- 
man Stabler, Jackie Stach, Cynthia 
Stebbing-. Fred Steinhoff, Richard 

Alyce Stevenson, Pete Stewart, 
Robert Stineburg, Harry Stitle, 
Sally Stonehill, James Stoner, 
Joseph Storey. 

Darlene Streich, Jimmy Strietel- 
meier, Dennis Summers, Larry 
Summitt, Rusty Sutton, Susanne 
Ta Image. David Taylor. 

Marian Teter, Roberta Thompson. 
Judy Thomson. Susan Thornton. 
Dick Townsend, Thomas Trefts, 
Charles Troeger. 

Kvalena Truan, Miriam Tuchman, 
Robert Turber, Loren Turpin, Jane 
Uhl, George Updike, Julie Vance. 



Robert Van Nuise, Donna Var 
WinKle, Perry Vaughn, Patrick 
Venis, Vicki Vetter, Susan Vetters 
Roberta Waldman. 

Diane Wallick, Stephen Waltz, 
Phillip Ward, Mary Ware, Jerry 
Warman, Angeni Watson, Bill 

William Weber, Richard Wehler- 
man, Wayne Weld, Barbara Wells. 
Frances Wells. Steve Wenrick, Bob 

Kay Wenz, Pat Whaley, Ric Whar- 
ton, Connie Wheaton, Thomas 
Whyde, Joyce Wiggins, Steve Wil- 

David Wilkinson, Daniel Williams, 
Jerry Williams, Linda Williams, 
Kathy Williams, Nancy William- 
son, Carole Wilson. 

LaDonna Wilson, Leslie Wilson, 
Marilyn Wilson, Rosemary Wilson, 
Susan Winchel, Joy Winston, Pam- 
ela Wise. 

Sue AVitt, Joe Woodhouse, Larry 

Woodruff, Carolyn Word, Daryl 

Worley, Charles Wormann, Sonja 

Murray Vosha, Kenny Young, Suz- 
anne Young, Kathy Zimlich, Andre 
Zohn, Larry Zook, Reginald Rocket. 

New Additions 

Judith Adlard, Karen Aikman, 
David Alderson, Patricia Allen, 
Beth Bain, Amy Rose Baker, Carol 
Jean Baker. 

Carol V. Baker, Phyllis Baker, 
Ralph Baker, Charlotte Barranco, 
Rickey Barratt, Charlotte Beaver, 
Debbie Bernd. i 

Mark Booth, Barbara Bowers, Don- 
aldine Breedlove, Judith Broad- 
head, Sally Brock, Michael Brooks, 
Bill Brown. 

fa -m S i\iS. 

9 $$$&$ 


ft M, ft ft 

A ft ft ,f^, 

O '"?f f~?l 



r^ ^1 ft ^ ft £!!k ft 


Sarah Buchanan, Jim Bunker, Ed 
Burns, Susan Calkins, Marwyn 

Cantrell, Bob Cambridge, Xanrvlee 

Ann Canellis, Bill Chiles, Jim Col- 
lier, Bill Collins, Harold Conover, 
Marty Cook, Linda Crane. 

Joe Cushman, Elizabeth Daft, Dale 
Delaney, Susan Davidson, Linda 
Derry, Candy Elliott, Jean Elliott. 

Richard Emery, Ronald Evans, 
Betsey Ewbank. Ronny Fahle, Don 
Fenter, Gene Ferguson, Caryl Fer- 

Mary Carolyn Ferrell, Michael 
Fisher, Jim Flecker, Bela Jozsi, 
Jim Gaffin, Elliott Gold, Patty Gor- 

Paul Haag-sma. Raymond Hackler, 
Susan Ham, David Hamilton, Larry 
Hardin, David Hartman, Kathy 

Peggy Haugh, William Hazel, 
David Heath, Tom Heaton, Bob 
Henn, Marilyn Henzie, Dave Hiott. 

Jack Hirschman, Bob Hooper, Nat- 
alie Horwitz, Carolyn Houston, 
Rickey Huddleston, Wayne Hull, 
Tim Hutson. 

Suzy Ingmire, Ronnie Johns, Mar- 
tha Susan Johnson, Pam Jones, 
Treva Keel, Donna Kivett, Jim 

Ann LaPrell, Edrie LaPrell, Joe 
Lavaux, Larry Lee, Elliott Lehner, 
Fritzie Limp, Byron Logan. 

Marvin Long, Nancy Lynn, Sandy 
Maley, Donna Martin, Bob Mason, 
Susie Matthews, Virginia McBeth. 


'And in 

Marilyn McFarren, Nancy Mc- 
Laughlin, Steve McNew, Brent 
Meeker, Sandra Meko, Kay Merket, 
Al Messier. 

Hilda Messier, Phyllis Millet 
David Milstead, Randy Minnieai 


Mu S e |rtv^° 0n ' J ° hn M ° rrlS " RUSSe " ^ 

Susie Naffziger, Steve Nard, Sydney 
Netzorg, James Newhouse, John 
Nightengale, Ted Novicki, Suzanna 

Judy Orr, Cheryl Palmer, Lois Ann 
Paris, Terrell Paaks, Linda Pass- 
more, Pamela 1'eirce, Wanda Perei- 

Jack Peril, Virginia Phillips, Ray- 
mond Ploughe. Donna Polley, Judv 
Pounds, Phyllis Powell, Connie 

Carol Raymond, Phillip Reehling, 
Pat Regan, Vernon Renfro, Howard 
Renollet, Charles Reynolds, Wayne 

Robert Riker, John Rosenbarger, 
Stephen Sanders, Kay Schernekay, 
Susie Schornide, Raymond Scott, 
Marjorie Sell. 

Jack Shepard, Nancy Shepard, Shir- 
ley Sherrill. Bob Shorter, Barbara 
Smith, Karen Anne Smith, David 

Gretchen Stahl, Susan Stanton, 
John Stevens, Larry Stout, Rosalie 
Swan, Miriam Taylor, Tom Teel. 

^R^j^ *at 

1 *'•& 

B C£ B 

ft ft -n fe 

a m » & if m 

Brian Thomas, Myra Timberman, 
Stanley Truan, Jeanne Unger, 
Roger Wallace, Billie Jo Warfel, 
Linda Jeanne Wolf. fll^HHIi « «£W 

Melvin Woodruff, Dennis Wright 
Webster Wright, Richard Young, 
Rod Young, Mary Sue Yount, 
Stephen Zimmerman. 



rfnot&en Second tye&i . . . 

1957-58 was a year like all school years. 

Ad staffers sold ads . . . drew panels . . . mounted 

pictures . . . wrote copy . . . 

scheduled pictures . . . struggled to meet deadlines . . . 

planned picture ideas . . . rested after 

a hard day. 

Ripplites posed for ad pictures . . . shopped for 

prom clothes . . . chose class rings . . . met 

at the drive-in restaurants after games. 

But '58 was different too. 

Broad Ripple High School, located in the 

path of progress, had shopping centers spring up all 

around it . . . Broad Ripple business district made plans for 

expansion . . . Glendale, which 

cost nine million dollars and is the biggest shopping 

center in Indiana, set its opening 

date for August, 1958 . . . The Meadows, consisting 

of 35 stores and costing three and one-fourth 

million dollars, opened 

• in March, 1957. 




Do I Love You 

♦ ♦ ♦ 

because you're beautiful, or are you beautiful 
because you buy your clothes from . . . 



724 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-5481 

Frank Lewis, Jeri Wochler 

I 1(1 

Down Yonder. . . 

all she sees are shoes 
from . . . 


3816 Illinois Street 
AT 3-6002 

Pat Shultz 

Oh, So Good 

is the food at . . 


6247 College Avenue 
CL 1-2835 

Saundra Weisheit, Kay Weisheit 

Around The World . . . 

in eighty seconds with 
foreign foods from . . . 


720 East 54th Street 
CL 5-6800 

Mike Thomas, Eleanor Hetheringtpn 

Memories . . . 

are made of events like 
choosing a class ring 
from . . . 

CO., INC. 

234 Massachusetts Avenue 
ME 4-3381 

Marilyn Weil, Jim Sims, 
Mary Duncan 

Stranded In A 
Jungle . . . 

of orchids and tropical 
plants is grand when 
they're from . . . 


2922 North Delaware 
WA 4-2616 

Dianne Reid 

Next In Line . . . 

for the finest banking 
service . . . 


706 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 1-2253 

Judy Jackson, Pat Sink, 
Mrs. Eleanor Gilson 

Button Up Your 
Overcoat . . . 

and go out in good-looking- 
shoes from . . . 


4435 North Keystone Avenue 
LI 6-9698 

John Kingdon 

Now Is The Hour . . . 

to take your cleaning to . . . 


1841 East 46th St. 

CL 1-9481 


929 East Westfield Boulevard 

669 East 38th Street 

3351 Central Avenue 

Mr. Howard Harmon, Patty Reed 

Lazy . . . 

cooking but good results 
with frozen food from . . . 


5901 College Avenue 
CL 5-2201 

Judy Stnmpf 

Ain't Got No Home? 

See . . . 


656 East 62nd Street 
CL 1-9534 

Nancy Campbell 

Rollin' Along . 

singin' a song, with 
service from . . . 




7068 College Avenue 
CL 5-5875 

Dick Frame, Nancy Holle, Nancy 
Henry, Sharon Hancock, Bob Hancock, 
Mr. R. E. Hancock 

Tee For Two! 

For golfing fun go to . 


4701 North Keystone Avenue 
CL 1-5350 

Jerry Walker, Judy Taylor 

4 \ 

mm j 

The Trouble . . . 

with Harry is he doesn't 
have his clothes cleaned 


8340 E. Washington St. FL 6-2493 
5619 N. Illinois St. CL 1-2877 

Harry Dawson, Evelyn Stone 

Come Away 
With Me . . . 

in my '58 Oldsmobile 
from . . . 


5145 North Keystone Avenue 
CL 1-9271 

Summertime . . . 

or anytime is the time 
for . . . 




Jonnie Frey, Mac Crosbie 

Steam Heat? 

No! High-grade oil 
from . . . 

& OIL CO., INC. 

5135 North Keystone Avenue 
CL 5-2441 

Charles Wright 

You'll Never 
Walk Alone . . . 

when you wear clothes 
from . . . 


6249 College Ave. CL 5-7402 
3724 East 38th St. LI 6-0138 

Linda Quick, Dick McCrory 


Building A Home? 

See us before you 
begin ! 


6364 East Westfield Boulevard 
CL 1-9238 

Dave Alexander 

No, Not Much . . . 

in fact, not anything 
wrong with engravings 
from . . . 


611 North Park Avenue 
ME 5-5461 

Gretchen Wolfram, Mr. Richard Briar 


The Street Of 
Dreams . . . 

is every street in a new 
Ford from . . . 

CO., INC. 


VI 6-0581 
VI 6-2324 

Steve Morgan, Nancy Staples 

Baby, It's Cold 
Outside . . . 

but inside it's nice 
and warm with electric 
heating by . . . 


4913 College Avenue 
AT 3-1355 

Alan Stanford, Susie Stanton 


Sixteen Tons . . 

of high-quality 
lumber from . . . 

CO., INC. 

3535 Roosevelt Avenue 
LI 7-3535 

Dick Lyon 

Halls Of Ivy . . . 

with clothes from . . . 


840-42 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-6146 

Carolyn Burkle, Brent Sutton 


Happy Days . . 

are here with clothes 
from . . . 


6214 Carrollton Avenue 
CL 1-5152 

Liz Pogue, Barbara Barrick 

'S Wonderful . . . 

to have a radio 
from . . . 


5207 North College Avenue 
AT 3-1372 

Eddie Poisel. Charlene Grimes 


Whistle While 
You Work . . 

and learn at . . . 


802 North Meridian Street 
ME 4-8337 

Inga Watson 

There Must Be . . . 

ninety-nine ways to fix 
things, and you'll find 
them all at . . . 


CO., INC. 

6327 Guilford Avenue 
CL 5-8200 

Mr. Charles Amy, 
Mr. Bill Overton 


Always . . . 

be refreshed! Drink 
Seven-Up ! 


651 East 20th Street 
WA 3-4345 

Chuck Holle, Virginia Berry 

Wanderers . . . 

have their furniture 
moved by . . . 

CO., INC. 

3408 North Capitol Avenue 
WA 3-5446 

Jamia Jasper, Bob Hechman 


Too Marvelous,.. 

for words are the new 
Mercuries at . . . 


3327 North Illinois Street 
WA 5-9821 

Mike Roark, Janet Huddleston 

Are You 
Satisfied . . . 

with your roofing 
repairs? Call . . . 


1919 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-1629 

Gary Leitz, Susie Scott 





Sittin' In The 

Sun . . . 

keeping cool with patio 
equipment from . . . 


4542 North Keystone Avenue 
LI 7-1250 

Mr. Robert N. Peters, 

Tom Ewbank, Betsey Ewbank 

Doing It . . ♦ 

so take your car to 
Thale's for service! 


5401 North College Avenue 
CL 5-0043 

Mr. Robert Clem, Bill Douthit, 
Bill Brandt, Joan Bosenbury, 
Bob Swan 


Out Of Our 
Dreams . ♦ . 

are the new Fords 
at. . . 


3902 North Illinois Street 
AT 3-1314 

John Raeburn, Connie Corson 

Time And 
Again . . . 

for the best lumber 
go to . . . 


1001 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-5456 

Steve Frame, Jack Fife 


Sophistication . . . 

with formals from . . . 


812 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 1-6211 

Sherry Crane, Susie Armstrong 

Night And Day . . . 

for the best car service 
go to . . . 


54th and College 
CL 5-0010 

Sylvia Shotwell, Mike Kellv 

Because . . . 

it's from McNamara's, it's 
extra special! 




1111 East 61st Street 
CL 5-4474 

Judy Leslie, Mr. Bob McNamara 

** ' ., 




Can You Remember 

when we've ever had a better yearbook than this one' 


401 North College Avenue 
ME 6-4505 

Mr. Milo Moffett, Judy Heavenridge 


Getting To Be . ♦ . 

a habit with me after a 
day on the driving range! 


5420 North Michigan Road 
CL 1-3541 

Bill Richter and Friend 

Smile . . . 

with the new Chevrolet 
from . . . 


1045 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-2471 

Nancy Stegemeier, Linda DeMoss, 
Chuck Taylor, Judy Woddell 

It All Depends . . . 

on you because the flowers 
are all from . . . 


241 Massachusetts Avenue 

ME 5-2333 

3952 Meadows Drive LI 7-5224 

Ginny Sue Williamson, 
Mark Gwynn, Steve Tope 

Let's Call . . . 

the whole thing off 
and send for . . . 


4923 College Avenue 
CL 5-5451 

Bonnie Boyd, Jane Garten 

Don't Be Cruel . . . 

to your car; take it to 
GENE'S for expert service! 


927 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-0986 

Mr. John Shafer, Linda Kem, 

Mr. Meredith Griffith, Mr. Earl Callis, 

Mr. Gene Purse! 

Get Happy! 

Make your house stylish 
with ornamental iron 
from . . . 


2102 East 52nd Street 
CL 1-9597 

Patsy Harrower 

Just One Of Those 
Things- ♦ ♦ 

that friends appreciate 
from . . . 


3810 College Avenue 
WA 5-4168 

Linda Bender 

How Much . . . 

do you value that doggie in 
the safe? Enough to buy 
a safe from . . . 


247 Massachusetts Avenue 
ME 5-7946 

Brenda Isensee, Ruth Myers 

From This Moment 

it's the Broad Ripple 
License Branch for me! 
Examiners here on 
Monday, Tuesday, and 


1908 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 1-9284 

Barbara Ranney 

Forever And A 

Day . . . 

is how long this will stay 
with welding equipment 
from . . . 




401 West Vermont Street 
ME 4-2308 

Judy Blewett 

Hail, Hail . . . 

the gang's all here for 
good eating! 


1155 East 38th Street 
WA 5-8983 

Lucy Veit, Joyce Winegardner, Ann 

Fisher, Dotty Dyar, Marilyn Bush, 

Rita Keller, Ann Dunnington 

My Boy Flat-Top ♦ . . 

goes to . . , 


809 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-7920 

Dave Foster, Kathy Sconce 

Graduation Days . . . 

are perfect with announce- 
ments from . . . 


1401 North Capitol Avenue 
ME 5-1554 

Steve Leeds, Anne Shallenberger, 
Mrs. Maxine Smith 

After School 

everyone goes to . . . 


1020 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-2315 

Jill Sidley, Pete Van Huysen, 
Webster Wright, Ann Farrar, Doug 
Warren, William Kessler 

There'll Be . . . 

some changes made to 
protect your car at . . . 




6301 Winthrop 
CL 5-0924 

Suzie Pattison, Mr. Richard Vestal 

V v 

%. L 


Choose Your Partners ♦ ♦ ♦ 

in shoes and be sure they're from . 


6255 College Avenue 
CL 5-8261 

Marilyn Meeker, Grace Winegardner 


: h 



V -V 

Z^i Wmm 

East Is East . . . 

and west is west, but all 
agree that GRAND- 
VIEW'S best! 


1005 West 64th Street 
CL 5-6390 

Alyce Stevenson, Merilee Fitzhugh 

Yes, We Have No 
Bananas . . . 

that are not high 
quality at . . . 


5900 North Michigan Road 
CL 5-2439 

Kav Henderson 

I Cain't Say No . , 

to a dress from . . . 


808 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-2878 

Judy Munz, Sandra Penine 

Sippin' . . . 

a soda at . . . 


3735 East 38th Street 
LI 7-1357 

Nancy Neumann 

I Remember . . . 

only Joey who had his 
hair cut at . . . 


914 East Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-0035 

Mr. Joe Abner, Sue Bearss, 

Joe Aufderheide, Miss Shirley Eversman, 

Larry Deck, Mr. Edward Nagle 

Sweet Violets . . . 

roses, and many other 
lovely flowers in bouquets 
from . . . 


1950 West Northgate 
CL 5-9610 

Mrs. Wilma Cummins, Barbara Straughn 

Pennies From 
Heaven . . . 

when you bank at . . . 


60th Street Branch 

5959 North Michigan Road 

CL 5-2757 

Barbara Randolph, Mary Jane Randolph 

■■■■■■■ ■ ■•'■••' 

....' ^ ^ x v-' ; 


Tramp, Tramp, 
Tramp . . . 

sore feet are marching 
to . . . 


6215 College Avenue 
CL 5-4001 


Ragg Mopp . . . 

is a far cry from the 
lovely hair styles you 
can get at . . . 


21 East 38th Street 
WA 3-4531 

Karen Scheutz, Mr. Dick Lohman, 
Susan Ransbuis 

Time On My 
Hands . . . 

with clocks from . . . 


814 Broad Ripple Avenue 
CL 5-1734 

Sandy Sweeten, Mr. Manuel Cardenas 

Only A Rose . . . 

is as sweet and fresh as 
cleaning from . . . 


5367 North Keystone Avenue 
CL 3-2307 

Louie Jenkins, Georgia Lupear 

On A Picnic 
Morning . . . 

don't forget the meat 
from . . . 



602 West Ray 
ME 7-1451 

Suzi Lesh, Stan Lewis 

Can't Help . . . 

feeling safe with 
insurance from . . . 


16 West Michigan Street 
ME 5-4587 

Bill Ferree 

You're A Real 
Goofus . . . 

not to buy a used car 
from . . . 


5226 North Keystone Avenue 
CL 1-9259 

Knock On Wood . 

that sturdy, dependable 
wood from . . . 


5199 North Keystone Avenue 
CL 1-9494 

Karen D. Brooks 

Michelle Richardson, Paul Loudermilk 

For Me and My Gal ♦ ♦ ♦ 

it's . . . 

tlV** 1 Personal 



Student Index 

I Album Section Not Listnl II, 

David Alderson 50 

Dave Alexander 74. 147 

Edward Alexander 48 

Patricia Allen 46 

Sandra Amy 48 

Jerry Aneel 89, 91 

Charles Anderson 57 

Dave Anderson 45 

Susan Armstrong 63, 65. 156 

Paul Arnett 50 

Donald Atkinson 78 

Doug Atkinson 78 

Joe Aufderheide . ...62, 74. 86, 87, 88, 90, 165 

Jane Augusterfer 88, 90. 165 

Don Averitt 71. 75 

Jan Babb 81. 89 

Janie Babbitt .... 94 

Jerry Badger 16.17,32,35,66 

Donn Baird 19, 75, 88 

Amy Rose Baker 53 

Carol Jean Baker 55. 64 

Carol V. Baker 56 

Kristin Lee Baker 57 

Paula Barbour 52 

Dudley Barlow 44 

Jerry Barlow 75 

Pamela Barnhart 53 

Barbara Barrick 17. 35, 67, 150 

Judie Baskwell 56 

Bob Bass 16, 17. 50. 63. 90, 91 

Barbara Hatt 

Julia Beaman 10. 47. 66 

Sue Bearss 62. 165 

Tom Bechert 50, 51. 52 

Nancy Becker 29, 6 t 

Barbara Beckley 50 

Linda Bender 18, 19, 62, 65, 160 

Mary Benham 57 

Karen Bennett .31 

Ed Berg 22, 35 

Deborah Bernd 52 

Jack Bernstein 71, 85 

Virginia Berry 15.17, 31, 57, 60. 63, 65, 152 

Don Bigham 57. 75 

Sandra Billington 57 

Frank Binford 70. 78, 83 

Robert Bird 44 

Connie Blackwell 53 

Sandra Blaine 56 

Diane Blake 50 

Ronald Bland 85 

Judy Blewett 17.23,45,55,64,65,161 

Leroy Blocher 78 

Steve Bly 78. 81 

Leonard Bochicchio 44 

Robert Bond 16 

David Bongfeldt 46 

Mark Booth 89 

David Boots vi 

Jean Bosenbury 12, 21 

Joan Bosenbury 12, 65. 154 

Ray Bowman 9,16,19.78 

Bonnie Boyd 159 

James Bradley 50 

Bill Brandt 11, 16. 17. 32, 35, 64, 79, 154 

Niel Brandt 54, 55 

Sandy Brawner 56. 57 

Julia Bredensteiner 17. 50, 64, 65 

Chris Broberg 31 

Karen Brooks 7, 31, 52, 53, 61, 168 

David Brown 50, 51, 92 

Stephen Brownlee 50.51,55 

Bob Bud 57 

Carolyn Burkle 12, 13, 19, 57, 94. 149 

Tom Burnside 54, 55 

Stephen Burres 44, 50, 52 

Donna Bush 55 

James Bush 75 

Marilyn Bush 161 

Gary Butler 71 

David Cahill 30. 36, 60, 65 

Robert Calkins 50, 51, 52 

Kenneth Calvin 44 

Arthur Campbell 78, 81 

Linda N. Campbell 50 

Nancy Campbell 54.55,61,144 

Bill Canup 75 

Jane Carmony 53 

Molly Carner 12, 23 

Susan Jane Cavanagh 53 

Susan Chandler 48 

David Chapman 50, 55, 57, 59, 60 

Dave Chenoweth 83 

Benny Cheshier 75 

Lois Cheshier 57 

Sharon Chiles 57 

Steve Chill 12. 30, 39 

Pam Chowning 60 

Jan Clarke 53 

Tom Clay n 

Lee Clifford 71, 85 

Carole Closterhouse 19 

Kim Colby 89 

Peggy Colvin 50 

Marylee Compton 65 

Jim Confer 50 

Steve Confer 50, 51, 53 

Mike Cooney 71, 78 

James Cooper 75, 92 

Connie Corson ....17. 18, 19, 45, 65, 67, 155 

Patricia Couts 50, 52 

Steve Cox 55,59,70,71,83,90 

Carolyn Sue Crane 53 

Linda Crane 57 

Sherry Crane 31, 156 

Robert Cravens 83, 89 

Jerry Crawford 44 

John Crawford 85. 89 

Sally Crawford 56.41 

Steve Crockett 52 

Prank Cromis 78. 83, 90 

Mac Crosbie 76, 83, 86, 88. 90, 145 

Patricia Crosier 27 

Richard Crowell 81 

Cindy Cunningham 57 

Tim Curry 44 

Richard Curtis 84 

Niles Daggy 71, 85 

Donald Dahn 81 

Dan Danfonl 81 

Jerry Darlington 39, 57, 83 

Donna Daubenspeck 50 

Richard Daugherty 168 

Kathy Davis 23 

Phil Davis 50 

Ronnie Davis 81 

Dave Davisson 50, 51. 71, 85 

Harry Dawson 

10. 16, 17. 19, 30, 38, 61, 62, 63, 65. 145 

Jerry Decius 85 

Charlie Deck 94 

Larry Deck 75, 165 

Deanna Deckard 5(1 

Linda DeHart 9. 54, 55. 56, 57, 60 

Kenneth DeHart 45 

Linda DeMoss 9, 158 

Pat Dettman 53 

John Devine 78 

Patty Dickinson 94 

Jim Dixon 70, 83, 90 

Bob Donlon ..78, 83 

Linda Dorntge 56 

Bill Douthit 

54. 55, 59. 76, 77, 82, 83. 90, 154 

Linda Dresbach 17, 57, 59 

Wilma Dukes 55, 57, 59 

David Dunn 50, 57 

Ann Dunnington 8, 161 

Margaret Durham 63 

Dotti Dyar 60, 161 

Dave Eagleslield 81 

Lee Easley 22 

Pat Eastwood 48 

Clark Edman 8, 76, 83, 84, 90 

Floyd Edwards 55, 59, 75, 88 

Nancy Eggelhof 17, 54, 55, 57 

David Elbert 1,17.32,54,55,59 

Don Ellis 22 

Bonnie Engel 64 

David Epstein 64 

Susie Espy 46 

Larry Evans 83 

Betsy Ewbank 67. 154 

Tom Ewbank 154 

Richard Exley 44, 84 

Ronny Fahle 

Mike Farkas 

Ann Farrar 

Ed Ferguson 

Sharon Ferguson 

Bill Ferree 

Ronnie Ferris 

Patricia Fetter . 

Jack Fife 

Ann Fisher 

Paul Fisher 

Meri-le Fitzhugh . 
Rosalind FitzRoy 
Don Fledder.iohn 

Steve Forbes 

Susan Fortune .... 

Dave Foster 8. 

Florence Foster ... 

Jim Foster 

Penny Fox 

Dick Frame ...16. 
Steve Frame ....16, 

Ronnie Frantz 

Sue Freeland 

Bonnie Frev 

Bob Friedline 

Mary Ann Fuller 


84. 90, 155 

9. 161 

vj. :,:.. 59 



75. 89 


.51. 53. 56 

13. 16. 19. 55. 57 

76,77, 90, 144 

...47. 48 
.56. 145 
...50. 81 

Ronnie Galbraith 

Bruce Gale 

David Garrett 

Terry Garrison ... 

Janie Garten 

Patty Gates 

Priscilla Gates 

Lynne Genders ... 

David George 

Stephen George .... 
Terry Gernstein .. 

Joan Geyer 

Jane Gibbs 

•Judv Gilliom 


Gene Gjesvold 22,50,51.53,56 

Elliott Gold 83, 88, 90, 91 

John Goodyear 50 

Elizabeth Gotshall 27 

Walter Grills 85, 89 

Charlene Grimes 50. 56, 150 

Gunar Grubaums 16. 17, 76, 77. 90 

Karen Guion 53 

Mark Gwynn 158 


Art Haan 78. 84 

Dave Hadley 85 

Sharon Hancock 144 

Ronald Harkness 22, 57 

Paul Harmon 50 

Patsy Harrower 159 

David Hart 83 

Susan Hartman 51, 53 

Judith Haverly 57 

William Haverly 85 

Bill Hawley 84 

Robert Hazel 70 

Dianne Heaton 54, 55, 59, 60 

Judy Heavenridge 

17. 19, 37. 65. 66. 157. 175 

Bob Heckman 78, 83. 152 

Bob Hedberg 7. 92 

John Hedberg 89 

Phil Hedrick 75 

Sharon Heiny 94 

Kay Henderson 20, 55, 60, 67. 164 

Nancy Henry 8, 65, 144 

Charles Henzie 50 

Laurine Henzie 56 

Dick Herald 70 

Jim Herald 70 

John Herder 32, 83 

Stephen Herdrick 50 

Eleanor Hetherington 8. 141 

Fred Heylmann 45 

Ruth Hickman 56 

Bob Hillman 85 

Carolyn Hinesley 27, 50 

Dave Hiott 84 

John Hobson 85, 89 

Nick Hockmuller 50, 53 

Carolyn Hohl 7. 67 

Chuck Holle 

16. 35. 55, 59. 60, 74, 83, 86, 88. 90, 152 

Nancy Holle 45,62,94,144 

Don Hollenback 50 

Judy Lee Hollingsworth 50, 64 

Fred Holmes 44 

Phyllis Hook 56 

Sara Hooten 57 

Ronald Hoover 77 

Harry Horn 92 

Edward Horton 50, 51 

Janet Huddleston 54. 55, 59. 62. 153 

Eugene Hull 50. 53, 92 

Judy Hutson 55, 57, 93 

Ron Hutson 57 

David Ingmire 84 

Phyllis Inman 31, 94 

Harold Irby 52 

Jack Irby 50 

Stan Isaac 57 

Brenda Isensee 57, 67, 160 

Jaociuelvn Ann Johnston 50 

Barbara Jones 64 

Chuck Jones 78 

Harry Jones 92 

Paul Jones 84 

Richard Jones 71 

Judy Jupin 50. 95 

Mike Jupin 57 

Dick Kahn 16. 78 

Philip Kaiser .' 10 

Nancy Kamm 45, 56, 93 

Fred Keller 50 

Jack Keller 8, 75, 83, 87, 88, 90 

Rita Keller 161 

Jim Kelley 50, 51, 52, 56, 57 

Mike Kelley 54, 55, 156 

Mike Kellv 71,85 

Sharon Kelly 55 

Linda Kern 159 

Dave Keown 81 

Sue Kercheval 46, 56, 65 

Joe Kertis 75. 89 

William Kessler 162 

Karen Kime 12,39,67,145 

Kenny Kincaid 50, 89 

John Kingdon 

13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 55, 76, 77, 90, 143 

Beverly Kingston 48 

Judy Kitchin 50, 95 

Charles Kladden 85 

Pat Klausmeier 50, 53, 64 

Alan Klepinger 78, 89 

Lois Knight 41 

Russ Kohlman 75 

Ed Kollins 85 

Luddy Komers 36 

Maryann Koontz 17; 39, 53. 57 

Elizabeth Kraft 9. 17. 57. 64 

Buddy Krause 16.18.19,78,84 

JoLene Kubik 50, 57 

Carole Kunze 56 

Sandy Kuoppala 2:1 

Mary Lee Lampe 

50, 55 

Russell Lawrence 
John Lee 


..16, 19,23, 57, 81, 92, 45 

Suzi Lesh 

12, 13, 17, 

40, 45, 167 

Frank Lewis 

Linda Lewis 


83, 90. 140 
...54, 55, 59 

James Loeper 

Mike Loudermilk 

...50, 57, 71 

64. 65 

James Lowry 

Georgia Lupear ... 

), 16, 74, 90 
.31, 94, 167 

Carol Lu McMillan 

Richard McNairy 16, 35, 70, 

Linda MacDonald 

Nancy MacDonald 

Marilee Maless 

Sandra Maley 

Bob Malless 

Lyle Mannweiler 

Cliff Marks 5. 16, 17, 32, 64, 65, 80. 

Gary Martin 57. 71. 

Judith Martin 

Bob Mason 78, 

Larry Mason 

Margaret Mason 30, 

Mickey Matthews 45, 

Howard Maxwell 

Alan Mead 

Marjorie Meaker 

Linda Medley 50, 

David Meek 85, 

Marilyn Meeker 45, 56, 67, 

Howard Meeks 

Robert Meeks 

Mike Meginnis 55, 

Marvin Eugene Melton 

Art Meng 

Jim Meng 

Pam Menke 7, 15, 29, 57, 

Jan Merritt 

Doug Miller 

James Miller 

Margaret Ann Miller 

Maxine Miller 

Walter Minnick 

Dana Mitchell 

Mary Anne Moeslein 50, 57, 

Chuck Mohr 

Leonard Moline 

Bob Moon 

Jean Moore 52, 

Emerson Moore 

Shirley Jean Moran 

Steve Morgan 83, 

Carol Morley 

Wayne Mosbarger 31, 

Thomas Mueller 50, 

Jack Muir 76, 77, 

Judith Munz 56, 61, 67, 

Ruth Myers 31,53.55,61, 

Wendell Myers 44. 54, 

David Nay 50 

Dick Nay 53 

Bill Neal 50, 52 

Tom Neely 71 

Bob Nelson 46, 83 

Douglas Nesbit 81 

Nancy Neumann 7, 165 

Mary Lou Newburn 50, 53 

William Nichols 48, 57 


John O'Donnell 85 

Norman Oestrike 1. 32, 70, 81 

Claude Oldfield 64 

Steve Olin 17, 57. 64 

Kathryn Oth 17, 93 

Marilyn Otto 57 

Linda Overman 11 

Judy Jackson 61, 62, 142 

Sandra Lee Jacobs 48 

Jamia Jasper 31, 56. 67, 152 

Dolores Jegen 57 

Dave Jenkins 50, 53 

Lou Jenkins 167 

David Jensen 44 

Martha Susan Johnson 53 

Tom Johnson 70, 92 

Judv Johnston 40 

Virginia McBeth 56 

Lois McCloskey 59 

Carol McCord 50 

Susan McCord 17, 23 

Susan Jane MeCray 36, 57 

Dick McCrory 36.61.146 

Steve McCuen 71.85 

Susan McCullough 55 

Janice McGinn 36, 50, 56 

Michael R. McKown 

16. 17, 19, 25, 64, 70, 90 

Sandy Padget 83 

David Parish 75. 84 

John Parker 85 

Terrell Parks 50 

Ed Parr 35, 50 

Suzie Pattison 36. 62, 65, 162 

Joyce Peace 51. 57 

Carolyn Peachey 23 

Linda Pearson 45 

Ronald Peavler 50 

Sharon Perrez 46 


Sandra Perrine 164 

Steve Perry 89 

Francie Persell 56 

Dick Peterson 51 

Susan Pettijohn 28 

Bud Pfau 85. 89 

Lynn Pfersick 53. 64 

Janie Phillips 49.61 

Steve Pier 74 

Rusty Pierce 75 

Joyce Pike 93 

Roy Pike 44. 78 

Penny Pinkstaff 34 

Sharron Pitts 56 

Cindy Poggiani 49 

Liz Pogue 11,57,64,150 

Ed Poisel 34. 150 

Don Poland 78, 83, 89 

Don Polley 52 

George Poor 25, 50, 55 

Bob Potts 83 

Margie Power 5, 9, 14. 27, 53, 64 

Beverly Povnter 65 

Sharry Pressler 57. 65 

Jo Anne Pruyn 65 


Joyce Ann Quick 56 

Linda Quick 146 

Nelson Quick 78, 84 

Kathy Raasch 50. 64 

Deanna Rader 50 

John Raeburn 9. 10, 16. 19, 23, 63, 155 

Duane Ranard 57 

Barbara Randolph 56, 67, 166 

Mary Jane Randolph 56. 67. 166 

Barbara Jean Ranney 

51, 52, 53, 56. 67. 160 

Susan Ransburg 166 

Patty Reed 143 

Jim Reeder 44 

Dianne Reid 52, 53, 55, 57, 59. 142 

Dave Ressler 57, 71 

Carol Reynolds 93 

Ruth Ann Richards 50 

David Richev 84 

Gary Riehman 57 

Jim Richter 89 

Bill Richter 80. 90. 92. 158 

Mike Roark 10, 62. 83, 153 

William Rinne 57 

Richard Roberts 9 

Steve Roberts 16. 17. 64. 65 

Betsy Rodgers 53 

Nancy Rodgers 57 

Kurt Rodholm 85 

Charlotte Roeder 50, 93 

Margo Roggie 56. 64 

Sally Rohr 65 

Jim Ronk 43 

Jim Rosebrough 30, 35, 50, 51, 53 

Sam Ryan 71 

Karen Sehuetz 64, 166 

Bill Schuman 48 

Kathy Sconce 8, 65, 161 

Susan Scott 47. 153 

Wally Scott 75, 84, 89 

David Sedam 71 

Beth Seiger 57 

Cynthia Sexson 65 

Anne Shallenberger 

7, 15, 17, 61, 65. 66. 162 

Judy Shaw 93 

Reed Sheeks 84 

Gary Shepard 31,55,59 

Roger Shepherd 44 

Sally Sherwood 50, 53, 57 

Hal Shipley 70 

Philip Shirley 92 

Bob Shorter 87, 88 

Sylvia Shotwell 17, 94, 156 

Pat Shultz 64. 141 

Jim Shutt 50, 52 

Jill Sidley 162 

John Simmons 89 

George Simpson 35 

Jim Sims 

5. 11. 15. 16, 17. 19, 57, 63. 65, 142 

Joe Sims 50 

Pat Sink 57, 

Sandra Sink 67 

Lewis Skinner 92 

Carolyn Sholaut 51 

David A. Smith 55, 62 

David W. Smith 85 

Gordon Smith 85 

Kenneth Smith 92 

Robert Smith 35, 83 

Stephen Smith 81 

Judy Snyder 31, 46 

Gretchen Stahl 67 

Chuck Stalcup 5. 14,37 

Alan Stanford 

16, 22. 23. 57, 60, 62, 67, 92. 148 

Susan Stanton 148 

Sussanah Stanton 51. 56, 148 

Nancy Staples 148 

Marlyn Stark 35, 53. 57 

Edward Starker 44 

Nancy Stegemeier 17. 158 

Kent Steigerwald 71, 84 

Dick Sterrett 83 

Darryl Stevens 60,71,77,81,92 

Sydney Stevens 51 

Alyce Stevenson 164 

Bill Stoelting 75. 83 

Ronald Stoker 39 

Chuck Stolte 30, 51, 53, 57 

Evelyn Stone 17, 18. 55. 56, 57, 65, 67, 145 

Tim Stone 16. 19, 78, 89 

Jane Stonehill 47 

Jim Stoner 71 

Barbara Straughn 165 

John Strickland 76, 83, 90 

Judy Stumpf 40, 143 

Stephen Suhre 81 

Brent Sutton ..16, 18, 19, 60. 70, 71, 90, 149 

Bob Swan 8. 16, 35, 64, 79. 90, 92, 154 

Sandra Sweeten 167 




Donna Towers 11,64 

Chuck Troeger 85 

Rachel Tucker 1,13,18.19,31,55 

Sylvia Turnbull 23, 47, 51. 53, 56 

Tom Twiss 81 

Arthur Van Arendonk 30, 64 

Robert Van Nuise 85 

Janet Vance :57, 65 

Julie Vance 23 

Pete Van Huysen 11, 92, 162 

Stephen Van Meter 16, 17 

Norman Van Tilburg 83 

Roger Van Wyngarden 78 

Lucy Veit 161 


Gilbert Wagner 

David Walker 

Jerry Walker 45, 80, 90, 

Pauletta Walker 

William Walters 

Doug Warren 

Angeni Watson 52 

Inga Watson 10,23,54,55,66, 

Craig Way 57 

David Way 78 

Marilyn Weil 

12, 17, 18. 19. 51, 52, 53. 56.57. 67, 

Kay Weisheit 

Saundra Weisheit 

Wayne Weld 

Karen West 

Carolyn White 56, 57. 64 

Mary Whitelock 

Dorretta Whittinghill 

Robert Wiese 46 

Edgar Wilkinson 88, 90 

Jim Willard 

Ronald Williams 

Ginny Williamson 23, 

James Winchel 

Grace Winegardner 67, 

Joyce Winegardner 

Carol Sue Winter 

George Wissler 

Tom Withrow 57. 75. 83 

Barbara Witt 

Judith Woddell 17,55,64,65, 

Jeri Woehler 5,11,17,67.94, 

Steve Woehler 

Stephen Woerner 54 

Gretchen Wolfram 

17. 37. 61, 65, 66. 147. 

Chester Wood 

John Woody 19. 75 

Lee Wooldridge 8, 51 

Mary Woolridge 

Carol Wrennick 

Charlie Wright 88, 

Jay Wright 16, 17, 37. 63 

Webster Wright 10. 64, 

Sally Saeman 56 

Philip Salamander 89 

Linda Sale 41 

Joe Sanders 92 

Wayne Sauls 71 

Fred Schlegel ...16, 22, 23, 25, 32, 64, 65. 75 

Jane Schnackel 47 

Earl Schopp 9. 35, 60. 74. 81, 86. 87. 88. 90 
Bob Schrader 78 

Chuck Taylor 1, 16, 17, 22, 63, 65. 158 

Judy Taylor 144 

Richard Taylor 78 

Gerald Lee Teague 51 

Laurel Tether 64 

Ted Tether 9 

Michael Thomas 141 

Richard Thomas 53 

Sharon Thomas 51, 64 

Carole Thompson 65 

Rochelle Todd 10 

Steve Tope 7, 64, 158 

James Young 75 

Ken Young 71 

Richard Young 22 

Kathy Zi; 
Steve Zim 

.57. 94 


Faculty Index 

Mr. Frank A. Baird— BS, MS, Butler 
University; Business Education; Senior 
Class Sponsor: Intramural Director; Var- 
sity Baseball Coach 91 

Miss Leanna K. Barker — BA, Earlham 
College; MA, Indiana University; Eng- 
lish 28 

M/Sgt. James E. Barnett— ROTC 45 

Mr. Edgar E. Beaman— BA, Wabash Col- 
lege: MS, Indiana University; Social 
Studies; Varsity Basketball, Asst. Foot- 
ball Coach: Senior Class Sponsor 88, 91 

Miss Ruth E. Bertsch— BA, Western Col- 
lege for Women; MA, Ball State Teachers 
College; English, Language; Operetta 
Asst.; Senior Class Sponsor 58 

Mr. A. Atwood Bliss— BA, MA, Indiana 
University; Social Studies 36 

Mrs. Rebecca Bodine— BS, Purdue Uni- 
versity: Physical Education: Girls' Ath- 
letic Association Sponsor 47, 93 

Miss Doris J. Brinkman— BAE, MAE, 
John Herron Art School; Art; Art Club 
Sponsor 48 

Mr. C. A. Brown— BS, Indiana State 
College: Business Education; Reserve 
Football, Asst. Freshman Basketball, Asst. 
Track Coach 7, 83, 84, 91 

Mr. J. R. Brown— BS, MS, Indiana State 
Teachers College: Mathematics; Head 
Football, Asst. Basketball Coach.. ..7, 83, 91 

Mr. Paul A. Brown— BM, Jordan College 
of Music, Butler University; Music; Radio 
and Hi Fi Club, Clarinet Quartet, String 
Ensemble, Flute Quartet Sponsor; Dance 
Band, A-Orchestra, All-City High School 

Orchestra Director 51, 52 

Mr. Ferd Brumblay— BAE, MAE, John 
Herron Art School; Art; Stage Crew Asst. 
Manager 49 

Mr. Robert J. Bryant — BS, Indiana Uni- 
versity; MS, Butler University; Mathe- 
matics 32 

Miss Ruth B. Carter— BA, Butler Univer- 
sity; MA, Columbia University: Dean of 
Girls: English; Orange Aid Sponsor 24 

Mrs. Madelyn Clark— AB, MS. Indiana 
University; Art: Art Club Sponsor 48 

Mr. Virgel L. Clark— BAE, John Herron 
Art School: MA, Columbia University; Art 
Chrmn.; Light Crew, Stage Crew Man- 
ager 48, 49 

Mrs. Harriet R. Clester— BS, Indiana 
University; English 27 

Mrs. Rosemary Clouser — Bookkeeper.. ..41 

Mrs. Donna Leigh Collins— BA, BM, 
Tarkio College; English; National Thes- 
pian Troupe 1170 Sponsor 115 

Mr. R. Nelson Cooksey— BS, Indiana 
State College; MS, Butler University: 
Industrial Arts Chrmn 43 

Miss Margaret C. Coombs — BA, Indiana 
University; MA, Columbia University: 
Foreign Language Dept. Head: National 
Honor Society Asst. Sponsor 17 

Miss Grace Cunningham— BA, Indiana 
State Teachers College: MA, Ball State 
Teachers College; Business Education. ...40 
Mrs. Marilvn Dearing — AB, MA, Eastern 
Kentucky State College, English 28 

Mr. Wallace Decker— BS, Indiana Central 
College: MS, Butler University: Music; 
Band, Instrumental Ensembles Director: 
Baton Club, Pep Band Sponsor 7, 51 

Mrs. Phoebe Diederich— BA. DePauw 
University; MA in LS, Indiana Univer- 
sity; Asst. Librarian; Library Club Spon- 
sor -. 27 

Miss Dorothy J. Dipple— BA, Butler Uni- 
versity: BS, Indiana University; Business 
Education 41 

Mr. Earl Dose— BS, Purdue University: 
Biology; Physical Education: Freshman 
Basketball, Asst. Track Coach 89, 91 

Mr. Robert Eisenbarth— BA, MA, Butler 
University; Social Studies: Hi-Y Spon- 
sor 22 

Mrs. Mary Ann Elliott— BA, DePauw 
Universitv; English; Senior Class Spon- 
sor 28 

Mr. Sidney R. Esten— BS, St. Lawrence 
Universitv: MA, Indiana Universitv: 
Science; Stamp Club Sponsor 36 

Mr. Phillip Fordyce— BS, MS, Butler Uni- 
versity; Science: Family Night Classes 
Director 34 

Mrs. Ruth Marie Griggs— BS, Butler Uni- 
versity; MA, University of Wyoming: 
English: Director of Publications: Quill 
and Scroll, News Bureau, Yearbook, and 
Newspaper Staff Sponsor 67 

Mr. William Groves— BA, North Central 
of Naperville, Illinois; MS, Indiana Uni- 
versity; Mathematics 33 

Mrs. Eileen Hall— Secretary 41 

Mr. J. Raymond Hall— BA, Wabash Col- 
lege; Social Studies; Senior Class Spon- 
sor; Junior Historical Society Spon- 

Mrs. Mary Hammel— BS, MS, Purdue 
University; Home Economics. 

Mr. Dale Hamner— BA, Indiana Central 
College; MS, Butler University: Mathe- 
matics 33 

Mr. Harold K. Harding— AB. Franklin 
College: MS, Butler University; Vice- 
Principal; APT Teacher Delegate; School 
Treasurer; Home Economics Dept. Co- 
ordinator 6, 24 

Mr. Clovys Harvey— BS, Indiana State 
Teachers College; MS, Indiana Univer- 
sity: Business Education; Co-curricular 
Activities Business Manager 7, 41 

Mrs. Ruth B. Herin— BA, Manchester 
College; MA, Univei-sity of Michigan: 
English Dept. Head; Ripples Sponsor.. ..29 

Mr. Milton J. Hiatt— BS, MA, Ball State 
Teachers College; Physical Education 
Dept. Head 7, 46 

Dr. Lowell Hicks— B of Ed, Southern 
Illinois University; MS. PhD, University 
of Illinois; Science 19 

Mr. Donald Higgins— BA, MA, Butler 
Universitv; Social Studies; Debate Club. 
Forensic League, Ripples Sponsor 30 

Mrs. Rosalee Hofmann— BA, Butler Uni- 
versity: Vocal Music: Girls' Concert 
Choir, Ensemble, Clef Club Sponsor 
56, 57 

Mr. Robert Hougham — BA, Franklin 
College; MS, Indiana University: Mathe- 
matics: Science; Tennis Coach; Athletic 
Equipment Mgr 7, 91 

Mr. Warren K. Jackson— BS, Eastern 
Illinois State College: MS, Butler Univer- 
sity: Junior Homeroom Chairman: Kev 
Club Sponsor, Stage Crew Asst. Man- 
ager 6, 16, 25, 48 

Mr. William H. Jessee— BS, Butler Uni- 
versity; Physical Education 83, 91 

Miss Elizabeth Johnson — BA, Indiana 
University; MS, Butler University; Home 
Economics; Senior Class Sponsor.. ..42, 43 

Mr. J. A. Johnson— BS, Ohio State 
University: MS, Indiana University: . 
Mathematics 33 

Mrs. Ruth Johnson — AB, University of 
California; Language 3.9 

Mrs. Shirley Jones — Clerk-Stenographer 

Mr. Edward J. Kassig— AB, Hope Col- 
lege: MS, Butler University; Science: 
Sophomore Homeroom Chairman 25, 35 

Mrs. Lunette Keesling — AB, Miami Uni- 
versity: MA. University of Illinois; 
Language; Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor 23 

Mr. Turrell Layering— BS, MA, Indiana 
University; Language; Foreigneers, Rip- 
ples, Freshman-Sophomore Talent Show 
Sponsor 39 

Mr. Charles Leamon— BS, MS. Butler 
LTniversity; Physical Education: Reserve 
Basketball, Freshman Football Coach 
85, 89, 90, 91 

Mr. Mordie B. Lee— BS, MS. Butler Uni- 
versity; Science: Physical Education; 
Track, Cross Country Coach 7, 81, 91 

Sfc. Robert Longardner— ROTC 

Mrs. Virginia Loveland— BA, Western 
College for Women; Language 38, 115 

Mrs. Suzanne McFall — BA, Hanover Col- 
lege; Mathematics: Math Review Class 

Mr. Albert Mahin — AB, Indiana Central 
College: MS, Purdue University; Mathe- 
matics; Placement Director; Senior Chair- 
man: Asst. Honor Society Ripples Spon- 
sor 17, 24, 25 

Mrs. Alice Marsh — Attendance 41 

Mr. Joel Marsh — BS, Butler Universitv: 
English .7,28 

Mr. David C. Martin— BS, Indiana Uni- 
versity: Physical Education: Track Coach 

Miss K. Max Moreillon— BPE, Normal 
College: AGU, BS, Universitv of Louis- 
ville: MS. Indiana University; Health & 
Safety; Archery Sponsor 46 

Mr. John W. Morris— BA, DePauw Uni- 
versity: MA, University of Pennsylvania: 
Social Studies: Student Council Co-Spon- 
sor; Quiz 'Em Team Asst. Sponsor 19 

Mr. J. Fred Murphy— BA, University of 
Illinois: MA, Ohio State University; Prin- 
cipal; Chairman of the Commission on 
Research and Service in the North Cen- 
tral Association of Secondary Schools and 
Colleges 7, 24 

Mrs. Truth Nees— BS, Purdue University; 
Home Economics 42 

Mrs. Maenell Newsome — AB, MS, Butler 
University: Language 39 

Mr. Noble Newsum— BA, Valparaiso 
University; Science 34 

Mrs. Anne Obenchain — BA, Indiana Uni- 
versity; English; Understudies, Ripples 
Sponsor 31 

Mr. Edward H. O'Nan— BS, MS, Butler 

University; Mathematics 33 


Mr. Arnold Pahmeier— BS, Purdue Uni- 
versity; MS, Butler University; Science 

Mr. John B. Perry— BS. MS. Indiana Uni- 
versity; English 43 

Mr. Kvle F. Peters— BS. Butler Univer- 
sity: MS, Indiana University; Athletic 
Director; Social Studies 7, 91 

Mrs. Thelma Phillips— BA, MA, Indiana 
University: English 28 

M/Sgt. H. Phipps— ROTC 

Mr. Gene Poston— BME. Indiana Univer- 
sity; Vocal Music: Golden Singers, Choir, 
Operetta, Freshman-Sophomore Talent 
Show Sponsor 58 

Mrs. Sara Powell — Clerk-Stenographer.. 41 

Mrs. Julia J. Rhodes— BA, Drake Univer- 
sity; MSJ. Northwestern University: Eng- 
lish: Asst. Director of Publications; Photo 
Club Sponsor 64 

Miss Louise Rice— RN, BS. Indiana Uni- 
versity; School Nurse: Junior Red Cross, 
Future Nurses Club Sponsor 47 

Mr. Roger Riley— BM, MM, Jordan Col- 
lege of Music, Butler University; MS, 
Butler University; Vice-Principal; Pro- 
ductions Director; Radio and Music Dept. 
Co-ordinator; Secretary. Fathers Asso- 
ciation 7, 24 

Miss Melba Schumacher— PhB, Univer- 
sity of Chicago; MA, Ohio State Uni- 
versity; English; Senior Class Sponsor.. ..27 

Mr. William Sirka— BS, MS, Indiana 
University; Physical Education; Safety; 
Freshman and Reserve Baseball, Head 
Wrestling Coach 46, 70, 91 

Mr. Eugene M. Smith— BA, Butler Uni- 
versity; English 28 

Mr. Marvin D. Smith— BS, MS, Indiana 
State Teachers College; Science; Mathe- 
matics 34 

Mrs. Maxine Smith— Bookstore-Clerical 

Mr. B. L. Stonecipher— BS, Butler Uni- 
versity; MS. Indiana University; Audio- 
Visual Education Director; Director of 
Counseling 5 

Miss Marie Sullivan— BA, MS, Indiana 
University; Business Education; Fresh- 
man Home Room Chairman 25 

Mr. Morris D. Taylor— BS, Purdue Uni- 
versity; Science 115 

Mrs. Ruth C. Tiderman— BS. MS, But- 
ler University; English; Fresh-Aids, Sen- 
ior Class Sponsor. 

Mrs. Else B. Torbet— BA. University of 
Oregon; Language 39 

Dr. Glen Vannatta— BS, MS, Ed.D., In- 
diana University; Mathematics Dept. 
Head 32 

Mrs. Kate Varcoe — AB, Mississippi State 
College for Women; MA, University of 
Michigan; Mathematics. 

Mr. Hubert L. Wann— BA, Indiana State 
Teachers College; Dean of Boys; Social 
Studies; Ripples Sponsor 24 

Mr. Silvin D. Weaver— BS, Indiana State 
Teachers College; MS, Indiana University; 
Industrial Arts 43 

Mr. J. Curtis Weigel— BA, Ball State 
Teachers College: MA, Indiana Univer- 
sity; Social Studies Dept. Head; Quiz 
'Em Team Coach .36 

Miss Winifred West— BA, Ball State 
Teachers College; MA, Indiana Univer- 
sity; Business Education Dept. Head; 
Ripples Sponsor 41 

Mrs. Edna Whetsell— BS, Northwestern 
University; BS in LS, Columbia Univer- 
sity; Librarian 26 

Mr. John E. Williams— BS, Central Nor- 
mal College: MA, Indiana University; 
Science Dept. Head: Golf Coach. .22, 80, 91 

Mrs. Josephine Wolf — Clerk-Stenographer 

Mrs. Bess Wright— AB. DePauw Univer- 
sity; Junior Town Meeting, Forensic 
Contest. Senior Play Sponsor. 


After over a year of long hard grind . . . 
running to the printers . . . prodding photo- 
graphers . . . pasting proofs . . . and having 
lots of fun too , . . our birthday parties 
in the office . . . Alan Stanford's caramel cake 
with chocolate icing ... we can't believe that it's 
really finished. To next year's editors we 
leave our aspirin, the rubber cement jars, the 
"thimk" signs, and wishes for lots o'luck; 
and to you, Ripplites, we leave this yearbook, 
the final result of a year's planning and work. 
As a finishing touch to this yearbook, our 
word and picture story, turn to the "talking page' 
and play the sound story of the year . . . 
the classes . . . the dances . . . the games . . . 
most of all, the people . . . these made 
1957-1958 Another Record Year. 
Judy Heavenridge 
Gretchen Wolfram 

judv Heavenridge 
C °- editors ; • • -Gretchen Wolfram 

Associate editor Marilyn Weil 

Advertising editor Anne Shallenberger 

Picture editor Barbara Barrick 

Connie Corson 

Organizations editors Eyelyn StQne 

Alan Stanford 

Sports editors Ray Bowman 

Dave Parish 

Terry Garrison 
Senior editors Carolyn Hohl 

Jamia Jasper 
Advertising sales managers .. Karen Kime 

Betsey Ewbank 
Bill Ferree 
Underclass editors Gretchen Stahl 

Steve Zimmerman 

Index editor Jucly Gilliom 

Layout editor Jvicly Munz 

Photographers M * e L °"dermilk 

Web Wright 

Inga Watson 
Jerry Badger 
Record editors Tom Clay 

Julia Beaman 

Mrs. Ruth Marie Griggs 
Faculty sponsors Mrs Ju]la Je£m Rhodes 

Engraver Indianapolis Engraving Co. 

Yearbook consultant Mr. Richard Brier 

Printer Central Publishing Co. 


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